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Demi-god and Hero interactions

The basics

There are some things that need to be spelled out clearly and all players and staff should be aware of.

First: Demi-gods and heroes will not interact in story lines during combat scenes. Demi-gods have had months and even years to add experience, knacks, boons, relics, and other tricks to leverage. The things that would make a challenge for a Demi-god would reduce even the hardiest of heroes to a bleeding shadow on the sidewalk in a tick or two. The things that would challenge a hero without killing them outright are so laughably weak to the Demi-gods as to constitute an appetizer. Thus, never the twain shall meet.

Any player who attempts to bring a hero to a demi-god SL without SPECIFIC direction from an ST for a SPECIFIC purpose is very likely going to either 1. Die a rapid, brutal death or 2. Going to be immediately rebuked for their presumptuousness. If you do so as a player and your PC gets killed it will not be “ret-con’d” (short for Retroactive Continuity, or a “mulligan” where the ST or staff nullifies the scene) or, more likely, you will simply be told to leave the scene. If you insist on inserting yourself into a scene involving Demi-god PC’s or into open RP where you should not be and you get in the middle of a PC vs. PC fight and get killed it will be – too put it plainly – your own damned fault. You will not be awarded XP for the death and will have to start over from scratch – consider this IC and OOC warning.

Any player who attempts to bring a Demi-God into a Hero SL will probably be in for a very rough day after the scene. First, be aware that an ST is well within their rights to simply eject you from the scene, but at their sole discretion an ST may choose to teach you a lesson if you insist on bringing your Demi-god into a scene that you are not intended to be in due to your power level. ST’s may opt to throw far more powerful NPC’s into the scene, or they could simply throw something that’s an actual challenge at you – and subsequently you will be held accountable for each and every PC death that occurs when the presence of a Demi-god drew the attention of something far more powerful than he hero’s could handle. The results could be not just a severely weakened PC, but also a whole lot of reparations to make – and that’s IF the HST doesn’t have your PC’ thrown into Tartarus for their reckless endangerment of other scions.

The Minutiae

Demi-gods who have been vetted by the gods themselves may be offered a chance to teach the fledgling heroes on the west coast. What this means OOC:

1. You will be allowed to enter the Hero venue to the Terra Incognita ONE TIME PER WEEK and you may act as a mentor or instructor only. You will be allowed to discuss the heroes problems, offer suggestions and advice, and train them in skills or knowledges that they may lack.

2. Handing down of relics or gifts form Demi-god to Hero will be strictly monitored and controlled by the ST’s. NOTHING will be handed down without a damned good reason, and a very thorough vetting. “Because Bob needs a better sword” or “Mary needs some armor” is NOT a good reason to pass along that meteoric iron longsword or the dragon scale armor worth 300 build points to the week old scion.

3. Fraternization will not be allowed. Fall in love with the new scion of Aphrodite? We don’t care, we are not setting up a cross-over dating service – wait until they reach the appropriate legend and move up to the Crossroads island. This is NOT about controlling PC’s love lives, this is about avoiding the power mismatch that comes from cross over, and the gods will not be impressed when the son of Chang’e uses his appearance 6 and epic appearance 5 to seduce the daughter of the Morrigan who got her visit last Thursday. As a “mentor” you will be held to the same standards a high school teacher would be with her 10th grade students: expect very draconian backlash if you engage in improper acts cross venue – and this WILL be spelled out in character prior to anyone being allowed to enter into a “mentor/mentee” or instructor arrangement.

4. Not everyone will be allowed to act as a mentor. If you have done something IC that warrants a second look, doubt on the parts of the gods, or otherwise makes you look foolish – especially in the very recent past – you may not get asked / offered / accepted as a mentor, or you may be limited in what or how or who you may be allowed to interact with. In other words, the more you’ve made yourself look bad IC, the less you may be allowed to do in this capacity.

5. If these rules are abused we will halt ALL cross – venue interactions and there will be NO PC Demi-god’s mentoring heroes whatsoever.

What do I do if I wish to participate?

Tag your forum thread. You will be contacted by the staff, though it may be a week or two, as the staff will be busy with the new venue and / or Real Life. We will discuss this with you and make sure you understand that there are rules and if you break them there WILL be repercussions.

The Divine Archives

There is one place where heroes and Demi-gods might interact: the Divine Archives.

Heroes DO NOT have free, unfettered access to the divine archives. They may get a “hall pass” – so to speak – if they have a good reason, and as such they may stumble across the walking legends that frequent the place. There are two things to remember here:

First, the aforementioned rules still apply in force – though a hero and Demi-god may speak during the hero’s “research trip” to the diving archives. However, this will only happen with an ST present. IOW: hero’s can’t just see someone in the Divine Archives and pop in to say howdy. And the ST present may interrupt interactions if it is either derailing the scene or if it is potentially causing problems for any SL.

Second, don’t complain that this is monitored interaction: the gods are aware that not all Demi-gods are upright people. There have been a number of issues in the past: infidelities, dead babies, temper tantrums, abandoned children – as such the reason heroes must get permission to do to the Divine Archives is that the gods want to keep a close eye on their children – but they can’t be there all the time, thus the faculty will be doing so for them. In other words: there are more than one or two concerned parents watching.