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Pantheon Name Divine Parent Active Status Bands
Aesir.png Dustin Vang Thor Yes. Demi-God Moonlit Vigil
Aesir.png Ilse O'Leary Idun Yes Hero No.
Aesir.png Lorraine Kirk Loki Yes. Hero No.
Aesir.png Magnus Helsson Hel Yes. Hero No.
Aesir.png Spyd Dahl Tyr Yes. Hero No.
Aesir.png Thomas Lennox Vidar Yes. Hero No.
Aesir.png William O. Tanson Odin Yes. Hero Vigilance
Amatsukami.png Derek Carson Susano-o Yes. Hero No
Amatsukami.png Hunter Arlington Hachiman Yes. Hero Vigilance
Amatsukami.png James Kiyomotto Raiden Yes. Hero No
Amatsukami.png Miki Ishinaka Amaterasu Yes. Demi-Goddess No
Annunaki.png Jethro Gibbs Johnson Shamash Yes. Hero No
Atzlanti.png David Santiago Tezcatlipoca Yes. Hero Vigilance
Atzlanti.png Elizabeth Mendozza Tlazotéotl Yes. Hero No
Atzlanti.png Ixtli Najera Tlazotéotl Yes. Hero No
Atzlanti.png Liam Mehzar Tezcatlipoca Yes. Hero No
Devas.png Chaine Burkrest Vishnu and Lakshmi Yes. Hero No
Dodekatheon.png Celestine Reid Aphrodite Yes. Hero No
Dodekatheon.png Jessie Anderson Artemis Yes. Hero No
Dodekatheon.png Kate Harris Artemis Yes. Hero No
Dodekatheon.png Rachelle Zorne Hermes Yes. Demi-Goddess The Utopian Index
Dodekatheon.png Skylar Anderson Persephone Yes. Hero No
Dodekatheon.png Zeke Blair Hades Yes. Hero The Utopian Index
Loa.png Emme Beauchene Erzulie Yes. Hero No
Loa.png Steve Lyons Baron Samedi Yes. Hero Moonlit Vigil
Loa.png Valerie Kennwick Erzulie Yes. Hero No
Pesedjet.png Connie Taylor Ptah Yes. Hero No
Pesedjet.png Dwight Jenkens Sobek Yes. Hero No
Pesedjet.png Kit Elfar Anubis Yes. Hero Vigilance
Pesedjet.png Maibe 'May' Adom Bastet Yes. Hero Moonlit Vigil
Pesedjet.png Mallory Elliot Ptah Yes. Hero No
Pesedjet.png Sam Mayor Thoth Yes. Demi-God The Utopian Index
Pesedjet.png Sharifa McNeil Thoth Yes. Hero Versatile's Embrace
CelestialB.png Meilin Conners Nuwa Yes. Hero No
CelestialB.png Sun Lao Sun WuKong Yes. Demi-God No
Tuatha.png Blair Rosewood The Morrigan Yes. Hero No
Tuatha.png Briana McLaren Ogma Yes. Hero No
Tuatha.png Corbin O'Leary The Morrigan Yes. Hero No
Tuatha.png Fionntán Mac Manannan Manannan Mac Lir Yes. Hero No
Tuatha.png Iollan Heally Ogma Yes. Hero Moonlit Vigil
Tuatha.png Miach "Max" McCool Nuada Yes. Demi-God The Utopian Index
Yazata.png Ahrisha Vanuhi Ard Yes. Hero No

Pantheon Name Divine Parent Active NPC Played By
Aesir.png Arianna Vang-Harrison Vidar Yes Krissy
Annunaki.png Enzo Kilson Enki Yes Charles
Atzlanti.png Ariel Castillo Quetzalcoátl Yes. Charles
Atzlanti.png Rosabella Castillo Quetzalcoátl Yes. Krissy
Dodekatheon.png David Khan Hera Yes Kristin
Loa.png Esmeralda Santiago Erzulie Yes. Krissy
Pesedjet.png Christine Mena Bastet Yes Krissy
Pesedjet.png Julian Caine Set Yes Kristin
Pesedjet.png Henri Sawalha Bastet Yes SeanD
Tuatha.png Ivory Gallagher Danu Yes Krissy
Tuatha.png Daniel Gallagher The Dagda Yes Krissy
Yazata.png Flora Zam Yes Krissy
Atlantean.png Melody Santiago Kuros and Demosia Yes Krissy
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