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Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Age 24
Occupation Professor of Archaeology at Oxford
Patheon Dodekathon
Parent Poesiden
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Notable Stats
Strength:4,Dexterity: 4,Stamina:5,Intelligence: 4,Melee 5,Occult 5

Epic Strength: 3,Epic Dexterity:3,Epic Stamina:3,Epic Intelligence:2,Epic Apperance:1(Beauty)
English:Old Norse, Gaelic, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese

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Sam is not that tall, only standing at 5'5 with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

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RP Hooks

  • Sam is an Excilent Teacher, from Academia to Sword play? Need a Teacher?
  • Sam Was in DC for a while, then kinda went off, Where has she been?


  • Helped a Band of Scions in Ireland in Defeating a baby Kracken.
  • Helped in the Retrieval of Rezvon.
  • Helped Fight a Dragon in a Lake in Ireland.
  • Helped put out fires in D.C. After Sergei attacked.
  • Assisted in defense of D.C. when the Fire Giants Attacked.
  • Assisted in the Defeat of Sergei in Mexico.
  • Helped Jethro kill a Troll in Arizona.
  • Sam and her band killed a Famori at the National mall.
  • Assisted in the Defeat of a Man eating plant in D.C..


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Bracers of Argos Bracers of Argos Shield of Argos Armor of Jason


[How Sam Fights]

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