Valerie Euphoria

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Name: Valerie Euphoria
Age: 24
Eyes: Caramel Honey
Hair: Red
Height: 6'4
Weight: Not on your best day
Pantheon: Aesir
Parent:  ??
Profession: Performer
Noteworthy Info: Appearance 5(10) Epic 4
Soundtrack: [| Fifth Harmony]

Valerie Euphoria

"Demigoddess of Inspiration"


At a statuesque six foot four, Valerie is packing the physique of someone who's more used to walking the catwalk than the battlefield. Sweet demure voice all but coated in honey as it finds it's way to those she speaks to. Eye and physical contact made with each person she greets and lingers upon those she truly enjoys. She's a relatively new addition to those who wander the Crossroads.

General Information

For those inspired by Fashion or Music they've seen her in various places, never showing her full potential off as a musician herself, but inspiring those who's retinue she's formed to ever greater heights.

Quotes From Others