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  • There is a woman that looks to the moon as the ocean breeze slips along the sands of the Island. Her hair the color of dark chestnuts as it falls about her shoulders and down her back in waves. The heart-shaped face turned up to the sky's with a pair of large eyes and full lips. Her body smooth and curved to perfection. Someone had definitely broken the mold in creating her. Golden hoops sat on her ears as a gold chain was settled about her neck against the sun-kissed skin. A matching ring entwined with vines on her ring finger of her right hand. Normally she could be seen walking the beach in an off the shoulder top and a skirt that was often being blown about. The bare feet often walking along the edge so the waves touched the prints to have them wash away.
  • She does pro-bono for the elderly and a number of sports teams in pain management but knowing the sport itself? Absolutely not.
  • Never gives out name. Only gives out her nickname, Rena.
  • Never gives out who her father is.
  • She is known in the Scion community as a Pacifist and doesn't like violence.
  • Well-known fact Serena Seregona is the sole heiress of a southern cotton and wheat plantation located near New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Serena is well-known in the mortal world as one of the finest doctor's in the United States. She is rarely seen but Bold textrumor's of her work and research has spread far and wide; only recently expanding into Europe. She is more famous for for her work in pediatric oncology along with her extensive cancer research that has been published in a number of medical journals.
  • Few facts about the good Doctors personality include someone that is very warm, caring and lovable. Though a number of sources will agree that she is definitely more on shy side and doesn't go out of her way to be in the limelight.


Donovan O’Lonigan: Donovan found himself a mug and leaned back to take a few heady swigs from it. "I have to say I've been enjoying the feasting here. But feel almost as though I'm slacking in duties elsewhere."
Emma Hoffman: "It's okay to enjoy yourself sometimes Donovan."
Donovan O’Lonigan: "I enjoy myself quite a lot honestly, have you met my wife?"
Emma Hoffman: She shook her head. "I don't think so."
Donovan O’Lonigan: "Hard to miss her when she's around, Doctor, Pianist, Pacifist, Easy on the eyes. Just ask Alex."
Alex MacRae: WEll. Not to be all like "I been ogling his lady" but yes, she is easy to look at.
Emma Hoffman: "I look forward to meeting her then."
Nolan Connoly: He turns around to look at Donovan, half dragging Alex in a circle with him. "Oh aye. She's a ride alright."
Donovan O’Lonigan: "You ain't got a half clue on that man." Smirking a moment as he finished his mug and had another poured by someone somewhere.


  • ALWAYS the medic on scene and known officially as 'Doc'
  • Helped take out a group of Were-Wolfmen Gangsters
  • Helped defeat a group of killer gators in Central Park
  • She one shot a troll with her bow & helped kill the 2nd



RenaTattoo1.jpgSerena10.jpgSerena14.jpg Serena3.jpgSerena22.jpgSerena20.jpg Serena4.jpgSerena15.jpgSerena24.jpg

Name: Serena Seregona aka Rena
Title: Demi-Goddess of Lost Souls
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Hair: Chestnut/Dark Brown
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Husband: The Once Dead Hero
Pantheon: Loa
Parent: The Baron
Profession: Doctor
Note Worthy: Appearance 7 Epic 6

Charisma 7 Epic 6
Presence, Medicine, Occult 5


Poem that inspired the Character:

Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete

when no one else ever cared.

[1] - All I Need, [2] - Gypsy, [3] - Not Your Cinderella
[4] - Witch Doctor, [5] - Breathe Again
[6] - One Last Dance, [7] - Black Magic Woman
[8] - What Makes You Different, [9] - Witchy Woman
[10] - What Makes You Beautiful, [11] - Ain't it Funny


"Umm... When did I become pretty? I'm a doctor! I am not suppose to me pretty. Apparently the Baron has a sense of humor" - Rena

"She is a very shy girl. So I can't help but feel a little overprotective, even if we've just met." - Antha Farouk

"Rena is a beautiful yet shy woman. This makes me think she doesnt know exactly how beautiful she is. Its really cute to watch and I hope she opens up so I can get to know her better." - Jessie Anderson

"Whomever she calls herself, she is a beautiful person. she's like, the moment before day and night, that weird moment when you see all the beauty of the world for just a second...then it fades...and all you see are stars... that's how you feel when you see her...whoever she is." - Lex

"Quiet. She blushes more often than any woman with the beauty she possesses has reason to. I'm not sure whether it is genuine naivety or if she is hiding something truly sinister. I'm watching you, Loa." - Liam Mehzar

"She's Hope and Hope's a strange thing in this world. Like the lone flower blooming from the crack of the sidewalk, colors lighting up the drab grays of the City. If fostered, it blossoms into a gentle reminder that there's more to this world than the grays and the blacks and whites... but it can be just as easily crushed underfood. The beauty of it, crushed under heel due to being missed, being lost, being ignored. Hope kills... but its through Hope that this world can be saved..." - Frank Malone

"I keep hoping we'll run into each other when there aren't a million others around. She seems soft and gentle, like the evening tide rolling in against the shore. I hope she'll continue to learn how to swim, everyone deserves the tender touch of the water's embrace." - Calliope Vallis

"Is fheàrr teine beag a gharas na teine mòr a loisgeas.. Sweet thing, always 'as been, always will be. 'Ave ah lil faith sweet love." - Kyla Brannon

"Books cannae hide you, the act of concealing yourself in the open is something you need to learn without shielding. The harder you try to cover everything up, the more exposed you will always feel. Trust a Hunter's words on matters of stealth and stalking, should you wish to start towards those talents, I am available to teach." - Donovan

"She has a kind heart and a warm smile, she is skilled as a doctor and humble about her own abilities. A rare combination" - Titus Leon

"Beauty of form matched only by beauty of her heart. Anyone - and I mean ANYONE - messes with the doc? There'll be hell to pay in the form of Tuatha bitchcraft." - Jae

"You'll learn, one day, sweetheart - sometimes people are hurt because they want to be. Sometimes an open wound isn't enough to stop a jackal trying to bite a kind-hearted soul trying to help it. An' one day you'll stop worryin' about what to wear to the dance and you'll start dancin'." - Dixie

"I do not yet know her very well. She has been quiet when we've been in mutual company. She lives in New York and I in London so often we are thousands of miles distant. She is apparently a very good doctor, is grateful for cooperation and has proven helpful. All of which are most important in a war on chaos, decay and destruction that would cost us the world as we know it." - Keren Van Coverden

"Her beauty is equaled only by her musical talents and her kindness. She is a pacifist, and I have seen ample evidence that she vastly prefers making love to making war." - Daramain Banna

"Rena's a total sweetheart. We don't get to see her that often, but when we do, it's always a treat. I'm glad she found love with Donovan. She deserves it and I wish them the best." - Miki Ishinaka