The Bulwark

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Legendary Deeds

  • Amanda, Lily and Gang outran an avalanche while helping fight off a pack of Fenrir.
  • Amanda and Gang helped destroy the lindwurm that destroyed Las Vegas.
  • Lily and Gang helped defeat a band of Muspelheim giants that were terrorizing a small town in Texas.
  • Lily and Gang helped defeat a fire giant that was terrorizing the town of Marysville, TN. They later helped destroy a giant snake-tree, a spawn of Gaia, that was making the forest there grow supernaturally fast in an attempt to crowd the humans out, along with animals and insects it had made into minions.
  • Amanda, Lily and Gang worked with several other Scions to defeat a wendigo that was taking over Dallas, Texas and turning its surviving citizens into crazed cannibals.
  • Lily and Gang were involving in defeating a group of over-sized mystical vermin that were encroaching on Marysville TN. Gang almost met his match with the snake and had to be pulled from it's dead mouth.


  • To protect the innocents of the world from those who would harm or take advantage of them, mortal and Titanspawn alike.


  • "Sure I'm a loud mouth, and Gang does stupid shit, but everyone loves Amanda!" - Liliane Rommel
  • Lily: Just after recruiting Alexa. "And no, Gang, you can't change your name to Charlie and start calling us Angels. I know where you live."

Gang: "Hey, you thought of that, Lily, not me." A beat. "I was just going to start calling you all my harem."
Lily: "I. Know. Where. You. Live."