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Sheet and Starting Information

  • First read this: A Message from the HST
  • Second, copy this: Character Sheet
  • Third: Please read everything at the bottom of the Character Sheet before you submit it and follow the instructions. Submit completed sheet to KristinaF only.
  • Use numbers for your stats please.
  • History's should be no longer then 10 pages and detailed. If it doesn't make sense? We are not letting it through.
  • The Storytellers reserve the right to refuse sanction for any reason. Some reasons include: arguing with a Storyteller at any time; wasting their time; developing a concept that does not mesh with the setting.
  • You are allowed two PCs in the venue. They cannot be from the same pantheon nor can they be playing in the same room together.
  • Please be aware entering the Hero venue that it is a balanced game at the beginning before you learn your strengths and weaknesses. Please do not go mid-maxing and/or questioning the STs when they tell you that the game is balanced and are trying to make sure your PC is on par with other starting characters.
  • If you have questions about weapons allowed please check with KristinaF. Nothing could be over 5L starting. You may take other weapons with higher damage but they will be brought down to 5L. Once more. Trying to make the starting game balanced.
  • You cannot submit a second character until the first is a Demigod.
  • If you are planning on making a PC in the popular pantheons that are continuously capped (Ex: Aesir, Tuatha and Greek)... You have to be an active player that is consistently on. If you are a new player and there is not a spot open; please check with the HST KristinaF to make sure you are allowed to submit.
  • If you chose to make a new character because you do not like your current one; the cap on how many times you are allowed to do this is 3 times. After that you have to wait for a venue reset.
  • Please make a wiki for your Scion after your name has been put up and use a real life picture of someone. No anime or cartoon pics. Make sure the picture fits with your Appearance. In other words... Appearance 2/3 PCs should not have models like Megan Fox as avatars.
  • If interested in any NPC relationship these must by run by KristinaF prior. For the moment the Hero venue will not be having NPC relationships. Side Note for the future if the ruling is changed: NPC Relationships have to built via In Character actions. No walking in with one.
  • If you had a former Demi-God and has been desanctioned currently the reactivation is closed. Any questions please contact KristinaF.
  • After you submit your character, please go to the User Control Panel in the Forums and then click on Usergroups. Apply to Player Scion, your pantheon, and the wiki usergroups.
  • Please note this game was originally designed as a Table Top game and we have to make adjustments for an online setting.
  • Note that some of the demigods in this game were involved in Ragnarok - the events of which have literally been unwritten and time erased and turned back. This should not affect ANY new PC's being made. You may not make a PC who has survived Ragnarok unless they were actually present to play during that time - which means all new PC's will have no familiarity with those events.

History Additions / Modifications

In the normal course of RP you will undoubtedly make up – on the spot and in situ – additional information about your PC’s past / history. This is normally inconsequential, however, some items may be of importance.

Some items that must be vetted / approved by the HST before they can be added to your history and should be presented prior to use IC include:

1. Major crimes – either as victim or perpetrator. (Incarceration for a felony, serious injury from violence, et cetera). This should include any misdemeanor that results in more than an overnight stay in jail. (Growing pot, cooking meth, got caught burglarizing a house…)

2. Major illnesses, diseases, or medical conditions. (child birth, abortion, depression, anxiety major diseases such as diabetes or AIDS, cancer, Heart attacks, joint replacements, et cetera.)

3. Major financial or socio economic events. (Lottery winnings, bankruptcies, extreme periods of poverty or hardship, or excessive financial windfalls.)

4. Periods of drug or alcohol abuse, whether in the past or ongoing. Also if your PC is currently abusing or using any illicit drug or alcohol it must have been addressed with the HST prior to using this IC. Casual use of illicit drugs should be passed by the staff due to the nature of those substances, their costs, and the potential for legal hassles. (Hard alcohol abuse. Chain smoker. Crack head. Heroine fiend…)

5. Major life changes. This includes births, deaths, crippling, or otherwise serious issues for your PC in their past or for immediate family members or for anyone who was very close to the PC growing up. (Little sister died of SIDS, Gramma was crippled in a car accident, the PC spent a year in the hospital after a freak Spelunking accident…)

Note that if you don’t run these items past the staff first then the staff may very well deny them. If something is mentioned before getting staff approval then it should be treated as if it was NOT a significant defining moment for your PC from their past. In other words: if you don’t clear it through the staff first then you’re PC’s addiction to vodka? Is really just a normal drink.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Minor aspects of the PC’s past, anecdotes, and minor events that do NOT amount to major traumas or life events are not something the staff needs to vet unless they run very much counter to the PC’s history. (A rich snobby white girl getting involved in a gang? Is a major event. A rich snobby white girl getting harassed at Summer Camp may or may not be a major event. A rich snobby white girl who’s first car was a Ford instead of a Chevy? Is not a major life event. (well, unless you’re playing an incredibly shallow PC…)

These things should be CLEARLY posted in your PC’s thread and labeled “HISTORY ADDENDUM” or “HISTORY ADDITION” for the HST to review.

Banned and Capped Concepts


  • Murder, Rapist, Terrorist and any other PK-related concepts
  • Please do not make characters that are dependent upon another PC to be playable. You may tie histories together but do not make them critical to your PC.
  • Do not make PCs that reject their entire pantheon because the parent would not have awakened their Ichor.
  • PCs cannot own major well known real life corporations such as Disney, Marvel, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, NBC, so forth...
  • You cannot have your male God give birth to you, even if they have shapeshifting knacks. Adoption is an option.
  • Scions of the Celestial Bureaucracy (as in the stuff in the sidebar of the CB section about the pantheon adopting a scion rather than a specific god) Is not allowed. You may not be a scion of the whole pantheon.
  • Time or Modern Culturally Displaced


No capped concepts as of this time.

Concepts may be capped if a large number of PC's start to appear using a very similar theme. ie, if we suddenly see a dozen musicians, or several ace car drivers, any concept may be limited if a trend starts to emerge. This includes large numbers of PC's for any single pantheon.

Top of Sheet

  • Name, Sex, Age
    • All Characters must be at least 18 years of age. No Characters may be involved in sexual acts involving children and minors under the age of eighteen. No exceptions. Any character found to be indulging in such behavior will be permanently removed from the venue/site.
  • Calling
    • Calling is a statement about who your character is. It should be a short phrase that sums up who the character is. A Scion of Posiedon might be a Ecologist with a Temper or a Surfer with a Heart of Gold. Everything that goes on the sheet should then fit into what the Character's Calling is. It may help to think of what sort of God your PC might be if they make it to godhood.
  • Nature
    • Nature is a Personality Archetype that sums up the character's personality and is often the face they show to the world around them.
  • Pantheon and God
    • Choose a Pantheon and God that fit your character's Calling.
    • You may make a character of any pantheon, save Atlantean and those from the World At War Section (the Yankees, Brits, Russians, French, etc), from the approved book list (Hero, Companion, Demigod, God, Ragnorak, and Yazata)
    • Check the House Rules for additional Gods
  • Languages
    • Your base language (English for most PCs) is still included in your total Int + Academics count as an Intelligence 1 PC with no academics would be able to speak their own language and no others.


  • Each Attribute has a free dot in it.
  • Do not be afraid to take an attribute up to five upon creation with justification.
  • Physical Attributes define your character's physical potential -- how much she can lift, how fast she can move, and how tough she is.
  • Social Attributes define the character's social aptitude -- how charming, persuasive, and attractive she is.
  • Mental Attributes define a character's intellectual capacity -- how perceptive, smart, and mentally agile she is.
  • Decide at which category your character most excels (primary),and assign 8 additional dots to that category.
  • Decide which she is somewhat better than average (secondary) and assign 6 additional dots to that category.
  • Decide which she is just normal (tertiary) and assign 4 additional dots to your tertiary Attribute in any fashion.
  • No Attribute may go beyond five dots until Legend 6.
  • You may only have one attribute at 5 at creation with justification.
  • No character will start with Appearance 5 at creation.
  • You may not have attributes at 1 at creation.


  • Each character has 30 points to be divided in any fashion among the 24 Abilities.
  • Six of these points must go into the Favored Abilities for the Scion's divine patron; these Favored Abilities are listed in the description of each God.
  • No Ability may be raised above three dots at character generation without the expenditure of bonus points.
  • The Abilities of Art, Control, Craft, and Science so broad that they require specialization to further define what portion of the Ability a character has mastered. For example, Science can cover such things as Physics, Biology, and Geology. For such Abilities, the player must choose a particular specialty to which his rating applies. His dots apply only to the area covered by his specialty.
  • Do not be afraid to take an ability up to five upon creation with justification.


  • Birthrights are gifts given to Scions by their patron Gods, typically upon a Scion's Visitation.
  • A character has 5 dots to divide among four separate types of Birthright: Creature, Followers, Guide, and Relic.
  • No Birthright may be rated higher than three dots before spending bonus points.
  • Relics will be scrutinized. You can no longer use these dots to halve the costs of knacks. You can reduce the cost of the knack by 1 per legend dot.
  • Relic Tattoos are 2 dots in cost. Costs 1 Legend Point to activate. Not all of your relics can be tattoos.
  • Relic creation is in "Secrets of the World" or The Complete Companion. It is on page 150 of the complete companion.
  • Legend 5 does require you to have a relic to access your boons.
  • Relics that add Legend to Attributes, Abilities or Attribute+Ability do NOT Add to the corresponding combat pools (DDV, PDV, Soaks etc)
  • For Relics you cannot mimic any boon over 3 dots.
  • You can only take one relic at creation to add Legend to Attribute.
  • You cannot have a relic that allows a weapon to do aggravated damage.
  • Only weapons and armor found in the Scion Books are to be used. Be prepared to justify your armor and everything else on your sheet. Meaning if you are a musician, primarily, then your parent should not be giving you riot gear.
  • Guides have Teaching Prodigy for Rating x2 Abilities. These must be chosen at the time of gaining the Guide or increasing it's rating.
  • You cannot reduce penalties to 0.

You can find Relic Dot's here HERE.

Epic Attributes, Knacks, and Boons

  • A Scion receives 10 points to divide between Epic Attributes and Boons.
  • Each Boon costs the same number of points as its rating (i.e., taking a four-dot Boon at character creation uses up four of those 10 points).
  • All PCs have Scent of Divine Knack for free. p.56-57 in Companion book (You still have to pay Legend, and roll, to use it)
  • Epic Attributes and Boons must all be one below your legend.
  • Fast Learner and Star Pupil cannot be used with starter XP.
  • Check the House Rules for any home brewed knacks and boons currently allowable for play.


  • Virtues are beliefs of great import to the cultures from which the various pantheons emerged.
  • Each pantheon has a set of four Virtues that define proper behavior. The sets are as follows:
    • Aesir: Courage, Endurance, Expression, Loyalty
    • Amatsukami: Duty, Endurance, Intellect, Valor
    • Atlantean: Duty, Intellect, Order and Piety
    • Atzlánti: Conviction, Courage, Duty, Loyalty
    • Devas: Endurance, Harmony, Intellect, Order
    • Dodekatheon: Expression, Intellect, Valor, Vengeance
    • Loa: Harmony, Order, Piety, Vengeance
    • Pesedjet: Conviction, Harmony, Order, Piety
    • Shen: Duty, Harmony, Intellect, Valor
    • Tuatha: Courage, Expression, Intellect, Piety
    • Yazata: Conviction, Duty, Expression, Valor
  • Each Virtue has one free dot, and you must spend five additional points among the four Virtues your God's pantheon.
  • A Virtue cannot be raised above 4 at character creation without the expenditure of bonus points.


  • Willpower is a character's strength of purpose and determination. Willpower may override an instinctive response borne of one's Virtues, create an automatic success on an important roll, allow a character to resist a mental assault, power certain Boons and spells, or activate a Virtue.
  • A character's starting Willpower equals the sum of her two highest Virtues.


  • Legend is the measure of a character's spiritual prowess.
  • Scions start the game with Legend 2.
  • Legend also generates points, which may be spent for automatic successes, to reroll a failed action, and to power certain Boons and spells.
  • A character's pool of Legend points is equal to the square of his Legend dots.


  • UHMWPE Armor is not allowed.
  • Chainmail is +2B/+3L/+3A, Mobility -2, Fatigue 1


  • Despite the great body of evidence to the contrary, Scions are ultimately only human.
  • They possess the same seven health levels that other mere mortals possess:
    • One -0 health level, two -1 health levels, two -2 health levels, one -4 health level and a single Incapacitated health level.

Bonus Points

  • You get 15 bonus points
    • Attribute: 4
    • Ability: 2 (1 if Favored)
    • Birthright: 1 (2 if raising above 3)
    • Virtue: 3
    • Willpower: 2
    • Legend: cannot be purchased with bonus points as we give that away for free by meeting xp spent guidelines (see below)
    • Epic Attribute: 5 (4 if associated with parent)
    • Knack: 3
    • Boon: 5 (4 if associated with parent)
    • Additional Spell: 5 (4 if Magic is associated with parent)

Starting Experience

(As per below, normally a PC will not be start with XP. Only if a PC dies in game or in an incentive situation will a PC start with any XP to spend.)

  • Increasing a Trait
    • Attribute: old rating x 4
    • Ability favored by divine parent: (old rating x 2) - 1
    • Ability: old rating x 2
    • Virtue: old rating x 3
    • Willpower: old rating x 2
    • Legend: cannot be purchased xp as we give that away for free by meeting xp spent guidelines (see below)
    • Epic Attribute (associated with divine parent): old rating x 4
    • Epic Attribute (not associated with divine parent): old rating x 5
    • All-Purpose Purview Boon (associated with divine parent): rating x 4
    • All-Purpose Purview Boon (not associated with divine parent): rating x 5
    • Pantheon-Specific Purview: old rating x 4
    • Special Purview (associated with divine parent): old rating x 4
    • Special Purview (not associated with divine parent): old rating x 5

  • Buying a New Trait
    • Ability: 3
    • Epic Attribute (associated with divine parent): 8
    • Epic Attribute (not associated with divine parent): 10
    • Knack: 5
    • All-Purpose Purview Boon (associated with divine parent): rating x 4
    • All-Purpose Purview Boon (not associated with divine parent): rating x 5
    • Pantheon-Specific Purview: 3
    • Special Purview (associated with divine parent): 3
    • Special Purview (not associated with divine parent): 4
    • Spell (Magic associated with divine parent): rating x 4
    • Spell (Magic not associated with divine parent): rating x 5

(Note: buying boons OUT OF ORDER - cost is per dot, not per current.)

Combat Stats

  • The formulas for the combat stats are as follows:
    • Join Battle: Wits + Awareness
    • Mass Combat Join Battle: Wits + Command
    • Dodge DV: (Dexterity + Athletics + Legend) / 2 then add epic attribute not successes
    • Parry DV: (Dexterity + [Brawl or Melee] + Weapon Defense Bonus) / 2 then add epic attribute not successes
    • Movement: Dexterity yards then add epic successes
    • Dash: Dexterity + 6 then add double the epic successes (Epic Dex 1 = 2, Epic Dex 2 = 4, Epic Dex 3 = 8)
    • Climb Speed: Half of movement speed.
    • Swim Speed: Half of movement speed.
    • Vertical Jump: Strength + Athletics yards then add epic successes
    • Horizontal Jump: (Strength + Athletics)then add epic successes *2 yards
    • Bashing Soak: Stamina then add epic successes
    • Lethal Soak: Stamina / 2 then add epic successes
    • Aggravated Soak: Epic Stamina dots
    • Armor adds to soak, including Aggravated. Take armor's rating for Lethal and apply to Aggravated

XP, Growth, and Death


If you play 3 days or less a week you will receive 3xp. You play 4 or more days a week 5xp.


If you play 3 days or less a week you will receive 5xp. You play 4 or more days a week 10xp.

  • At 500 xp spent you reach Legend 6 then each additional 200 XP spent increases your legend.
  • If you PC is desanctioned due to inactivity, or request, it is up to ST whether they died or just disappeared.