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The process of scion crafting can be broken down into 3 stages: Planning, Crafting, and Enhancing. The process that we use will for Legendary Deeds is explained below. These rules are not necessary if you are crafting anything that does not have an affect on the world - crafting clothing or jewelry or statues or brewed items - these can all be considered to succeed unless there is some sort of special effect you wish them to have, and then you will need to work out the cost with your ST.

Throughout the process we will refer to a term called build points. Build points are used to determine how many successes a crafter needs to complete a project. This is what the planning stage of crafting is used for. Once the planning stage is approved, the crafter will then move to the actual crafting stage. In this stage you finalize all dice pools and make the required number of rolls to see if you succeed or not.

Enhancing is a process where a scion takes an already established or built object and has the limited capability to increase an item's functionality. It follows the pattern of Planning and Crafting above but on a more limited scale. The stages are detailed below.

As written, these rules cover weapons, armor, vehicles and robotics; there may be other categories that can be later added if the need arises. As with any crafting project, the form is up to the crafter in question. While one crafter may build a 3L, Speed 4, Burst fire ranged weapon that takes the form of a repeating crossbow, another scion with a modern technologically bent may take the same stats and create a weapon that uses magnetism to spew shards of steel at the enemy.

For the purpose of the game we have not narrowed what crafts or skills are available . When deciding what categories to request or use for XP expenditure remember that crafting represents things you can make, which is often supported by sciences you understand. For instance: Craft: Metalworking would represent an understanding of welding and machining. Science: Metallurgy would represent that you know when A4 tool steel was a better fit than stainless steel.


Craft: Leather-working would represent that you knew how to make a garment Science: Materials engineer would represent that you knew how to use composites along with that leather to make armor that was far more durable than people would expect. Science: Nanotechnology could further assist you in the knowledge of how to make those composites and that leather self-healing, or able to change color or keep you warm in sub-arctic temperatures.

Remember that crafts are typically fairly broad, but this is usually your base dice pool. Sciences represent knowledge that often times add synergy dice when used in conjunction with crafting, but very rarely will crafting be done based on a science rather than a craft skill.

A Character must have a basic understanding of the crafts they are attempting to create (If you do not have some form of science in Electricity or Robotics, you're not likely to create a 250 ft tall battle robot... likewise, if you aren't versed in Ballistics and Marksmanship, you're not likely to create a masterwork Sniper Rifle). Storytellers are the final Arbiter of what is necessary for a given craft. If the Technology or Tools necessary are not available, the character cannot create the project... you can't create a phased pulse rifle with a tin can and a pack of Juicy Fruit, after all. The creation of temporary crafts with materials at hand are the purview of the Concept to Execution knack.


During the planing stage you will select a basic template and build it up with “Build Points”. Build Points can add or subtract from the total, depending on what they do (if they’re an assistance or a hindrance to the item in question When starting a crafting project the following is needed to be posted before any rolls are made.

Name of Item:

Category of Item: (Template being used)

Relevant Crafting Skill you have:

List of build points (BPs). (If special abilities are being added please detail what the ability is and suggested build point cost.)

Total the number of build points that are needed:

Description of item: (describe what the final item is, so the st team understands what you are wanting to make)

The ST team will review the item and adjust Special features or recommend options that the player may have missed.

The Base templates and costs for any project:

The following are "base" statistics for crafters to use:


Base Weapon Templates:

Melee: Acc: +0| Damage +1B| Speed 5,| Def 0 | SF: None

Ranged: Acc: +0| Damage +1B| Speed 5,| Range: 20|Clip:6|SF: None

Buildpoint costs:

  • Damage +1bp per level
  • Bashing -2bp
  • Piercing +2bp
  • Speed -1bp for +1 to speed (Max 6)
  • +2b Accuracy +1bp per level
  • Defense +1bp per level (Melee only)
  • Special Effects are up to ST Discretion but will not exceed a +/- of 3bp

A Note on the weapon template: the base +1B reflects that it is a weapon. You still start with +2B for 1 bp. (In other words, if you spend 1 bp to raise the bashing damage, it only goes to +2B, then +4B, and so on, it DOES NOT jump to +3B for the first BP.)

Specific to Ranged Weapons:

  • Firing Mode: +1/+2/+3 (Single/Burst/Auto)
  • Range: +1 per 10y
  • Capacity: base capacity is 6. +1/+2/+3 adds larger capacity - (X2, X4, and 100 round) Capacity = 6/12/24/100.
  • Capacity 1 (single shot) for -1 bp


Armor begins with the following stats:

Soak: 0B/0L |0 Fatigue | 0 Mobility | SF: None

Buildpoint Costs:

  • Bashing: +1 bps for 2 levels of soak (Note: Mobility penalty Increases by 1 per every 2 Bashing)
  • Lethal: +1 bps for 1 level of soak (Note Fatigue penalty Increases by 1 per every point of Lethal)
  • Fatigue : Reduction of the Fatigue penalty is on a 1 for 1 bp cost
  • Mobility: Reduction of the Mobility penalty is on a 1 for 1 bp cost
  • Bulletproof +2 bp
  • Special Effects are up to ST Discretion but will not exceed a +/- of 3 bp per effect


Shields give a DV bonus based on cover.

All shields start at +0DV

  • 2bp for +1 DV to a maximum of +5 DV (or 10 bp)
  • Bulletproof +2 bp
  • Special Effects are up to ST Discretion but will not exceed a +/- of 3 bp per effect

(More to come on shield's soon so stand by!)


Base Stats: Str 0| Dex 0| Sta 0 | Int 0 |Per 0|Wit 0| Cha 0|Man 0|App 0

Skills: Has no skills by default or 0 in all Skills

Buildpoint Costs:

  • +1 bp per physical dot
  • +1 bp per Appearance (Charisma/Manipulation are locked at 0)
  • +1 bp per Perception/Wits
  • +2 bp per Intelligence (Note: Cannot Exceed Builder Intelligence)
  • +1 bp for 2 Skill Dots
  • Special Effects are up to ST Discretion but will not exceed a +/- of 3 bp


Starting Templates:

Bike| 90 MPH |Mass 1|Armor 0|Health: 0|Man: 0|SF:

4 wheel|180 MPH |Mass 3|Armor 0|Health: 0|Man: 0|SF:

Aeronautic:|360 mph|Mass 15|Armor 0|Health: 0|Man: 0|SF:

Aquatic |15 knots | Mass 3|Armor 0|Health: 0|Man: 0|SF:

As a special Function (+2 bps) you can add a 2nd function. A car that flies would be class 4 wheel + Aeronautic. The submarine Lotus that James Bond had would be 4 wheel + aquatic.

  • Speed boost 1 for 1 bp: Vehicle speed increases by a factor of 1.5
  • Speed boost 2 for 2 bp: Vehicle speed increases by a factor of 2
  • Speed boost 3 for 3 bp: Vehicle speed increases by a factor of 3
  • Armor: +1 for 1 bp
  • Mass: +1 bp for -1 Mass,
  • Mass: -1 bp for +1 Mass
  • Maneuver: +1 bp for +1 Maneuver
  • Maneuver: -1 bp for -1 Maneuver
  • Health Levels: +1 for 1 bp
  • Any special add-ons (Weapons, Performance Enhancements) are case by case basis and should not exceed a +/- of 1-3

("Race" specific vehicles might be possible on a case - by - case basis but must be ST approved)

You can find Relic Dot Rules here HERE.

Special Features


Ranged and Melee Weapons:

  • Blast Radius: 2bp/10 yards
  • Indirect Fire: 2bp (Uses rules 267 Companion)
  • Bombs and Shells as Environmental Conditions: from 1 to 3 bp (see “Environmental Effects, Scion: Hero, pp. 182-184).
  • Plasma Nodules: 3bp
  • Armor Piercing (AP): 2bp
  • Flak: 2bp
  • Shaped Charge: 2bp
  • Tracer: 1bp

Paired: (1 bp) Claws are installed on both arms or both legs:

  • Retractable/collapsible 2 bp
  • Alternate Stat for damage 3 bp


  • Ambidextrous 1bp
  • Extra mode of movement (flight, running) 2bp
  • Immune to fatigue, bashing and mobility penalties 3bp
  • Immune to vacuum, water, pressure 2bp
  • Self-Healing/Rebuilding subroutine 3bp - Effect self-repair of 1 level every hour
  • Does not sleep 1bp


you will need to define your crafting pool as follows:

1. Relevant Craft Skill: Do you have concept to execution? y/n

2. Number of rolls for project: State your Intelligence stat (no epics) and Craft skill level and add them together.

3. Synergy Dice to be added to final craft Pool:

  • Synergy skills, up to 5; each will grant +1 dice
  • Knacks that add dice (record any legend costs required)
  • Boons with legend costs (arete, scire, or any others that add)
  • Relics that add to dice pools
  • Are you channeling a Virtue? (record willpower spent)

4. Total dice pool for crafting:

5. Show where all auto success are coming from. List your epic stat and bonus total, are you using the daily add legend to successes? If there is any other source that affects the end result post here as well.

6. Target Number: This is equal to the total buildpoints multiplied by 10 ex 10bps require 100 suxxess

7. Total Crafting Time: As determined from below

Note: Epic Successes do not add to the total number of rolls as that would theoretically double the number of success you would have per roll. (Example: if you got 5 Epic Int and added 11 rolls, each of those 11 rolls would have 11 epic successes, which would mean a total of 121 "double" epic successes.) Finally are you working with a partner. We allow full teamwork in crafting as long as the partner has the same main craft skill. what this means is they generate their own pool and roll and add their successes to your successes.

Time per roll is 1 full day of work per roll (Each Dot of Epic Dexterity cuts this time as follows:

Dice Time
1 18 hours
2 13 hours
3 10 hours
4 8 hours
5 6 hours
6 4 hours
7 3 hours
8 2 hours
9 1 hour
10 45 minutes
11 30 minutes
12 15 minutes

Ultimate Dexterity = If the character uses Ultimate Dexterity... it uses whatever the Narrative requires in time... rule of thumb? 1 minute per roll.

The maximum number of rolls allowed for a project is equal to Intelligence + Applicable Craft. DO NOT add epics to this number.

Make all rolls at one time. Copy the results and post to your thread. Show grand total with epic success added back in. An ST witness is required.

If you met the total number of successes then you can finalize with a cleaned stat block that can be copied and added to the owner's sheet.


During the natural evolution of your character you may find your items and relics may go from being powerful at lower legend levels to... laughable in the hands of a demi god. So what do you do when this occurs with your items and you want to tweak them to make them better.

You improve it!

NOTE: you CAN NOT change a Relic’s “special” properties. You may be able to improve things like accuracy, damage, or defense, but you may not change things such as access to a purview, returning, et cetera.

You can improve an existing item using the same craft rules outlined here but you can only increase an existing item Legend + Craft Dots in build points. The item will acquire a new stat for tracking enhancement level.

So a gun in the hands of a legend 5 scion with craft 5, could add 10 more build points and that would be the extent he could improve it. Note that an item can't be improved by multiple scions for "stacking" improvements, it has a single "Improvement" pool. Weapons / items crafted by scions from the ground up may not be Improved in this way.

Example: let's say Joe has a gun and asks Tom to improve it for him. Tom is legend 3 craft:gunsmith 3. He could add 6 BP to the gun. Tom adds a flash suppressor and a laser and adds +3 Acc and +3 damage to the weapon for 6 BP.

Now Joe takes the gun to Cindy. Cindy has Legend 3 and Craft: gunsmith 2. Cindy can’t improve the gun at all, it's already past her level of skill.

So Now Joe takes the gun to Bob the Demi God of Guns. Bob has Legend 6, Craft:gunsmith 5. Bob could add up to 11 BP, but Tom has already added 6 BP, so Bob can only bump the gun up a further 5 BP above the work Tom already did.

Or, if he wanted to and Joe could convince him to, Bob could start from scratch and make a weapon that was engineered with no limit to its BP but what Bob can eek out of the DR and his workshop.