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Experience Requests

Please follow the instructions on your XP Request Threads

Example of training posts located in your player thread. Please fill them out with the correct colors and format.*As we do not have training times, we would like to see a solid justification for each stat. There is no word count minimum for each line or anything like that, but please keep in mind when buying the upper levels of things that you are becoming, quite literally, the best in the world. As always, using stats in scenes will help this justification, as will finding teachers ICly.

If there is no mundane way to raise a stat then you must pray to your parent. Also, in normal requests, prayer is not a bad thing to have coupled with the justification.

The number of knacks in a single attribute is the total number of Attribute Dots+Epic Dots. So if you have Stamina 3 and Epic Stamina 2 the max knacks you can have in that category is 5.

If you have Star Pupil or Fast Learner, please note that in your XP Request.

Note you can only use Star Pupil/Fast Learner for XP spent after sanctioning. These do NOT affect the costs for BP or other “freebie” points during creation.

You can buy 1 dot of an Attribute, Epic Attribute/Knack, Ability, Boon, Virtue/Willpower a week. (If you do not submit that week then you missed your time. You cannot do mass XP spending). Please see KristinaF for clarification if needed.

You may submit for a maximum of 2 ability raises in one request - however they must not be in a single ability and they must both be justified. Any request of this kind will be very closely scrutinized.

For Instance:

  • You can buy Strength 5, Epic Stamina 3 (Body Armor), Art (Dance) 4, Health 2, and Harmony 3 - for instance.
  • You cannot buy Strength 5, Dex 5, however as that's 2 Attributes.

Justifications will be needed for each thing you wish to buy. Higher the level the more detailed the justification we will look for.

Boons bought in order (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) are old x 4 or 5, not current x 4 or 5

At Legend 5 and at each legend raise afterward you will receive 28 free points. These points work as bonus points do in character creation save that you cannot spend these points to increase your legend further.

You must log into a public room to get XP and be logged in for a half hour. If you do not do this you will not get xp for that day.


  • Do not make alterations to your history after your character has been sanctioned unless you have ST permission to do so.
  • Please do not ask to sit in on scenes. It leaves the door open for potential meta-gaming.
  • You can earn a maximum total of 10xp a month from taking logs. (.5 XP per scene log)
  • You can earn 1xp a week for a bluebook journal entry.
  • You cannot use Divine Damage Conversion and Damage Conversion in the same tick/turn.
  • For ranged weapons you will use Dexterity + Marksmanship to hit per the book, but Perception + Weapon Damage to do damage.
  • Keep in mind Legend to (Attribute) do not add to static combat stats - i.e. A relic that grants adding legend to an attribute does NOT add to your DDV / MPDV / BPDV.
  • Legend points refresh daily.
  • Willpower refreshes at 1 dot per every full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Mortals should not be in the Terra Incognita's (exception Scion Children).

No power (knacks, boon, whatever) can be used to coerce or order a person to sleep with a character willingly or unwillingly. Incorrect use of these powers will lead to possible venue ban.


If you have Chinese or Gaelic these are languages held by more than just one group. If you have just have Gaelic or Chinese listed on your sheet you will need to clarify what dialect. Gaelic:

  • Irish Gaelic
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Manx
  • Welsh


  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Wu
  • Gan
  • Xiang
  • Min
  • Hakka
  • Yue
  • Simplified

(There are other dialects, these are the major ones for game purposes.)

Guns and Gun Laws

International gun laws may be addressed by any ST if it becomes necessary in the course of a scene. As the US has varied gun laws, in order for all players to be on the same page we are adopting the following "rules" - this is to avoid confusion and we know that not all states are the same.

  • Open Carry of firearms is assumed to be legal in the US.
  • Concealed Carry is assumed to be legal in the US but requires a permit.
  • Assault Rifles are assumed to be legal in the US without magazine limits.
  • Fully automatic weapons are considered to be legal in the US (this is true) but are incredibly expensive due to the 1983 automatic weapon ban.
  • Law enforcement personnel can acquire fully automatic weapons legally in the US.
  • Silencers and short barreled rifles and sawed off shotguns are assumed to be legal in the US but are more expensive than other weapons due to their "custom" nature and do require a permit (tax stamp) to own, which means they can be traced, or they are illegal.


Pregnancy: Only plot related are allowed, except with ST team approval and significant justification. Both players must sign off on it and KristinaF must make the rolls.

Pregnancy and damage.

Being a scion does not make you invincible nor does it make your body a baby’s impervious suit of armor. ANY time you go into combat with a pregnant PC the potential is there for the death of the unborn child, because even though they have some divine heritage, they are not a scion and do not possess awakened ichor. A mother’s self healing, damage conversion, regeneration, and divine damage conversion DO NOT confer their benefits on an en utero fetus.

So what happens if you get hit in combat?

  • First bashing damage that has not rolled over into lethal damage does not harm the fetus. Even a weak scion’s body can protect from those not yet lethal blows.
  • Second, ANY lethal or aggravated damage has a high potential to kill a fetus.

Any time L or A damage gets past a scions DVs and soaks, and deals even a single level of damage, to the scion there is the potential to kill the baby. If the scion does not get hit then obviously there is no real potential, yet. If a scion soaks all the damage then their body was hard enough to endure and would not have transferred the trauma to her unborn.

When L or A damage gets past the players soak the ST takes the total damage pool the Scion took and rolls those dice once more with a difficulty of the scions appropriate soak. Even 1 success on this roll indicates that the Fetus has been wounded mortally and will die.

Example: Sally has stamina 2 and epic stamina 1. She is hit and after resolving the damage takes 4L. Sally’s L soak is 2. So the ST in this case rolls 4 dice (the total damage Sally took) versus a difficulty of 2 (Sally’s L soak). The ST gets 1 success. OH NO! Sally’s baby is going to die!

What about the Health purview and specifically Heal?

If a scion is present when Sally was hurt and had an ability, a relic, or access to a purview that would allow them to heal someone, they may attempt to heal the fetus before it dies. This absolutely requires direct contact with the mother (or, if there is a good enough reason to be able to, the use of the spell Fateful Connection – but whomever was trying that should have a VERY strong reason to have a fateful connection to the unborn). The fetus will die quickly though, babies have a very delicate physical stature and a tiny amount of circulating blood, any A or L damage will kill them very rapidly. So the healer must use their ability within no more than 10 ticks in order to save the fetus. Anything that would normally allow them to act quickly does still apply (ex: the knack between the ticks).

Example: Sally’s infant has been mortally wounded. But the demigod Alex is here and this is his little sister’s baby, and he has been the godfather since the day he knew she was pregnant. Alex is unwilling to let this happen so he ignores the threat he is facing and uses the spell Fateful Connection, reaching out to use the purview of Health and healing the infant inside Sally within a few ticks. Hopefully Sally can get out of harms way fast enough for there not to be a repeat!

Once dead, only a god can revive the now stillborn.

Knack Changes


  • Invulnerable Nail: This only covers a small portion of your body, as per the book.
  • Disfiguring Attack: The Scion can use their full Epic Strength in configuring damage.


  • Untouchable Opponent: Adds Epic Dexterity dots, not Epic Dexterity successes.
  • Impeccable Parry: As Untouchable Opponent however adds epic dots to Parry Dodge Value.
  • Escape Artist: For 1 Legend, Grapple victims may keep their DV when grappled
  • Lightning Sprinter, Swimmer, Flier: Each has to be bought separately. Can only work on the areas you have bought.
  • Fast as Thought: Needs only bought once but only works to upgrade the Lightning (Sprinter/Swimmer/Flier) that you have.
  • Omnidexterity: The bonus that omnidexterity is that you are able to use any part of your body that can logically manipulate something. The penalty reduction applies to doing things with unnatural body movements. For instance using your tounge to pick a lock. This in itself does not actually apply to the multiple attack option where you take a -2 for each extra action you do in a tick of combat. So Omnidexterity does not actually reduce this combat action penalty. AS you noted you can use relic points to lower that cost however. Additionally there is no off hand attack penalty, as the cinematic style of combat takes that into account when you stunt the action.

Intelligence Knacks

  • Telepathy - One Legend per person you communicate with. The person may talk back. Connection ends when you leave room. Also. You cannot send images. You may only speak.
  • Perfect Memory - Perfect Memory is only as good as the notes you take in your player thread. It is not the ST’s responsibility to remind you of things that your PC might or might not remember. This is up to you as a player to keep track of.
  • Fast Learner/Star Pupil – benefits do not stack with Teaching Prodigy.
  • Teaching Prodigy – benefits do not stack with Fast Learner/Star Pupil.

General Knack Rules

  • All Social Opposition Rolls: Legend+Willpower+Integrity + the Difference in Legend. (So if a Legend 4, targets a Legend 6, the Legend 6 gets a +2 to dice pool)
  • No power (knacks, boon, whatever) can be used to coerce or order a person to sleep with a character willingly or unwillingly. Incorrect use of these powers will lead to possible venue ban.
  • Unless a power specifically deals with Virtues or Virtue Extremities, no power can instantly suppress a Scion's Virtues. A Scion under supernatural compulsion to perform an action that violates a Virtue (betraying your Band when you have Loyalty, slaughtering a village when you have Valor, breaking the law when you have Order) must still roll against that Virtue and fail or spend a Willpower to suppress that Virtue. The supernatural compulsion isn't mystically broken; the power simply cannot make the Scion take that particular action.


  • In cases where two Virtues come into conflict (Examples include: Letting invaders into a village in exchange for a hostage (Duty vs. Honor), Breaking the Law to extract revenge (Order vs. Vengeance),Encouraging new thinking even if it goes against time-honored tradition (Intellect vs. Piety)) the player can either spend a Willpower to ignore -one- of the Virtues or if one Virtue is higher then the other they can roll it at a penalty equal to the lower rated Virtue. Failure means they act on the lower rated Virtue, success means they act on the higher.

Boon Changes

Guardian 1: Vigil Brand

  • While there is no limit to how many you can have, the intuitive warning is no longer intuitive. You must actually roll in order to know what is going on with those branded, even if they are in danger.

Health 3: Heal/Infect

  • This boon is touched based.

Changes to Gods

Added items what are favored:

  • Shiva: Art (Dance)
  • Aphrodite: Animal (Swan) and Health
  • Danu: Moon
  • Baron Samedi/Shango: Epic Stamina
  • Damballa: Epic Dex
  • Kalfu: Epic Manipulation
  • Legba: Epic Intelligence
  • Geb: Stamina and Perception

The Star boon has been added to the following gods: Mannanan Mac Lir, Heimdall, Apollo, Amaterasu, Ra, Nuwa, Chang'e, Erzulie and Izanagi.

The Illusion boon has been added to the following gods: Loki, Hermes, Sun Wu Kong, Shiva, Toth, Lugh, Manannán mac Lir, Kalfu, Tezcatlipoca, Raiden

The Frost boon has been added to the following gods: Hel, Uller, Persephone, Chang’E, Loki, Agwe, Danu

Equipment Clarifications

  • UHMWPE Armor is not allowed.
  • Chainmail is +2B/+3L/+3A, Mobility -2, Fatigue 1

Change to Legendary Actions

  • Legendary Actions are limited to once per day instead of once per story. You must spend a point of legend and you then may add your legend in auto successes to any one task. We are grouping in the channel WP for one success into this an eliminating it from the rules in Hero.

You may NOT use legendary deeds for crafting items.

Role Playing House Rules

There is somewhat of a hierarchy in Scion. Gods are at the top of the pyramid. Demigods are in the middle. Hero's are bottom of the barrel and have to earn their way up. If there is a God in a room the Scion do know you have to be respectful regardless of the pantheon.

If you are going to be telling stories about the Gods, that are not in the book, please clear it through the HST to make sure that it is what we are using for the game as there are many legends and stories about multiple Gods.

When posting on the chat you are to post once every 15 minutes when in a scene with multiple PCs. The reason for this is to keep the IC flowing and not waiting 20-30 minutes for people to make a post. If you take more then ten minutes to post you will be subjected to the Player Penalty System.

If an action other than whispering happens in a PM it does NOT count as happening. You cannot RP a private scene while in a scene with other characters that can see the scene happening. Please open up a private room and RP the scene there.

If you are whispering during a scene, you are free to do so, but please do not RP facial expressions in the PM and not in the chat itself. If you put the words *snickers evilly* in a PM make sure it is also on the chat itself so player have a chance to react and use knacks in case they happen to be looking over.

Appearance knacks the alters the form of a PC to a different gender or features outside what they normally look it is subject to knacks and rolls being made. Note that is a deceptive act, when used against other PCs, and is extremely frowned upon and NPCs can come out, and will, force the change back into your normal appearance.

Please post that your PC is leaving the room before you log out. If your PC falls asleep in the room it is completely fair play for other PCs to steal relic's and/or take a black sharpie to draw all over your face.

  • Note: Tattoo relics can be cut off and stolen as well. This will of course very likely NOT happen without the owner noticing.

Reminder to players. If you are lying you MUST roll to attempt to lie or use the appropriate knack to do so. If you have the Knack Takes One To Know One it automatically by passes the roll to tell if someone is lying or not. Note: Misrepresentation is a lie also. Ie: Pretending to like someone you don't. A cleverly worded response that is true but possibly misconstrued by the listener DOES NOT constitute a lie.

When using sarcasm actually state that you are using it or any other emotion involved. If you do not state this than your words will be viewed as truth and not a joke. It will not be a matter of opinion. This will be a IC fact.

Any act that does not seek to encourage cooperative role play, but rather detracts from the enjoyment of the players or causes unnecessary time/energy/attention being spent towards you the player (or in rare cases towards a character who detracts from story lines and plot in a venue) that could be otherwise spent on increasing or maintaining the enjoyment of other players on the chat will be cause for you to be spoken with by the STs.

Do not sit in private rooms by yourself. If you are not interacting with anyone for whatever reason please go to the lobby or another public room where other people can join you to RP.

If you chose to have private RP with a character. Please do so in a locked room with (Closed) on the end. Some players choose to move private RP off the chat. Which is fine. Make sure anything other then that is played on chat. Anything done on things like Skype, trillion, or other outside venues is not considered as having happened in game.

If you are adding to your history you must post whatever into your thread to make sure it is approved by HST. Now. We do NOT need to know minor things like your favorite color, or food, etc. But anything that affects other PCs and such. Yes. We need to know. Only one history addition post per month not to exceed half a page in Microsoft word. Normal font.

PCs cannot own major well known real life corporations such as Disney, Marvel, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, NBC, so forth...

Thought Bombing

Also known as “thought posting” or “passive aggressive” posting.

This is when in a descriptive post you also include what your character is thinking or feeling. When you describe it like that you are making it so your body language clearly displays what they are thinking/feeling. Therefore nobody in the room needs to make an empathy check, you have told them what is going on.

Example: Jeremy walks into to the room and sighs audibly that the resident moron Kevin is here, he then walks away avoiding him because the thought of even talking to him makes him ill

In this example, everyone in the room including Kevin knows Jeremy's feelings and may make mention of anything posted.

To prevent this if unwanted instead post: Jeremy walks in, upon seeing Kelvin his face changes and he walks around to the back of the room taking the long way.

ST Run Scenes

If a ST run scene is already in progress and you wish to join, please ask prior to entering the scene.

Beginning Combat and Combat Rules

CLARIFICATION: Knack activation is REFLEXIVE, however, multiple knacks cannot be activated within the same turn (EX: A character may AIM and activate the BODY ARMOR knack, however they could not activate RAGING BULL while activating BODY ARMOR). A Knack CAN be activated as part of a Join Battle roll.

  • An exception to this is that during combat you can activate multiple knacks as a Spd 5 (no. of Knacks activated = to players Legend -1) with a penalty to DV equal to knacks activated.

DEFENSIVE KNACKS: IE Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Self-Healing, Regeneration, Body Armor/Impen, Roll w/It, Regen and others, you can only activate 2 of these at a tick/action using the above guideline.

Do NOT argue with the ST in PMs during combat. Accept their decision gracefully and then talk to them about it after the scene is done.

Battle Summary: When a JB is called you roll your JB and then post this format.

(Join Battle Successes, Both Dodge Values, Soaks, Weapon Speed, Legend and WP Spends)

Example: (JB 6s, DDV 10 PDV 10, 5B/4L/3A, Spd 5, Untouchable Opponent, Body Armor, Leg: 9/9, WP: 4/4)

For dodge values, PDV will be used for Melee Attacks and DDV will be used for ranged attacks, it is not your choice which to apply.

Please wait for the ST to post your tick before going. Then wait for your stunting bonus before rolling. You are free to type up posts ahead of time to make things go faster and in fact this is encouraged where it is possible. Stunts range from 1-5. Please note only 10xp a month can be gained from stunting bonus.

Dice Roller: Exalted Roller (You can also find this by right clicking on the room and picking the link that says Scion).

On the Dice Roller you will see Difficulty (# of necessary suxx). When I say you are rolling at a difficult of something you post the number in that box then hit Roll and it will let you know if you passed not. Please add epic's after the roll and remember 10s count as 2 suxx on that roller.

When I list off DDV/PDV remember that when you are rolling and putting it in the Diff box you have to do one above the number.

Example: DDV/PDV of 4 means you are rolling at a Difficulty of 5

Thread Requests

If you request something from the STs in your thread - such as can my PC research this, or can my PC do that - please do not presume that you can until the ST has responded. If it goes for a week without response, please bump the post. If it goes for two weeks send a link to the STs and politely ask them to look. But do not under any circumstances ever presume that no response is the same as a yes.

If you have something that needs to be handled by a specific ST please put that at the TOP of the forum post so staff can see that a specific team member needs to deal with the request.

Legend Bumps

All Scions will start at Legend 2 at Creation

The thresholds for Legend are at:

Legend Total Experience
3 50
4 150
5 300
6 500
7 700
8 900
9 1100

(There is not currently a god venue open - if this changes in the future this will be reflected here.)

Legend Increase Requirements

First, legend bumps by the book cost XP. So why don’t we do that?

Because it leaves a lot to justify. Legend is a core tenet and theme of the game. So rather than making the players spend XP, we rather use their total XP to determine where they land in terms of Legend. XP, after all, comes from going IC and playing. But what we do want is to know what you’ve done that will result in your PC having a legend. It is possible to “Coffee shop” RP, to gain XP, and to never get involved in a scene to the point that you spend XP and get legend bumps but never ever get involved in story lines. We want to avoid that because those storylines are the core of the entire game – you grow legend by doing the things that are worth becoming legend.

So while Legend raises are free, we still want to know what storylines your own legend fits into. Bear in mind this does not require combat, just involvement in storylines. Orpheus never fought anything in his epic journey to bring his love back from Hades after all.

Keep in mind. When you get to a certain amount of unspent XP (TBD) you will no longer be able to gain any. Now. Why is this here? It is so we don't have a Legend 2 character sitting there with 300+ unspent xp.

What is required is this:

For legend bumps you should be able to provide us with at least one instance for each dot of legend you currently have where you were involved in storyteller ran scenes or storylines in some way and had some impact. This means you should have gone IC and done something, you didn’t have to even necessarily been important, just that you were involved. A few sentences is all we’re after. You are always welcome to provide more if it helps you keep your own legend straight.

Example: “For Legend 3, John has fought the nasty sewer monster in John Doe, ST’s story line, and he was involved in the negotiations with the Dark Evil Nasty Things of Death SL where he gave up a relic.”

This will ensure that people who are playing do not avoid the very core theme of the game: building your legend to that worthy of a god. If you haven’t been involved enough to provide this minimal amount of justification, it prompts us as staff to find out if we need to do more to get you involved.


To be named Demigod, you must be active in both the venue and in SLs. Private play will only be counted through thorough bluebooking. The character is becoming a divine leader, they need to act as such within the venue.

Demigod quests will be given on a case by case basis. If Staff feels that your pc needs an additional scene to make your legend concrete, we will suggest a quest. Players can, if they want, also request a demigod quest, following the usual rules of requesting private scenes.

Allowing your character to become Legend 5 means that you as a player are making a claim that you are familiar with the rules and mechanics of the venue, including combat. Ignorance of the rules will no longer be tolerated once your character is Legend 5. Asking clarification for Knacks, Boons, and other interactions is fine, not knowing key mechanics such as healing, Virtues, and Legend expenditures is not.

At Legend 5, all characters gain the ability to use Boons favored by their divine parent without a birthright so long as said boons are at a rating of one Legend lower than the Scion's Legend would normally allow. For example, a Legend 5 Demigod would need a birthright to use all Boons unfavored by their parent and favored Boons rated at 4, but could use favored boons at 3 or lower. You do not need a birthright to use a Pantheon Specific Purview, ever.


Desanctioning happens after 4 weeks and/or 30 days of not logging in. Please note that bluebooking doesn't count. You have to be playing on the chat.

Consistent means that you play regularly, at least once a week.

For any locked pantheon we will (at staff discretion) desanction an inactive pc after 3 weeks and/or 21 days of no consistent play if there are players waiting with a completed PC waiting to be allowed into play.

If you let the STs know ahead of time that you have things going on then the staff may allow a PC to remain sanctioned past this deadline. Communication is critical in this regard, let the staff know what your concerns / issues are for feedback.