Wei Menglong

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Wei Menglong.jpeg
Name: Wei Menglong
Age: 24
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 187lbs
Pantheon: Shen
Parent: Sun Wukong
Profession: Student/Actor
Noteworthy Info: Epic Strength ●● (Holy Bound, Uplifting Might, Holy Rampage), Epic Stamina ●● (Self-healing, Damage Conversion), Epic Dexterity ●● (Impeccable Parry, Omnidexterity)
Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhYEHEG5lg0

Wei Menglong

"Son of Sun Wukong "


Wei Menglong is a scrappy-looking guy standing at a respectable height of 5'11" wearing whatever the hell he likes, whenever he likes! Three things never change though. He always wears the crown his father gave him, his clothing always bears the words 'Great Sage' on them somewhere, and is is almost never without a pack of cigarettes and an MP3 player. Laughs hard, fights harder, then laughs again win or lose!

General Information

Wei's been making a name for himself in Hong Kong cinema, with bit roles galore at first but recently managed to get the lead role in an, admittedly minor, picture. Low-budget, but decent enough, he seems like he really enjoyed all aspects of the job. Which is odd since he apparently withdrew, temporarily, from show business for the purposes of pursuing higher education in New York of all places. He's a freshman right now, with no declared major, so he's got time...

Story Hooks

  • Actor in Hong Kong Cinema
  • Student at NYU, no major. Freshman.
  • LOVES a good fight.

Legendary Deeds

  • None yet! But his name is spreading in the Kung-Fu movie crowd!


Crown of Sun Wukong.jpg
Description: A thin circlet of gold wrapping inwards on the forehead, the crown was worn by the Handsome Monkey King, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, during his journey West to seek enlightenment and was granted to his son upon his ('totally planned!') Visitation to give him a chance to 'live up to his old man's legacy!'

Divine Minister's Broadsword.jpg
Description: A Chinese broadsword that the Handsome Monkey King totally fought a magistrate for! Really. Seriously! Okay, he had it laying about his house from one of the times he did something TOTALLY Awesome and got rewarded by the other Shen. But he gave it to Wei Menglong because it's totally awesome and befitting a son of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven!

Armor of Personal Cultivation.jpg
Description: When used as armor, this suit looks like a heavy suit of plated steel and leather with a Yin/Yang symbol on the back. When used as clothing, can look like anything, though always has the words 'Great Sage' written somewhere on them. This suit of armor was gifted to Wei Menglong partially because the handsom Monkey King was looking for a way to clear some space in his Sanctum, and partially because the Great Sage Equal to Heaven Knew his son would find trouble and was looking out for him!

Description: A thin manual describing the illusory nature of reality and the many and various ways it can be manipulated. Whether it's true or not, it certainly seems to work. Sun Wukong swears up, down and sideways that he got it from the Bhuddist Monk, Xuanzang the Tripataka...

Quotes From Others

  • "Wei is like the best friend you always wished you had growing up. Automatically assumes friendship - check. Brings you things to cheer you up - check. Has a great laugh - check. Is awesome but makes you feel awesome - check. I can't wait to see what fate has in store for us, we're going to be such great friends.." -- Caitlin Gallagher
  • "He is very bouncy. I did not know they came so bouncy." -- Amara Vang
  • "It's hard to know what to do when someone automatically announces that you're their friend... But with Wei... It's probably better to just roll with it... I just hope he doesn't tear up my campus too badly before I graduate!" -- Beryl Thanos
  • "Wei is the perfect comedic foil for me, though we got to work on his timing for punch line delivery, the fact that he's all about having fun and enjoying whatever we've gone and gotten ourselves into? Only makes it all that much better. Where was this cat when I was growing up and needed a friend?" -- Alex MacRae
  • "Wei has an infectious good mood. I never knew what that actually meant till I met him. But he is a good lad, and I think we can really use that level of excitement." - Nolan Connoly
  • "Wei is an overexcited puppy who knows kung-fu. I honestly think that if he ever drinks coffee, the world might end from his sheer energy." - Eduardo Gillard
  • "Menglong found me out of happenstance and I did my best to manipulate him. Only recently have I learned that I did not need to. Now that he has found me again, I will not let anything come between us." - Xiaolian Zhào
  • "I still say there's something wrong with his head, but damn if his balls don't clang when he walks." -- Gang Xi-Wang
  • "He's loud, possibly louder than his farther but there is a brightness and innocence to him that just shines through. It's disturbing to be around sometimes." -- Kamala Halloran
  • "I like Wei. He's funny and outgoing, and a real nice guy. I hope to see him around more." - Emma Hoffman
  • "Menglong is his father's son, and I say that with fondness. He is excitable, impetous, and far too prone to leaping before he looks. I truly feared we had lost him when he challenged the Jade Emperor in Xiaolian's trial. That all being said? He has a noble spirit and a hero's heart. I believe this Monkey Prince will go on to be one of the most prominent of our generation of the Bureaucracy, especially with Xiaolian to temper his worst excesses." - Jing Cheng
  • "You could spend your night snorting a few eight balls of coke, slamming two monsters, while falling out of an airplane and still come nowhere near the sheer amount of energy and enjoyment Wei brings with him." - Rahil Al-Zarqa