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Son of Yan-Luo The Hero

It is a little thing to starve to death; it is a serious matter to lose one's virtue. - Chinese Proverb


Threads of Fate

  • Name: Wen Syaoran
  • Pantheon: Shen
  • Divine Parent: Yan-Luo
  • Apparent Age: 19
  • Birth-date: Sometime in September
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black
  • Relationship: Single
  • Band:None
  • Other Helpful Information:
    • Appearance 3/Epic 1
    • Dexterity 4/Epic 1
    • Perception 4/Epic 1
    • Intelligence 3/Epic 1
    • Wits 4/Epic 1
    • Manipulation 3/Epic 1
    • Stamina 3/Epic 1
  • Story Hooks:
    • He works at a restaurant near UCLA
    • He is very friendly and likes meeting people
    • He is an accomplished martial artist
    • He is know for being able to play music

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Music of the Soul Companion - Spot

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His Sword

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Death's Guide

Marked by Action

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Words of Fate

To die is to stop living but to stop living is something entirely different than dying. - Chinese Proverb

The Hand We are Dealt