Rahil Al-Zarqa

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Name: Rahil Al-Zarqa
Alias: The Dread Wind, Blue-Eyes, Rachel Lancaster
Status/Title: Demigod: Gale of Misfortune
Age: 31
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Hair: Wavy Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160lbs
Pantheon: Yazata
Parent: Vayu
Profession: Soldier of Fortune, Private Contractor
Noteworthy Info:
  • Strength ●●●●●(Epic ●●●●; Uplifting Might)
  • Dexterity ●●●●●(Epic ●●●●; Perfect Partner)
  • Stamina ●●●●(Epic ●●●; Self-healing, Regeneration)
  • Manipulation ●●●(Epic ●●●; Advantageous Circumstances, Takes one to know one)
  • Appearance ●●(Epic X)
  • Intelligence ●●● (Epic ●●●; Language Mastery, Instant Translation)
Languages: Persian (native), Arabic, Cantonese, English (Hong Kong Accent)
Band: Chain Breakers

Rahil Al-Zarqa

"Gale of Misfortune"


Cold ocean blue eyes look out from a light olive to fair skinned face, her stance held in a state of suspension like a fly by wire system waiting to snap and let go. She has the look of an abject professional covered in a coal black abaya with a transluscent shroud that moved with unseen winds while soft hairpins and a practical hijab revealed their front of her hair. The sheathes for two blades comfortably sit on her hips, wavering lightly with each step. Her voice is a little scratchy at times but bears the British influence of Hong Kong on her English, while her Persian and Arabic place her around Tehran.

General Information

  • Rahil was born in Varamin, Iran during the time of the Iranian/Islamic Revolution.
  • Rahil's mother, Hester spent her life as a Medical Doctor, her Uncle Jahan spent his life in religious devotion, while her other uncle Navid traveled the world.
  • Rahil never graduated from high school and made up her equivalences while working for Black Mesa. She doesn't have any college experience but left Black Mesa with the rank of Major as a combat arms officer.
  • Rahil was not raised religiously, and came into the Zoroastrian faith only after her visitation, however she has embraced her faith but still will admit that she has plenty of failings.
  • Rahil very actively keeps in shape and works out twice of every day so long as she is able, and feels sluggish if she cannot.
  • Rahil does most of her business out of a small office in London, England but has an additional office in Manhattan.

Story Hooks

  • Maybe Black Mesa- In 2004 Rahil was hired by Black Mesa PMC (Private Military Company), Up until 2006 her work was primarily as a translator, with a breadth of knowledge of several countries. After this point she saw years of active service contracts all over the middle east, especially Afghanistan.
  • The odd god out - Rahil has alot of her fathers more curious tendencies, while most of the Yazata pantheon are incredibly honorable to the point of inflexibility, she favors pragmatic solutions and isn't against ambushing an opponent, or other dirty tricks.
  • That is a huge passport - Rahil has traveled the world with her uncle Navid from the age of fourteen until she was nineteen. Particular places of interest were Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Orleans, London. There are plenty of stamps from all over eastern Europe, the middle east, and any portion of Africa that has seen a governmental coup in the last decade.
  • Desperate measures - While traveling her and her uncle subsisted on less than completely honest means, there may have been points where you have seen her beg on the streets or lift a wallet, but that life is behind her...mostly at any rate.
  • Bust a move - Despite her generally professional demeanor,Rahil is one to enjoy a night on the town dancing until the sun rises, she is practiced in several different styles from ball room, to tango.

Legendary Deeds

  • Rahil is a firm example of the power of the 21 foot rule.
  • Rahil aided in reconstructing and gave blood to power the Colossus of Rhodes.
  • Rahil aided in rescuing DJ Roger G, and others from Fire Giants in Tennessee.
  • Rahil attended the Aesir games and got a real good kiss from Baldur, as well as drinking Thor's mead.
  • Rahil aided in the activation of Vulcan Colossus, and got a chance to ride the lightning.
  • Rahil attended the celebration in Valhalla to see Lisbet raised as a Valkyrie, and to witness drunkenly the death of Baldur.
  • Rahil participated in the coronation tournament of King Arthur and Queen Morgaine, yielded to Claire as a superior opponent and however was still granted the honor of placing the crown upon the queen.
  • Rahil was elevated in respect to her pantheon as the Gale of Misfortune, following in the footsteps of Vayu.
  • Rahil resisted all temptation on the Isle of Desires and fulfilled wants.
  • Rahil slayed Fafnir, King of the Svartalfar and dragon with the bravery and combined might of Corbin, Amit, Allison, and Liliane.





Quotes From Others

  • "We are the Hammer of the Gods, we are Thunder, Wind and Rain." - Manowar
  • "If Marcus does not make her family, I will be very disappointed." - Amala Marri
  • "She is definitely crazy. Jury is still out on if it's the good type of the bad. I guess, eventually we shall find out." -Chloe Carter
  • "...Three Bullets." -Chloe Carter
  • "And for reference Rahil... if I carry a baby for you... you are NOT eating my placenta." Amala Marri
  • *hugs* "Thank you for being so patient. Allison Desmond
  • "Can't say I know a whole lot about her personally but I know she's a capable fighter. She's willing to do what needs to be done... and there ain't a quicker way of getting my respect. Just gotta keep it now..." - Corbin O'Leary
  • "Rahil is the second Yazata I've gotten to know and my favorite. She's got her own way of viewing things and I appreciate her outlook. Plus she's just fun to spend time with and relax when it's not time to put a fool down." - Lisbet Fisk
  • "Ahhh, someone with as fucked up a sense of humor as I have... makes me wonder if she's also done time in prison. Come to think of it there could be a tag line in there. "He's a Tuatha who makes anything, she's a warrior Yazata, they fight crime!" She likes my cookies though, and she hasn't tried to seduce me, so she's okay far as I am concerned." - Alex MacRae
  • "Her friendship seems to come in three flavors: sarcasm, insults and inappropriate sexual humor, all of which she mix-and-matches at will. I like her!" - Xi-Wang Gang
  • Yep definitely crazy, though so long as she is on my side, I guess it doesn't matter so much which type she is." - Chloe Carter
  • Everyone's Lost so much since the 'Hammer fell. I'm glad I found someone like her in the midst of it all. Allison Desmond
  • I think Alex might have a Rival for the "Teller of Most Lewd Jokes" contest. She's a real riot. Emi Jojima

Rahil's One Liners

  • "Karma is a bitch...and that bitches name just so happens to coincide with mine"
  • "Well after a while your hooha, generally will tighten back up...i figure a year grace period and you get your virginity back, or if your divine parental unit is awesome you can be like...Vishnu...fix my baby maker."
  • "Do you want constructive insults, or just snappy ones?"
  • "Ahhh, I'm interested in men, woman, not quite men, not quite women and all the 52 flavors of Baskin Robbins."
  • "Bullshit Marcus, Leonidas wants in on your abs' action. Seriously... you have amazing abs, and anyone who tells you different has broken baby maker bits. *She took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to Allison* Put it in the sexy man's waist band."
  • "Come on pussy...see if you are strong enough to pick up his "hammer"!
  • *she spoke in a sort of narrator voice* See Allison, watch the wild predator choose his mate, tracking their way through the dusky ash fields of new york this wild beast is being hunted by the Indian doctor with the fine hair. *she took a little drink* The question is will nature prevail or will this wild beast see another day..."
  • "Did you huff paint in the last five minute gang?" In regards to having Beryl find ways to talk to prometheus