Zeke Blair

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Age: 35
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hades

Zeke Blair

Demigod of the Hunt, Hound of Hades

The Hounds of Hell

When your father is a death god and you didn't find out until you had a stable career, reassignment is a bit of a shock. Not that the rest of the mortal family needs to know, especially the (half) siblings. Zeke has gone from being a New Hampshire state trooper to a bounty/ghost hunter and then on. At least it's never boring.

Recently, Zeke has taken a position as a Senior Executive Vice President of Field Operations for OrcusCorp. It's a bit better sounding for modern sensibilities, and provides a plausible rationale for how the focused Demigod can actually continue to finance his world-spanning trips and enjoyment of scotch.


"So there's a soul in the bracelet. Tell me why I can't just shoot it?"

"On the off chance that you are a very vivid hallucination, I'm going to bed before I say or do something I'll regret, or get myself or someone else injured."

"NO, Bucky."

"I'm going to need another drink. Or five."

"You've been given a second chance. When someone like me says that, I suggest you make the most of it."

"Ok, don't shoot the golem made of water or the rocks. Oops."

"There are only two valid choices left. One kills us, one destroys the maze, one does nothing. It's a fifty-fifty chance whether I pull the one that sends me back to the start or the one that raises the body from the tomb. If I vanish, pull the OTHER one." *YANK*


  • "He's my second cousin, once or twice removed or something" -Rachelle Zorne
  • "So, I only met Zeke briefly, but he seemed like a cool guy. After all, he's got a puppy Cerberus....How cool is that?!" - Ericka Jenson
  • "Zeke taught me that some problems can only be solved if you are willing to stop screaming, shut your mouth and learn how to open your ears, heart and head." - Astrid Olsen
  • "Just like my mother said. Some things take time. The first time we met, I think he wanted to serve my head on a platter. Then, we actually spoke and I've come to find that he's not as big of an ass as I thought. Maybe he thought the same about me. I hope we can keep up the trend, since he seems like a good friend to have." - Liam Mehzar
  • "Very scary at first, but he is a good man, one full of honor and good character. I hope we can work side by side.He is most honorable and kind, however I do fear his pet. I shall need to stock up on bacon treats."-James Kiyomotto
  • "Fellow cop, from a great state with beautiful trees come autumn. Does some amazing stuff with shadows too...and knows how to zip-tie the bad guys. What's not to like?" - Lisbet Fisk
  • "There is something about Zeke that makes me want to give him a hug, to let him know that there is always light passed the darkness. He is, without a doubt, one of the few I'd trust with everything." - Emme Beauchene
  • "Zeke's my half-brother, and he's pretty cool. I'm super glad I got to meet him and learn more about my father. He needs to stop being such a stranger." - Beryl Thanos
  • "So uh tear a guy apart with a pack of wild dogs, that eat hearts...fucking cool." - Rahil Al-Zarqa