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Titus Leaon
~ Demigod of Guardianship~
Scion This Character is a Scion.
Demigod This is a Demigod character.
Dodekatheon This is an Dodekatheon character.
Noteworthy Information

Age: 27

Eyes: Bright Blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 246


Titus stands 6'4" and is in very good physical condition due to his regular work out schedule. On the left side of his chest he has a small row of teardrop scars, one for each important person in his life that he has lost. On his right bicep he has a tattoo of his Gryphon Korvax. On the inside of his left forearm he has a small tattoo of a scorpion, a remnant from when he defeated the Scorpio Constellation. On his back he has a tattoo of Kerobos standing guard at the gates of the Underworld.

General Information

Titus was born to Ares & Aphrodite, while born to two gods, he was born on par with a mortal. Ares wished to feed him Ambrosia to awaken his godhood immediately but Aphrodite saw it as a sign, deciding that he needed to be raised among the mortals, allowing him to gain an understanding of them, an empathy that many of the Dodekatheon lack.

Being raised by two mortals, Titus was well taken care of. His family was wealthy but he still went to a public school as his adopted father felt that it would build character.

Titus went to the juvenile detention center when he was fifteen for assaulting a teacher who was picking on a student who was of Middle Eastern Descent.

While he was in juvenile detention both of his parents were killed in an apparent accident. He was than taken custody of by a Dodekatheon Immortal who took him to a Terra Incognita Island between the Pillars of Hercules. A training camp that was mostly populated by those like himself, those who lost their mortal parent or parents well before they were ready to be awakened.

Titus remained here for several years, training his ability to survive in the awakened world. His parents allowed him to express himself, watching him to determine which of them he was more like, which of them would awaken him.

While training he competed to earn an egg to care for, the offspring of a gryphon. He won this competition and earned his life long companion Korvax.