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Added Gods



The Goddess Inari is one of the strangest and most mysterious divinities in Japan. In modern Shintoism, Inari is both the Goddess of rice and the Goddess of food. She has two separate and apparently co-equal identities, and while both accept worship under that name, each seems to consider itself a separate entity. How this unusual state of affairs came about is a mystery except to the wisest Amatsukami, and even they seem to disagree on the subject. Inari's most often appearances are a young female food goddess, but she is also sometimes depicted as a white or golden fox.

Inari’s goals and even the extent of her power are just as inscrutable. She is known to have power over all kitsune, both good and evil, although she never seems to favor one type over the other. She also seems to have power over Fertility commensurate with those of the most powerful Amatsukami deities, although she has no interest in taking a place at Amaterasu’s court. Some of the more paranoid Amatsukami claim that Inari is actually a titanspawn deep undercover who guides the kitsune in some elaborate plot against the Gods. Others whisper an even more frightening theory—that Inari is nothing less than an aspect of Fate, and the kitsune, through their chaotic pranks, help transmute her wishes into destiny itself. Like most things about herself, Inari's reason for lingering among the kunitsukami are her own.

To say that Inari is -just- a Goddess of Rice or Goddess of food is a gross over-simplification, however. A relative late-comer to the Japanese pantheon, Inari's influence has grown incredibly wide-spread across Japan in the 1300 years since her appearance, such that no other Shinto diety has as many shrines and temples dedicated to them as Inari does, estimated at more than a forth of all Shinto shrines in Japan. Beginning as a humble kami of agriculture, within 300 years Inari had been granted a top rank in the pantheon by the Emperor Suzaku for action in quelling rebellion, and by modern times her worship venerated her as a patron of blackmsithing and industry, a protector of warriors and fishermen, a goddess that grants wishes, prosperity, and good health, honored across all social strata of Japan from Emperors to prostitutes.

Inari's forays into modern life mirror this egalitarian association, but none can truly say what her intentions have been. A nurse, a small-town mechanic, a presidential aide, a shrine attendant, an aerospace engineer, an investment manager, many times nothing but a brief encounter on a street that somehow brings good fortune... When Inari lives a long-term life among the mortals, they are hard-working, dedicated, and appreciated, but rarely exist in the spotlight. While many among the Gods distrust him/her, more often than not Inari displays a genuine fondness for the World and a quirky sense of humor.

Inari has few known Scions, but those she does have tend to be bright and adaptive with a strong sense of loyalty, finding satisfaction in a job well done, but often with a mischievous streak reminiscent of Inari's foxes. However less then those of Loki. Inari is rarely a presence in her children's lives, frequently entrusting one of her foxes or kitsune with their protection and ensuring that the Scion is prepared to handle whatever may come, including whatever obscure tasks Inari herself might demand. Most of these tasks may be nothing more then amusement for the Goddess in the long centuries of her existence.

Attributes: Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits

Purview: Animal (Fox), Fertility, Illusion,Chaos, Tsukumo-Gami

Abilities: Animal Ken, Craft, Empathy, Larceny, Melee, Presence

Rivals: Hachiman, Tsukiyomi; Xipe Totec, Freyr, Geb


Strength Knacks

Savage Rending

Prerequisites: Armor Crusher (Scion Companion Page 51)

Cost: 5L (Per Attack)

Melee strikes do aggravated damage.

The Beast Within

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 2L (Per Attack)

Some Scions just aren't made for speedy, quick combat. With this knack, a Scion can substitute their Strength for Dexterity when attacking with their hands or a close-combat weapon.

Dexterity Knacks

Impeccable Parry

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 1L

As Untouchable Opponent however adds epic dots to Parry Dodge Value.

Between the Ribs

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 2L (Per Attack)

Often times, damaging an opponent isn't about how hard you hit them... it's where. The Character may substitute Dexterity for Strength when making Damage rolls.

Charisma Knacks


Prerequisites: None

Cost: 1L

By spending a Legend and making a Charisma+Presence roll, the Scion can make a chosen person the target of an insanely funny joke. Should the victim fail his resistance roll, he can take no other action but laugh for one minute per success on the activation roll. The victim can defend himself normally; in fact any aggressive action (physical, mental, or social) towards the victim ends the effects of the knack instantly.

Note: Thanks to TheUserWin

Intelligence Knacks

Divine Orator

Prerequisites: Fast Learner and Star Pupil

Some scions are naturals when it comes to communicating and expressing themselves as well as understanding what others want. Weather speaking to humans, animals, gods, or the Titans themselves they just seem so confident. For these scions, learning how to communicate their desires is trivial. For them the cost of learning the skills of Animal Ken, Command, Empathy, Integrity, and Presence are cut in half.

Perception Knacks

Eagle Eyes

Prerequisites: None

Cost: None

Doubles range of ranged weapon.

Diamond Cutter

Prerequisites: Eagle Eyes

Cost: 5L (Per Attack)

Ignores Bulletproof quality of armors.

Barbed Talons

Prerequisites: Diamond Cutter

Cost: 5L (Per Attack)

Adds Aggravated damage to a ranged weapon.

Wits Knacks

Slippery Mind

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 1L

This functions as per Blockade of Reason(God -- Page 74), only the user uses Epic Wits successes instead of Epic Intelligence.


In cases where two Virtues come into conflict (Examples include: Letting invaders into a village in exchange for a hostage (Duty vs. Honor), Breaking the Law to extract revenge (Order vs. Vengeance),Encouraging new thinking even if it goes against time-honored tradition (Intellect vs. Piety)) the player can either spend a Willpower to ignore -one- of the Virtues or if one Virtue is higher then the other they can roll it at a penalty equal to the lower rated Virtue. Failure means they act on the lower rated Virtue, success means they act on the higher.

Purviews & Boons

Alternate Jotunblut

Mighty Lineage ●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: None

The blood of the Aesir is the blood of the giants. Bred from such powerful stock, Aesir Scions are naturally resilient and sturdy, examples of peak physical form. Upon taking this boon, the Scion gains one additional -0 health level. Often, Scions who gain this boon find that they've grown physically as a result, becoming slightly taller, broader, or more muscled as their giant heritage is brought to the fore.

Power In the Blood ●●

Dice Pool: 1

Cost: 1L + 1 Lethal Health Level

A true Scion of the Aesir is more than merely empowered by the blood of the Jotuns that flows within his veins-- he can also use a portion of his blood to empower mortal humans and animals who drink of his blood. When the Scion sheds blood by inflicting a level of unsoakable lethal damage upon himself and spending a point of Legend, that blood becomes a potent draught: enough for one person or one animal. drinking this empowered blood results in an automatic and permanent Fatebinding. Beings with their own Legend experience no additional effects-- their innate Legend resists the Jotunblut's transformative effects.

When consumed by a drinker without a Legend score, the blood imposes its full effect, transforming an animal into a notably large, lean, powerful example of its kind, or transforming a human being into a battle-ready berserk. In addition to the automatic Fatebinding, the blood also grants the drinker one extra -0 health level, one permanent dot of Loyalty, and one permanent dot of Courage. Also, the drinker gains one permanent dot of either Strength or Stamina for every dot of Jotunblut the Aesir Scion has. (After the Scion has gained more dots of Jotunblut, he can reuse this boon on his already-created Jotunblut minions, increasing their bonus Strength and Stamina dots to reflect the new total.)

Additionally, animals and mortals become supernaturally loyal to the Scion who uses this boon to empower them. This compulsion is only temporary, lasting one month per dot of Jotunblut the Scion has. During this period, the empowered animal or berserk is loyal only to the Scion, and becomes dour and gruff around others. The Scion can renew this period of loyalty with another application of this boon. Unless the duration expires, this loyalty can only be broken if the berserk is fed the blood of another Aesir Scion (with at least as many dots of Jotunblut as his current master), or the purer, more concentrated etir of any giant.


Using Jotunblut boons multiple times on the same person does not keep granting more permanent bonuses with each use. However, multiple uses will strengthen Fatebindings, renew the duration of any temporary effects, and replace weaker permanent bonuses with stronger ones (from Scions with higher Jotunblut values).

Jotun's Challenge ●●●

Dice Pool: Courage

Cost: 1W + 1L (Or more)

Sighting a worthy foe, the Aesir Scion spends a point of Willpower and makes a Courage roll, vowing to be victorious against that opponent. If the roll succeeds, the Scion rouses the Jotun battle fury that is his birthright, and spends at least one Legend (up to a maximum amount of Legend equal to his Jotunblut value). While consumed by this battle fury, the Aesir Scion gains one bonus die per point of Legend spent in this boon's activation. These bonus dice apply to all rolls directly related to overcoming the chosen opponent (including attack rolls), and to all rolls made to resist effects that might dissuade the Aesir Scion from pursuing this goal. Whether it succeeds or not, the Scion can attempt to activate this boon only once per scene. This fury lasts either until the named foe is defeated, or until it becomes clear that the Scion has lost (in which case the Scion loses all of his unspent temporary Willpower).

The Jotun's Challenge is a powerful aid to the Aesir in battle, but the tales of the Aesir are also filled with other contests of prowess. When striving against the illusions of Utgard-Loki, Loki used this power in his eating contest against fire disguised as a giant, and Thor used it in his attempt to lift the colossal Midgard Serpent disguised as a cat.

Larger Than Life ●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: None

As the Aesir Demigod grows in power, his Jotun heritage asserts itself more forcefully. Ignorant mortals are likely to overlook the Scion's exceptional proportions just as they overlook actual giants, seeing him an especially tall human. To those in the know, however, it's much more apparent that he has the blood of giants in his veins.

The Demigod's Jotunblut boons now grant him a total of three bonus -0 health levels (one from Mighty Lineage, and two more from this boon). Additionally, all his (Stamina + Fortitude) and (Strength + Athletics) dice pools now also add his Jotunblut value. This bonus applies to (Stamina + Fortitude) and (Strength + Athletics) dice rolls.

Sanguine Might ●●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1L + 1 Lethal Health Level per dose

As the Aesir Demigod's might and Legend grow, so too does the power of his Jotun heritage, expressed through his blood. Due to the increased potency of the Demigod's ichor, he can supply enough Jotunblut for large numbers of followers at once, if he chooses to. Suffering one lethal health level now provides enough empowered blood for up to one drinker per dot of Jotunblut, but the Aesir Demigod must spend 1 Legend point per drinker. This boon is a much stronger version of Power In the Blood; its effects are identical to Power In the Blood, but with the following increases.

When exposed to Demigod-potency Jotunblut, drinkers gain a Legend score of 1. They gain three extra -0 health levels, a number of permanent Virtue dots equal to the Aesir Demigod's Jotunblut score (to be divided between Courage and Loyalty, with at least one dot in each), and one dot each of Epic Strength and Epic Stamina (with knacks, as usual). They also gain the same permanent Strength and Stamina benefits of Power In the Blood (one dot per point of Jotunblut, to be divided between both attributes), but the maximum values of these attributes are increased to 10.

As with all Jotunblut endowments, any given recipient gains the benefits of only the most powerful boon. A berserk who has tasted the Power In the Blood and the Sanguine Might boons gains only the benefits of Sanguine Might; they overwrite the previous boon's weaker effects.

Even though this boon grants its drinkers a Legend score, they can still be affected by this boon and other Jotunblut boons that normally affect only mortals without Legend. (That is, an Aesir Demigod can still reapply this boon to his minions to improve them after his own Legend increases.)

Still Standing ●●●●● ●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1L + 1WP (Per Use)

When their bodies are broken by the enemy's onslaught, even the mightiest heroes are forced to crumble. Not so for the Aesir, who are quite literally made of sterner stuff. By drawing upon raw, stubborn willpower and the Jotun blood in his veins, an Aesir Demigod with this boon can stave off unconsciousness or even death, buying a few crucial moments. Used well, this boon can grab enough time for the Scion to seek live-saving healing, or even better, to ensure that he takes his killer with him to Helheim.

When the Aesir Demigod suffers enough damage to fill his Incapacitated health level, he can spend 1 Willpower and 1 Legend to postpone the inevitable, remaining upright, conscious, and active (though he labors under a -4 wound penalty regardless of his actual Epic Stamina level). Even though his filled health levels indicate that he should be unconscious, dying, or completely dead, he can continue fighting back. The damage the Demigod has suffered (and may continue to suffer) is real, and so are the consequences-- this boon grants the Demigod no special control over whether he suffers those consequences, only when.

This reprieve lasts for one minute, or until the Demigod is hit by another attack (even if his Soak absorbs all the damage). At the end of this effect, he can spend another 1 Willpower and 1 Legend, buying another minute or another hit. As long as he can continue spending Willpower and Legend, he can remain standing. As soon as he's either unwilling or unable to continue paying this cost (or at the end of the scene, regardless), the full force of all his injuries comes crashing back, and the Aesir Demigod must suffer the consequences just like anybody else-- which may result in immediate death.

Blood Oath ●●●●● ●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1L + 1W

The renowned honor of the Aesir, combined with the remarkable power of their Jotun-infused ichor, can consecrate an oath so solemn that the swearers' very blood cries out against violating it. To swear such an oath, the Aesir Demigod mingles his blood with that of the other oath-swearers-- a simple handshake between slashed palms will do. Additionally, each participant in the oath must spend a point of Willpower, and the Aesir Demigod himself must also spend a point of Legend. The oath itself may be a simple truce, a promise of mutual assistance in times of need, or any other agreement-- as long as all parties swear to uphold it.

While the oath is kept, anyone bound by it may add their Loyalty Virtue as bonus dice to any roll made to uphold the oath; these bonus dice do not count against the normal Virtue channeling limits. Additionally, while the existence of such an oath may not genuinely foster friendship between those who have sworn it, it does encourage trust (though perhaps a grudging trust). Oath participants also gain their Loyalty scores as extra dice on all on Charisma rolls made to deal with each other, as long as the oath is kept.

However, the true power of an Aesir's blood oath is its value as a deterrent to oath breakers. Anyone who swears such an oath and then violates it-- intentionally or accidentally-- loses all his Willpower and cannot regain it. To be free of this terrible retribution, the oath breaker must seek out the aggrieved party and ask for the chance to make amends, usually by means of a labor performed at the wronged person's request. If the oath breaker cannot or will not secure release from his broken oath in this way, he must do without Willpower for one full year per dot of the wronged party's Legend (or a minimum of one year).

Myth Made Flesh ●●●●● ●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1L (Per Manifestation)

To a God among the Aesir, with the ability to construct his physical form from divine ichor and raw will, the limits of the flesh are no longer an impediment to the full, awe-inspiring power of his Jotun blood. When he manifests a physical body, he may spend an additional 1 Legend to create a body with Jotun features so obvious that even the most skeptical of mortals can no longer rationalize them away. Such a body can be taller than the Aesir God's "real" height, up to a maximum height of one foot per dot of Legend. The God's width, weight, and other dimensions are increased in proportion to this new, greater height.

While in a body enhanced by this boon, the Aesir gains two additional -0 health levels, bringing his total (combined with the effects of the Larger Than Life boon) to five additional -0 health levels. Additionally, while in a giant-sized body, you also add your Jotunblut value to your Bashing and Lethal Soak, and add the same number of automatic successes to all Strength-based damage rolls.

Jotun Apotheosis ●●●●● ●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 10L + 1 Lethal Health Level

The blood of all Aesir carries great transformative power, but no lesser feat of Jotunblut compares to the breathtaking changes that wrack the bodies of those who drink a true Aesir God's blood. Suffering one unsoakable level of lethal damage and spending 10 Legend produces only one dose of this distilled ichor. Drinking this concentrated draught has potent effects, but only upon a person or animal who has no Legend score already, or who only has a Legend score because of the Sanguine Might (Jotunblut 5) boon.

An animal who drinks this blood grows to an enormous size, becoming a Nemean creature with a Legend score of the Aesir God's choice, with a minimum value of 2 and a maximum value of 5. It has all the usual Nemean characteristics: doubled physical attributes, doubled health levels, a number of Epic Attributes equal to its Legend plus two, and a supernaturally resilient armored hide which increases Soak values by +4A/+8L/+8B. In addition to these standard Nemean traits, the creature gains a number of dots of Virtues equal to the Aesir God's (Jotunblut + Fortitude) value, to be distributed between Loyalty, Courage, and Endurance (with a minimum of one dot in each).

A mortal human or berserk who drinks his blood becomes a true giant with a Legend score of the Aesir God's choice, with a minimum value of 2 and a maximum value of 5. They gain Epic Stamina and Epic Strength each equal to Legend minus one, with an appropriate number of knacks, and the following health levels: five -0 levels, five -1 levels, three -2 levels, one -4 level, and one Incapacitated level. (Epic Stamina mitigates these wound penalties as normal.) The new giant gains a number of dots equal to the Aesir God's (Jotunblut + Fortitude) value, to be distributed among Loyalty, Courage, and Endurance (with a minimum of one dot in each), and an equal number of additional dots to add to physical attributes, which may now be increased to a maximum value of 12.

As with other Jotunblut boons, a given individual can benefit from no more than one endowment. If used on a person or animal who has already benefited from Power In the Blood (Jotunblut 2) or Sanguine Might (Jotunblut 5), Jotun Apotheosis replaces the effect of the previous boon, rather than adding to them.

Unlike previous Jotunblut boons, the supernatural loyalty imposed by this boon does not expire. It is permanent unless overwritten by another Aesir's more powerful Jotunblut boon or a giant's etir, or undone by the Wyrd or comparable power.

Blood Will Tell ●●●●● ●●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: See Boon Description

When a God of the Aesir inherits the fullness of his power, he also develops the full potential of his unique blood: mixed Jotun blood and divine ichor, seasoned by age and by deeds of Legend-- rendered nuanced, complex, mysterious... and above all, potent.

With this boon, an Aesir God's blood trumps even the etir of giants. Thralls of the Jotuns are no longer immune to the God's Jotunblut endowments; a God who manages to feed a thrall a portion of his Legend- infused blood can choose either to override the thrall's previous loyalty with a new supernatural allegiance, or free the thrall of all supernatural bindings of obedience, leaving it a free agent. The Aesir God may also choose to wipe out any of the drinker's Dark Virtues, applying new Virtues (according to whatever Jotunblut boon he's using) on top of a clean Virtue slate.

Furthermore, an Aesir God who knows at least one Fire boon with an eight dot rating or higher has the option to use Jotun Apotheosis to create a fire giant, if he wishes to. Similarly, a God with at least one eight-dot Frost boon can create frost giants.

Finally, while in a body enhanced by Myth Made Flesh (Jotunblut 8), an Aesir God with this boon is a paragon of might, able to display truly terrifying physical force. His Jotunblut value adds to the damage of his Strength-based attacks as automatic successes, instead of as bonus dice. He can also spend 5 Legend to add the same value to his Aggravated Soak against a single attack.


Green Thumb ●

Cost: 1 Legend

Dice Pool: None.

Type: Miscellaneous

By spending a point of Legend, a new Fertility Scion can offer protection to plants by allowing them to exist for a year without need of food, water, sunlight, or any true care. In addition, you gain +6 successes to influence the outcome of a plant’s growth (Ivy growing over a broken doorway, pumpkins reaching fair-worthy size, corn being stunted for the harvest).

Woodwise ●

Cost: 2 Legend

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Survival

Type: Persistent

Your extensive study of plants has taught you how to slip through them like the druids of old. Mundane attempts to track you through vegetation automatically fail, and you gain +6 successes with a successful Dex + Survival roll against any physical hazard involving vegetation or vegetation-based toxins.

Cornucopia ●●

Cost: 1 Legend per Use

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

Type: Miscellaneous

Agriculture and a sustained food source is what brought humanity into the era of cities, and with this boon, a Scion can reconnect with one of the most basic establishments of humanity. For each success she rolls, the harvest provided will yield enough to provide a person with hearty rations for an entire week. This can be from an actual harvest, or scrounging for roots and berries. A Scion may instead choose to curse the harvest, causing a famine that reduces the number of people who can go a week with plant-based food.

Gaia's Touch ●●

Cost: 1 Legend

Dice Pool: Stamina + Command

Type: Persistent

The natural world has begin to obey the will of the Scion when she beckons. She may command plants in the vicinity to grow at an accelerated speed, or wither away just as fast. While this is not quick enough to lend aid in combat directly, it could mean that the ability to cover a pitfall trap takes a matter of minutes rather than hours; or perhaps the entire cycle of a field of wheat could be reaped within a matter of days rather than an entire season.

Control over this ability may be contested with a (Stamina + Command) roll by others who use their own Fertility boons.

Greenskin ●●●

Cost: 2 Legend

Dice Pool: None

Type: Minor Buff

Attuning oneself to nature comes with certain benefits. This buff comes with a quirk of appearance, hair changes color with the seasons, skin seems to take on the pattern of bark, or vines naturally curl about one’s wrists. +2 to all Survival and Fortitude rolls, and in the presence of natural sunlight healing times are halved. At Legend 9 this bonus increases to +4 successes.

Land Wight ●●●

Cost: 1 Legend

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness

Type: Miscellaneous

Not only can a Scion move through the wilds without trouble, but with this boon he can also see what or who else has recently gone by. By spending Legend, he may attune himself to the local flora and see what they have seen for a number of days equal to the successes on your activation roll.

Blessing of the Green ●●●●●

Cost: 1 Legend per person

Dice Pool: None

Type: Miscellaneous

With a touch, a Demigod of fertility can call upon the world around them to treat their allies and friends with the same kindness and respect it gives the Demigod themselves, granting them for the duration of the scene the benefits of Greenskin and Woodwise.

Tainted Oasis ●●●●

Cost: 1 Legend per 5 square yards

Dice Pool: Charisma + Survival

The Scion touches an area of plant life and commands it to grow with renewed vigor, sending his divine energy into its fruits and edible parts. Thereafter, anyone who eats the tainted fruit receives +1 to a random Attribute for one day; alternatively, the Scion may choose that anyone who eats the affected plants receives -1 to a random Attribute. The Scion may increase the bonus or negative by an additional +1 or -1 for every five successes he scores on his activation roll. It should be noted that this Boon meddles not only with nature but with Fate as well, granting unexpected bonuses or losses to its players, and that those who indulge in the tainted fruit too often may find themselves on the receiving end of Fate’s displeasure.

Dormat Memory ●●●●●

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

By touching an inanimate object that was once a living plant – wood, food, plant-fiber cloth, etc. – the Scion may reawaken its spirit and encourage it to grow once more. Upon paying the requisite cost, the substance immediately begins growing again as if it were a living plant, at a highly sped-up rate; for every success the Scion receives on her activation roll, the plant receives one hour to grow in complete defiance of natural laws, requiring no food, soil, sunlight, or any other sustenance. If the plant reaches soil in which it could naturally grow before this Boon’s effects have ended, it will take root and grow there permanently; if it does not, it ceases to grow and dies when the effects of the Boon wear off.

Dryad Link ●●●●● ●

Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use

Dice Pool: Appearance + Survival

By choosing to literally become one with the plant life around him, the Scion may become especially attuned to all plants within a number of acres equal to his successes. He immediately gains +10 to his Stamina as the life-force of the nearby plants sustains him, and +10 to his Appearance as he begins to grow plant-like features (if the Scion chooses to activate the Greenskin Boon, these bonuses are doubled). All plants within the Scion’s affected area draw from his strength in turn, and receive 8 additional health levels and lethal and bashing soak as his divine ichor empowers them.

While this power brings with it significant benefits, it also ties the Scion’s well-being to his chosen plot of land; if the plants of his area are damaged or destroyed (via fire, plague, or human destruction), he takes one unsoakable level of bashing damage for every level of damage they suffer (whenever this occurs, he immediately gains a vague awareness of the area that has been damaged and what has happened to it, though he may need to travel there for specific details). Likewise, if the Scion is injured, all plants in his area take one level of unsoakable lethal damage for each level he suffers. The effects of the link remain until the Scion leaves his chosen area, at which point he and all plants return to their normal state; if he wishes to tie himself to a new area or the same area again, he must re-activate this Boon.

Eternal Bloom ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 8 Legend and 1 Willpower per use

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival

The Scion with this power no longer relies on nature to safeguard his plants, taking their lives into his own hands. By spending the requisite cost, he may grant eternal life to all plants with a number of square miles up to a maximum of his successes. The plants within this area no longer require food, water, sunlight, or soil nutrients to grow, and no longer die of old age, though they may still be destroyed by the direct actions of others. If the Scion possesses the Green Thumb Boon, all affected plants also gain an additional bashing and lethal soak of 10.

Quicken ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult

The Scion with this Boon may awaken even the most deeply sleeping living things, the growing plants of the earth. By touching any one plant and paying the requisite cost, she may grant it any number of new abilities and bonuses, allowing it to interact with the world around it like any other creature. The plant immediately gains a Legend rating of 1, and the Scion may divide her successes between any of the following effects, as she chooses:

Successes - Enhancement 1 Success = +1 to Parry DV 2 Successes = +1 to Ability, Stamina, Appearance, or Damage 3 Successes = +1 to Accuracy, Dodge DV, Strength, or Perception 4 Successes = +1 to Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Epic Appearance, Epic Perception, or any other mundane mental or social Attribute 5 Successes = +1 to Epic Dexterity or any Mental Epic Attribute 10 Successes = +1 to Legend rating (max Scion's Legend -1) or the ability to uproot and move around.

Plants gain rudimentary sentience as soon as they have one dot of Intelligence, allowing the Scion to directly speak to them if she has the Gaia’s Touch Boon (they still may not be bright enough to have much of a conversation with, though); similarly, they gain the ability to move their limbs, vines, branches or any other appendages independently as soon as they gain one point of Dexterity. The Scion may not increase any given plant’s physical Attributes, accuracy, DV, soaks or damage (through any combination of enhancements) past five times its total Legend rating, and also may not increase any of its mental or social attributes past five times its Legend. The plant’s enhancement is permanent, but all other Fertility Boons may still be used on it as normal.

Impossible Hybrid ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 10 Legend per use

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival

Unconstrained by the concerns of traditional plant breeding, the Scion may combine plants at her whim, creating any combination she chooses; daisies that close like Venus flytraps, poisonous thornbushes that grow succulent fruit, or trees that bear three different kinds of fruit may be created with just a little effort and creativity. The exact abilities and features of any hybrid must be agreed upon by the player and Storyteller.

Circle of Life ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 15 Legend and 2 Willpower per use

Dice Pool: None

The Scion with this Boon embraces the natural cycle of the earth, becoming an inextricable part of it, able to regenerate like the plants that are her subjects. By paying the requisite cost and planting a seed in the earth, the Scion mystically roots herself to it, becoming as renewable as the other plants; thereafter, if she dies, she regrows from the planted seed, rising up out of the ground like a tree or being born forth from a plant’s branches like ripe fruit, reborn whole once more. She must choose the time of her regrowth when she plants the seed, and may choose to be reborn either the next day after her death, the next spring, or in spring ten years from the date of her death; if she dies, her soul goes to the appropriate Underworld as normal and remains there until the day of her rebirth. The length of time the Scion spends to regrow herself anew from the earth affects her reborn self as follows:

Tomorrow: The Scion is reborn with only 1 temporary point of Willpower, 1 Legendary Deed channel and 1 of each Virtue channel; she also loses her three highest-level Boons or Epic Attributes and accompanying knacks (from any one purview or attribute except Fertility)

Next Spring : The Scion is reborn with half her temporary Willpower pool, half her total number of Legendary Deed channels and half her total number of each Virtue channel; she also loses her highest Boon or Epic Attribute and accompanying knack (from any purview except Fertility) Spring in ten years : The Scion is reborn at full health and with all her usual powers and abilities (though she has been forced to suffer a decade in the Underworld)

The Scion may only tie herself to a single seed; if she wishes to deactivate this Boon or to plant another seed which regrows in a different time frame, she must dig up the original seed and destroy it before being able to do so.


Quench ●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 2L

The Scion with this Boon may control the unruly rampage of flame instead of encouraging it, lessening its destructive potential or even snuffing it out entirely. By spending the activation cost, the Scion may immediately extinguish all non-magical flames within a radius equal to his successes on an (Int+Fort) in yards, ending wildfires and building conflagrations with ease. Alternatively, he may remove any additional flames spawned by uses of the Fire purview, but he may only quench flames spun away from the use of a Fire Boon, not flames created by the Boon itself (i.e., he could contain someone else’s use of Inferno by preventing it from spreading to nearby areas, but he could not quench the Inferno itself).

Note: Learned from Emma Hoffman

Flameshield ●●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1 Legend per recipient

Just as practitioners of the ways of Frost can extend their natural immunity to others, so too can those demigods devoted to Fire. Each Legend point spent confers the effects of Fire Immunity to one creature for the duration of the scene. Scions don't need to know Fire Immunity to learn this boon, but if they don't, using the Flameshield on themselves costs the same as for any other creature.


Absolute Zero ●●●●● ●●●●

Dice Pool: Wits + Control

Cost: 5 Legend

Frost Immunity allows those Gods who control the powers of winter to negate most attacks they would be able to level against each other. Unfortunately, the similar powers possessed by many ice giants and other former Titanspawn of Ymir can make it difficult for those same Gods to act to their fullest against such creatures. This boon allows the Gods to negate that protection for a time, bringing the full might of The Cold down on their foes. When a God activates this boon, roll Wits+Control. Anyone subsequently targeted by the God must score more successes on a (Stamina + Fortitude + Legend) roll or their Frost Immunity ceases to function against this boon's user's Frost boons. This boon lasts for a scene.


Gris-Gris Bag ●●●

Dice Pool: Wits + Presence

Cost: 3 Legend + Dice Penalty + Fatebinding

With effort, the Voodun can influence luck through tailsmans that clever Bokor can prepare for others. In this case the caster prepares a special pouch full of various talismans and weird items, all blessed to either bring the bearer good or bad luck such as she can do with the Trading Fates or Evil Eye spells, but specifically for the person she's making the bag for. Each bag must contain a hair or some skin or nail clippings from the person whom the bag will be intended for. In blessing, the practitioner grants a target a +3 bonus to a dramatically appropriate roll. In cursing, the practitioner gives the target a -3 penalty to a dramatically appropriate roll. A penalty of 3 dice is applied to one of the practitioner's rolls, at the ST's discretion. The Legend spent while making the bag may not be regained until the effect of the bag and the effect on the practitioner have occurred.

Blessing of the Hunt ●●●●●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 1 lethal + 1-3 Legend per participant

The ritualist names a target and publicly announces the hunt. Participants are selected and consecrated with blood, legend, and a vow of chamraderie. The Hunt lasts for 1 lunar month or until the target is captured, killed, or escapes combat after initiation.

Hunting Pack (1 lethal health level to ritualist, 1 Legend per participant (maybe donated by ritualist or used by participant)): The ritualist rolls Perception + Occult. Successes are given as bonus dice to all pools involving the Hunt, from research and tracking to combat.

Predator's Alacrity (+1 Legend per participant): Successes add to participant's DVs.

Predator's Primacy (+1 Legend per participant): Successes add to participant's soaks.

Bonuses must be taken in order, and for all participants in the Hunt. Alacrity and Primacy are optional.

Fateful Connection ●●●●

The use of this spell allows the caster to use any knack or boon as per the spell. In other words Fateful Connection may be combined with knacks that affect others such as telepathy. This will not allow knacks that require the recipient to be present to function. For instance, you may succeed in intimidating someone with Visage great and terrible, but it won't matter if that person is in Hong Kong and you are in New York.


Lightening Immunity ●

Dice Pool: None

Cost: None

In the wrong circumstances, electricity can prove a deadly weapon even against Scions. This Boon negates that danger, allowing the Scion to shrug off even the mightiest strikes of lightning. This incidentally makes them immune to most later Sky boons that rely on lightning (but see Thunder's Might), as well as natural electricity and lightning strikes.

Hammer Reign ●●●●●

Dice Pool: See Text

Cost: 3L

The mightiest lords and ladies of the sky can manipulate the weather with unspeakable ease, creating effects subtle and beautiful. The Demigod with this boon hasn't mastered that subtlety yet. This boon summons an instant rainstorm. The titular hammer of rain is a massive, instant downpour that slams a target with crushing pressure and then dissipates. The hammer does (Str + Science without E. Strength) soakable lethal damage and drives the target to the ground as per knockdown rules (E. Strength is applied for the knockdown effect).

Lightening Rod ●●●●●

Dice pool: None

Cost: 1 Legend per target

With this boon, a demigod of the sky can extend their immunity to electricity to others. As with Flameshield and Winter's Mercy, this boon costs 1 Legend per target and lasts for a scene.

Thunder's Might ●●●●● ●●●●

Dice pool: Wits + Control

Cost: 5 Legend

Storm-gods dislike having their lightning stymied, and many have learned this boon (also called Tesla Coil by more modern, scientifically-minded Scions) to give such upstarts who would dare a piece of their minds. This boon functions the same as Absolute Zero and Hotter Than Hot, except that its effects apply to powers based on lightning or electricity.


Solar Shield ●●●●

Cost: 2 Legend per use

By infusing a shield or other object he is using as one (this can be any item as long as he is using it only to protect himself) with the brilliance of the sun, the Scion with this Boon may use it to increase his untouchability, putting opponents who must look past its shining, eye-searing surface in order to attempt to attack him at a distinct disadvantage. When he pays the requisite cost for this Boon, the Scion causes his shield to shine brilliantly, giving himself a bonus to his DV equal to his legend; only those with the Penetrating Glare Boon may ignore this Boon’s effects. The visually stunning effects of the shield last for the remainder of the scene, or until the Scion himself chooses to deactivate them.


Furious Rout ●●

Dice Pool: See Text

Cost: 1L

The Scion using this boon makes a coordinated attack action, noting his successes on his Cha+Pre roll. For every Scion participating in the coordinated attack, they add a number of dice to their damage roll equal to the successes scored on the coordinate attack action. This boon can only be used once per target per scene.

Mahakali (Deva Only) ●●●● - Currently Unavailable -

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 4L + 1W

The Deva have two Gods known for their destructive nature. Shiva the Destroyer and Kali the Annihilator are the twin faces of the primal force of destruction that stands in balance to creation. For the children of these Gods they are rarely known for their ability to think up plans in battle, and are more well known for their ability to get lost so deep in their own destructive tendencies that it is actually a deteriment to themselves until they learn how to control themselves. While most likely to be learned by the children of Shiva and Kali, known for their destructive tendencies and feared for their ability to destroy all of creation, it is not completely usual to be seen in a Vishnu-child, as the world plunges deeper into sin.

Mechanical Benefits:

  • Chaos 1: Eye of the Storm is automatically activated with this boon and it's cost is factored into the cost of this.
  • Add Leg + Endurance to Soak and is considered to be under the Endurance virtue extremity Self-Destruction.
  • Harmony equals number of actions the Shiva/Kali child can take while in control of their minds/functions. When the actions run out they will be lost in the dance of bloodlust and will need to be coerced, tricked, or coaxed out.
  • Intellect + Legend equals auto-successes to accuracy.
  • All within Legend distance take Art (Dancing) in automatic unsoakable Lethal damage, not just people but also buildings, cars, property, etc.

  • Any beauty-based Epic Appearance immediately drops to 0 and he loses the use of all associated Knacks for the duration of the blood-lust dance. The Scion gains +1 dot of hideousness-based Epic Appearance, as well as the Dreadful Mein Knack.


  • The blood lust dance does not end when the Scion is out of enemies: All creatures are imperiled in the face of her divine rage, which lasts until the end of the scene or until she is coaxed out of it by her friends or her primal urges.
  • Those attempting to lure her out of this rage -- whether tricking her into a competition she cannot win or shocking her out of her rage -- must describe what they will do and the ST will decide on an appropriate roll, they must then accumulating a number of successes in an extended roll equal to the Scion’s (Legend + Intellect) x 5.
  • The Scion takes a penalty to her Defensive Values equal to her rating in Legend + Order.

Útgarðar (Aesir Only) ●●●● - Currently Unavailable -

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 3L +1WP (+Cost of Boons/Knacks)

There are many Aesir who would seek to achieve this goal but few actually manage the feat let alone survive the actual training that it requires. This competition makes this a more likely power for them to seek out than Battlemap or the Fury of War. Many who fail to achieve this method turn to Fury of War as a door prize of what they actually sought. Aesir are built for war after all, but only in challenges that they find to be actually worthwhile.

Mechanical Benefits:

  • For Every 2 Dots of Legend a Character Has he may choose a Boon or Knack to Activate as he activates his challenge and calls upon the training within the Outlands These choices cannot be changed, but the Aesir may add to them as they grow in power.
  • An Aesir’s Height doubles for the duration he is in this mode, growing ever closer to the Jotunn at the core of his blood, features twist and warp causing the being to appear more brutish than intellectual (Positive App becomes Negative, Auto Successes to Presence rolls involving Intimidation equal to Legend, HL’s gained = Legend+Expression, Lose like amount of DV)
  • The Might of Jotunns flows freely through the Aesir who expose their training in the Outlands, adding their (Legend+Courage) as auto successes to Accuracy rolls with Brawl, Melee and Thrown. Just because they have Jotunn blood within them, the Aesir expose prowess over savagery.
  • The endurance on the other hand is -nothing- to be denied, anyone using this Boon may add (Legend+Endurance) to Bashing and Lethal Soak and half that amount to Agg Soak.


  • May not be entered against a foe of lesser legend, it can only be acknowledged when a threat is significant enough to actually threaten the Aesir’s existence. Extenuating circumstances might include sheer numbers of a foes with Legend no less than half the Demigod’s in question.
  • An Aesir who attempts to activate this power for an unworthy challenge finds that Fate has stripped him of power. Legend reduces by half or to Loyalty, whichever is lower until a challenge of worthy note is succeeded without relying on his godly power. Stunts are limited to regaining 1 Legend until this fades regardless of bonus.
  • If the challenger that allowed the Aesir to activate this power departs the battlefield without a resolution the Demigod enters into a fury that lasts his (Legend-Expression) Actions (minimum one). In this fury he cannot discern friend nor foe and will attack all within his range. This Fury can be broken by those appealing to an Aesir’s Loyalty. Getting them to stop their frenzy requires successful convincing that the good fight will still occur with his allies at his side (Total Successes on Charisma+Appropriate ability = Aesirs (Legend - Loyalty = (Minimum 1) )*5
  • This Boon ends, either when the Challenge is completed; via foe’s vanquishing or honorable surrender, or in the case with the Challenged escaping without resolution; after the fury of denied challenge relents.

Warrior Mind (Shen Only) ●●●● - Currently Unavailable -

Dice Pool: None

Cost: 3L +1WP (+Cost of Boons/Knacks)

Though China has a strong tradition of producing brilliant generals who lead their armies to victory, there is also an equally-strong tradition of mighty martial artists who could defeat those same armies by themselves. Often, these warriors achieved their feats through entering a deep, mindful state of calm, wherein they experienced only the present moment, without thought for past or future, or even victory or defeat. Many Shen learn this Boon instead of, or even in addition to, the War 4 boon "Battle Map"; there is no conflict, after all, between being both a brilliant strategist and a peerless martial artist.

The Zhànshì Xīnlíng (Warrior Mind) manifests itself differently in every Shen who learns it. Some, like Nezha, become freakish, multi-limbed engines of destruction, their outward fury masking an inner calm. Others, like Sun Wukong, seem to manifest no outward change even as they bounce around the battlefield in mighty leaps and bounds. Most Shen who use this Boon fall somewhere between these two extremes; Xiwangmu, when called to open battle, moves with the languid, relaxed grace of a great predator cat, beautiful, yet deadly, her claws and fangs tearing through her enemies with neither mercy nor malice. The common thread running through all of these, though, is the calm, almost serene expression on the Shen's face. They may bear you no personal hatred, but if you are on the wrong side of a battle, they will kill you for it, even if the more compassionate among them will weep afterward.


  • The outward manifestation of the Warrior Mind is always awe-inspiring to behold; the Scion immediately gains one dot in Epic Appearance and manifests either the Dreadful Mien or Game Face knack, depending on whether their Epic Appearance represents beauty or ugliness.
  • When within this state of universal harmony the Shen is touched with the truth of her potential. An Echo perhaps of their divinity's final form. For every 2 dots of Legend the Scion possesses, they may choose a single Boon or Knack to manifest as part of their Warrior Mind. These powers are paid for and activated at the same time as the Warrior Mind. They cannot be changed once chosen, but the Scion adds more as they grow in power.
  • The Scion gains a bonus to their bashing and lethal soak equal to their (Legend+Duty), as the Gods reward the devotion and self-sacrifice of their servants and fellows.
  • The Scion gains a number of bonus successes to all attack (NOT damage) rolls equal to their (Legend+Harmony); their calm and focus allows them to read and predict an opponent's defenses with near-perfect accuracy, moving in complete harmony with the world like dancers.
  • The laser-like focus of the Warrior Mind state allows the Scion to automatically add their Intellect Virtue to any (Integrity+Willpower+Legend) roll to resist being turned from their course, at no additional cost. (Not while within Valorous Sacrifice.)
  • The Scion gains three dots in their Valor virtue. A number of times per scene equal to their Valor virtue (including the bonus above), the Scion may interpose themselves between any attack and its target within their (Legend) in yards; the Scion loses half their DV, but still enjoys their soak bonus.


The Buddha forgives... 3 times. In other words, A scion cannot use this boon to go into battle with those who are lesser than him, or have not offended his honor and sensibilities a number of times equal (Legend-(Duty or Valor whichever is lower) This is to represent the fact that many would rather forgive and turn the other cheek than go on a rampage across the land. This goes hand and hand with the second weakness.

Should the Shen be insulted again, by the actions of his allies or foes a number of times equal to simply his Valor or Duty (which ever is lower, not counting the above bonus) He enters the Virtue extreme, Valorous Sacrifice. In this state his harmonious actions are in flux and seeks to balance them by bringing low those that caused the disruption. Bringing the Scion out of this virtue extremity requires them being reminded of greater duty and honor. (Charisma + Command or Presence = Scions Valor*Legend in successes.) Doing this makes the soother the primary disruptor until he is dropped from the virtue extremity.