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Basic Stats

Age: 28
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Location: BFE. On A Farm
Status: Divorced and Happy About It!
Other Names: Mistress, Goddess, Miss Scion ST
Gender: Female
Note Worthy Traits:
Owner of Site, Admin, ST and Player!

ZaneD wuz heer.


Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself...

...where the heck is the ceiling.

The Basics

You know... I never really knew what to put in these things and I still don't but I have to put something here so I will *le sigh*

So I am Kris! Nice to meet you! I am pretty sure we will get along if you like the following things:

1) My site
2) Rock em, Sock em Robots
3) Cupcakes!!
4) Firefly
5) Sarcasm

See! Totally easy to get along with me. Nothing to fear but fear itself. Or if you ask Zane I am still mad at him for not letting me use his nWoD mortals as test dummies but well... You cannot have everything

Ah the Memories...

This is MY sandbox bitch. I am GOD in the changeling universe and you will bow to me and offer tasty sacrifices or I'll kick your colon into your ears. - NemmyC

Player: How are you?
Me: Angry
Player: Don't make me hump your leg! I will do it!
Me: Bad puppy! I am going to get you neutered *shakes finger at*

Miach 'Max' McCool: Can you guys stay here for a moment? I need to check on something, and then need something from the kitchen at the ECW. I'll be a few minutes?
Corbin O'Leary arches an eyebrow to Max "....dude.... this is no time for fuckin S'mores"
Sun Lao: "Hey Corbin....there's always time for S'Mores"

Azerku28: *Gets on one knee and gives krissy a big ass horse* So, Wanna ride my ring and Marry me?
KristinaF: *giggles at Azerku* Of course!

What the World Thinks

"You write something here" - Name Here

"This one hears and obeys, Mistress." - ZaneD

"<3" - Spheniscidae

"With friends like you, who needs enemies? haha, I kid I kid. LYLT and DFTBA as always." - poyotier

"She's like Darth Vader, but with lady bits"-Azerku28