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OOC Resources

IC Resources

We are currently seeking staff for all venues.

Staff Wikis

Below are links to each of the ST/Admin's forum wikis. Feel free to send them a FPM with any questions or issues you may have within their venue. If you feel you have an issue with a certain ST then take your issue to one of the Admins listed below to get it resolved

KristinaF - Owner, Scion HST
Daruish - Site Admin
ChrisT- Scion ST/Site Admin
TrishD- Scion ST/Forum and Wiki Admin
KadeW- Scion AST
MarkW- Exalted HST

Player Wikis

Please try and keep in alphabetical order, to properly add yourself to the list. Click the source tab, copy the code below replacing your own info! The code to use Forum name


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