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For millennia the Gods’ have remained absent from the world of the mortals. In this time a myriad of Scions have lived and died, ignorant of their origins. However, in every generation, a few Scions worldwide, seldom more than a handful, receive a Visitation from their divine parents, unlocking the power of the ichor flowing through their veins. One or two in a century might even be gifted with Birthrights. Prior to the present day, the last conflicts involving a large number of Birthright-armed Scions were the two World Wars (both of which are now regarded as fiascos by the Gods).

All that changed with a single event, the escape of the Titans. The Titans have reentered the Overworld after eons of imprisonment, hungering to regain their former rule and revenge themselves on their wayward offspring, the Gods. While a war between Gods and Titans rages in the heavens, the Titans have begun seeding the World with their spawn. In response, the Gods have begun visiting their Scions in greater number and arming them with mighty Birthrights that they may stop the titanspawn from establishing a beachhead in the World of men.

Though humanity has long since tamed all but the most remote or dangerous areas of the mortal World, the return of the Titans and the unleashing of their monstrous titanspawn represents a threat beyond the ken of modern man. Only the Scions are equipped to deal with such threats, and are again filling their ancient role of guardians of man and human civilization. Spawn of the Gods, nemeses of the Titans and protectors of humanity, Scions are all this and more.

— Taken from Scion: Hero

Heart of Courage

Since the beginning of the Worlds creation, the Gods have involved themselves in the affairs of mankind—or more like meddle in their affairs. Each different type of God fights against their upcoming Fate and do battle with their Titans and their spawns.

When the Titans escaped their prison they ripped up a lot of the Underworld. Tartarus, the former prison, got it worst, but all the underworlds were affected. However, thanks to the hands of Fate, they cannot stay long in this world without attracting attention and drawing her eye. The scales of the balance constantly being tipped.

Up from the very heart of humanity rise their children to fight for them. The few chosen by their divine parents because they showed qualities and characteristic that deemed them worthy to begin their journey to become Demigods and one day Gods to take over for those that will fall in their Ultimate battle. Those whose Ichor has been awakened and the ones who are not held down from Fate’s hand... yet.

Welcome to the world where you will be writing, and forging, your own legends on your journey to Godhood. Welcome to the world of a Scion.


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We are currently seeking Assistant Storytellers for Scion.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:
Scion: Hero

The following titles are approved books for this venue:
Scion: Companion
Scion: Demigod
Scion: God
Scion: Yazata
Scion: Ragnorak

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  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman

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