Sylvia Gilani

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Name: Sylvia Gilani
Age: 22
Eyes: Espresso-colored
Hair: Dark brown and a little wavy.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115
Pantheon: Yazata.png
Parent: Ard
Profession: Photographer
Noteworthy Info: Lasting Impression, App 3, Epic App 1; BFF, Charisma 4, Epic Charisma 2

Sylvia Gilani

"Daughter of Ard "


Sylvia is as earnest and as honest as she can be. She smiles often and laughs more so, and loves making other people do likewise. She's also thoughtful and tries to be kind and caring. Though she isn't Muslim, she likes wearing colorful hijab and darker, comfortable clothing. She prefers to go barefoot, or only in sandals, but if shoes are a must, then practical, comfortable ones are her go-to.

General Information

Sylvia follows the Zoroastrian faith, but to say she's devout about it might be too strong a term. She remembers her morning prayers, but mostly, she concerns herself with being the best, most sincere self she can be. Given recent events, however, she's having to reassess exactly what that means, and it's proving to be a difficult nut to crack.

Having only just (inadvertently?) arrived at the Crossroads, Sylvia is still very much getting her bearings. She met some of the locals, and aside from a few startlingly tall discoveries - looking at you, Dustin Vang - she's optimistic that everything will be as interesting as Anaïs said it would be.

It's been a few months since Sylvia's arrival, and those months have certainly been eventful. Between helping to restore Camelot and King Arthur, to becoming an actual knight of the Round Table, to adventures and dangers in several foreign countries, and potentially stumbling into a surprising romantic involvement, Sylvia's been run dizzy trying to manage it all. She's excited to do it, though, and is looking forward to new projects like defeating Mordred and beginning a photography collaboration with Eduardo Gillard,

Story Hooks

  • She's an established photographer who specializes in candid street scenes.
  • Her friend and guide, the fereshteh Anaïs, seldom travels, but she does tend to know just when Sylvia is coming to visit.
  • She loves Middle Eastern and Indian food, but she has a terrible weakness for French pastries.

Legendary Deeds

  • To prepare the way for Camelot's return, Sylvia single-handedly convinced an entire village's worth of people to go on holiday on a particular day, and so they avoided deadly harm when the castle was restored.
  • After Camelot was restored, Sylvia faced down the Questing Beast alongside Julian, Donovan, Alex, and of course, Arthur Pendragon himself. While all present were valiant and brave, Sylvia, the most vulnerable of them all, drew the Beast's attention long enough to blind it with her camera flash. That act paved the way for the others to dispatch it quickly.
  • Traveled to the future in which she discovered her unborn daughter. While pleased, Sylvia was also horrified at the state of the world her daughter and the other children had to survive, and without their parents even. She helped tend their garden, and left a bag of sweets and fruit and tea behind for morale.
  • Rescued her daughter from execution at the hands of shadow giants.
  • Helped stop Mordred and cleansed the red fields of Camlann.


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Quotes From Others

  • "Sylvia is hot as hell, in a cute and adorable way, but don't let that pretty face fool ya, she's got bravery to match anyone else. I always seem to do better when she's around. She's like my lucky charm." - Claire de Dion
  • "Declared ME her friend! Not the Other way around! HAHAHAHAHA! I like this one! I am Wei Menglong, I have declared it! It is so!" -Wei Menglong
  • "She is so innocent and pure and sweet. I hope our job doesn't squash that out of her.." - Amara Vang
  • "A viscious spirit in such a tiny package I am glad to call her a friend and ally." - Vikarr Tyrson
  • "I absolutely LOVE working with Sylvia. She's the only person that can truly understand and match my passion for photography around here, and I'm delighted she agreed to work with me on our exhibition. Also, she's inspiring to watch in battle, with such a dignified air. And I think the way we fight is our most striking difference." Eduardo Gillard
  • "Sylvia is interesting. Soft spoken, but always positive. She's a stand up person. I was curious to see how her heritage might affect her outlook but she's proven to be nothing but a loyal scion and a good person to have around. Plus she rocks a bow I made her, and that makes me smile." - Alex MacRae
  • "I will not answer questions about this person on the grounds it may incriminate me." - Kamala Halloran
  • "Sylvie is such a bright soul. I always feel better when she's around because she brightens things up no matter how gloomy. I'm really glad she's in our band now. She's going places and I can't wait to see how far she climbs." -Emma Hoffman
  • "A pleasant young lady. She had some useful insights the one time I spoke with her."-Jing Cheng
  • "She is sweet as cinnamon and as invigorating as saffron. She tends to be a little shy, but give her just an inch and she will give you back a mile."-Rahil Al-Zarqa