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We are currently seeking staff for all venues.

The Player Penalty System (PPS)

What follows is a guideline that we use as a standard for handling offenses to the chat, STs, and players. Offenses will be handled on a case by case basis, and records of a player on the PPS forum (only accessible by STs and Admins) will always be taken into account. Bob has, over the course of four months, earned warnings and XP deductions in multiple venues. Yesterday, Bob cussed out another player in PM. The ST of the venue reviews the situation and Bob's multi-venue history, and asks the Administrators if she may temporarily ban Bob from the site for 30 days, or depending upon how bad Bob was acting, permanently ban Bob. When Sally first joined the site, she gossiped with some friends OOC about an IC event. Her friends then metagamed using the information. Sally is given a venue warning and told to not do it again. Sally is a good and active player for seven months when she calls someone a dick. The STs consider this, decide that it was an isolated incident, and give Sally a second warning and tell her to watch her attitude.
Lastly, if your activity or attitude negatively affect others even outside these guidelines, we'll take action as necessary to preserve the spirit this site strives to maintain.

PPS Guideline for Handling Offenses
The most common disciplinary actions if a player breaks a rule
  1. Venue Warning or Site Warning
  2. Character XP Deduction
  3. Temporary Venue Ban
  4. Character Desanctioned
  5. Permanent Venue Ban
  6. Temporary Site Ban
  7. Permanent Site Ban

Player Offenses

The following is a list of possible offenses. More may be added.

Being Rude
Using vulgar, antagonizing, or degrading language to any player or ST. Having anger issues is not the problem of the staff. Frustration or bad days are not excuses. Always take a deep breath and be polite.
Lying/Cheating Manipulating an ST or Player for your personal gain or to avoid punishment.
This includes cheating, such as adding dice you do not have to your roll. Players who act on false information or ignorance may receive leniency, but ignorance is no excuse for cheating. Keep informed and in the know.
Using a fellow player's lack of knowledge or sense of guilt to pressure them into an unwanted or unfair situation. Just because a player hasn't realized they have a roll to resist your power, does not mean you get off free: ask them to make the roll. If a player is stuck between choosing groups, do not OOC guilt trip them. The subtle tactic of guilt tripping with "Well maybe I won't play" is unwanted -- and will result in an "I don't negotiate with terrorists" response.
Using OOC information or info your character should not be privileged to IC and thus affecting other players and plot.
When a player goes to one venue ST who denies the player's want so the player then goes to another venue ST to try the request again. The player often pretends he never spoke to the first ST or lies about what they said. If you feel a ruling made is unfair or have discovered a way to re-pitch it, do so in front of the ST responsible for the call. It is your responsibility to note you were denied the first time. This works less and less, because all the STs work together on making many decisions.
Multiple Accounts
Creating more than one account for any reason or posing as someone else. If it's imperative you change account names due to stalkers, anonymity issues, etc, approach an Admin and ask.
Out of Character Issues
Anything beyond this list that falls in the realm of common sense. If you sexually harass another player OOC for instance, post private information about a person, hack another player's account, or any variation thereof -- it will be handled one way or the other.
Crossing IC/OOC Information
Bad things happen to your character. It sucks. Taking IC offenses OOC and then using those hurt feelings to stir drama is unacceptable. It's a game. If you cannot handle keeping it a game, step back. The same goes for taking OOC ill feelings toward a player IC and making disconnected actions against them that are not backed by roleplay.
Unacceptable Roleplay
Roleplay that is disturbing beyond that of acceptable WoD chat content. Rape, child abuse, child molestation, etc. If you aren't sure whether or not what you're about to do falls under this designation, ask, and err on the side of caution. Upon approval by your STs these topics might be allowed in your background, but Storyteller approval is necessary and their decision regarding it is final. Similarly, these topics may be allowed to be approached in an adult fashion upon introduction by an ST. If these topics make you uncomfortable, communicate with the Storyteller, and it will be modified to fit everyone's comfort. If at any point during the course of normal roleplay you find a topic uncomfortable, request that it be frozen and dealt with by your Storytellers, or faded immediately to black at the uncomfortable player's need. Persons who cross this line can expect to find themselves on a final warning or banned without warning.
White Knighting and Rallying White Knights
A White Knight is someone who fights another person's battles for them or who rides to the rescue of a self-claimed victim. Encourage your friends to stand up for themselves and to bring it to the STs. Being too naive, apprehensive, afraid, etc will not work as an excuse. We all have friends we'd like to defend, but White Knighting for someone will not be tolerated, nor will rallying the White Knights, by telling them (and not the STs) about how hurt you are, be tolerated. Even if the offense is legitimate, this breeds gossip and drama, both of which are unwanted in this chat and the environment around it.
Drama Stirring/Mongering
Any act that does not seek to encourage cooperative role play, but rather detracts from the enjoyment of the players or causes unnecessary time/energy/attention being spent towards you the player (or in rare cases towards a character who detracts from story lines and plot in a venue) that could be otherwise spent on increasing or maintaining the enjoyment of other players on the chat.
This is an online text-based chat. If you fail to read posts or exhibit other behavior that slows down ST run scenes, you probably should not be playing. Please only join scenes if you have both time or are sober and not distracted by work/family/friends/etc so that you do not distract from the scene and cause it to lag.

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