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A World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling


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We are currently seeking staff for Changeling.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:

WoD Core
Changeling: the Lost

The following titles are highly suggested reading for this venue:

Changeling: Dancers in the Dusk
Changeling: Swords at Dawn

The City of Konigswinter

The city of Konigswinter lies at the foot of the Drachenfels mountain and has a beautiful view of the Rhine River. It is one of few cities whose view of the Rhine is almost in perfect harmony between the actual city and the river itself. The Drachenfels mountain holds several unique wonders starting with the ruins of a castle which was built in the early 1200s. There is also a cave somewhere in the hill which, legend has it sheltered the dragon known as Fafnir who was slain by the great hero Siegfried. The Schloss Drachenburg castle rests on the north side of the mountain. According to the history of the freehold, Schloss Drachenburg was built after an enscrolled Baron Stephan von Sarter gazed upon the beauty of Drachenburg Sammeln from within the hedge. It's said he was so inspired by it's beauty that he felt he had to recreate it in the mortal world.


The Rhine.jpg

  • Coast of the Rhine River: The Coast of the Rhine River is a beautiful area for anyone to visit and gaze across it's crystal clear surface. It's a nice calm place for people to meet up and hang out. Occasionally Lauren Finnegan may make an appearance to socialize with any lost present or deliver some information.

Drachenburg Sammeln.jpg

  • Drachenburg Sammeln: The Freehold of Konigswinter is located within the hedge and is a magnificent castle, each court has roughly sixteen members including the King or Queen and there are of course a few courtless. There are enough rooms within it's mystical walls so that each court may have it's very own section in which to conduct their business. Drachenburg is fully staffed by hobs that help tend to day to day activities and are usually more than willing to lend a hand with certain activities. For example the hobs do make meals for the lost everyday at certain times and take care of most of the day to day cleaning duty. The following are some of the larger and more noteworthy areas within it's walls.

The dinning hall is lined with long tables and benches and can easily comfortably seat two hundred lost. This is not including the council table at the back of the hall. There are never more than fourteen chairs at this table and never under seven. Sometimes a council member may invite a very lucky freeholder to sit with them while they eat. Hobs prepare meals for the lost of the freehold at 6:00am sharp for breakfast, 12:00pm sharp for lunch, and 6:00pm sharp for dinner

The Garden of Drachenburg Sammeln is just gorgeous. Flowers of all different kinds can be found here and Queen Nadja's love for plants is reflected in each bud. The Queen herself can sometimes be found tending to her flowers in the garden when not in her personal chambers.

The Library is most often where King Travis can be found, looking over the many different occult textbooks that line the many shelves. Arbiter Aldman also often frequents the library for much the same reason King Rhodes, but sometimes he can be found writing in Drachenburg Sammeln's History book instead of reading. The vast amount of text books within this library give freeholders a +2 to some research rolls made within the library. Any books taken from the library -must- be checked with the librarian at the desk. It goes unsaid that normal library courtesy applies here.

The billiard room is home to many different games types of games for the lost of Drachenburg Sammeln to use as they see fit. These games range from pool and darts to many others. King Gabriel can be found here when he isn't overly busy simply relaxing.

The Wine Cellar houses many different types of wines and beers as well as a fully stocked bar and bartender. Romey Vogel can be found here on occasion.

The Art gallery houses many different types of art that have been created by the lost of the freehold or that have been obtained from the goblin market or found in the hedge. Queen Juliet enjoys visiting the gallery to check in and see if anything new has been added to it.

The training room is where many summers or other martially skilled freeholders go to improve on their skills. Sometimes duels happen here as well, but most violence against another freeholder is highly frowned upon without good reason. King Leonhardt can be found in the training room sharpening his skills from time to time.

The Music room is filled with several different types of instruments including a beautiful grand piano on a stage big enough for more than a few lost to play on. As well as a dance floor for the lost to utilize if they so desire. Queen Zenzi comes to the music room sometimes to listen to the freeholders play their chosen instruments.
The Hedge.jpg

  • The Hedge: Strange things often happen within the hedge. These can come in the form of the 'Goblin King' making an appearance or even his daughter coming around; to hedge beast attacks or even just the hedge playing simple tricks on anyone within. Thus caution is advised when within it and most ask that people do not stray too far from the boarders of the freehold alone.

Nibelungenhalle Museum.jpg

  • Nibelungenhalle Museum: Nibelungenhalle is a temple like shire to the composer Richard Wagner. There are many decorations from his opera cycle 'Ring of the Nibelungen'. The interior has six columns which support the dome and on the floor there is a representation of the cosmos for all to see. A flat earth is situated in the center of a hexagram which consists of two triangles, symbolizing water and fire. Outside the hall of Konigswinter the heads of the Gods Wotan, Loki, the giants Fasolt and Fafnir, and the Nibelungen hero Hagen and Siegfried are arranged. The 'Dragon's Den' is a corridor that leads to a ivy entwined walled square where a 13 meter long mossy dragon that's made of concrete, slumbers.

Villa Leonhart Restaurant & Cafe.jpg

  • Villa Leonhart Restaurant & Cafe: The Villa Leonhart is an upper class restaurant featuring high quality food and drink. The interior design is comprised of several different styles and the Antler Crown occasionally uses this restaurant for some of their more 'private' celebrations and parties. Queen Zenzi is the owner of this restaurant and asks that people be courteous to each other while within the establishment.
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