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Nikolos is a eighteen year old who stands at 6'2". His body is reasonably well muscled and athletic due to his years of playing basketball. He tends towards a sleek, slender build. He favors jeans and shirts with funny or sarcastic sayings, or sports jerseys. He's nearly always to be seen in a red hooded letterman jacket that has the word "Phenomenal" over the number 1. Sometimes he sports baseball caps. He has a small block of marble kept around his neck by string of gleaming adamant. He's also known to wear a copper bracelet with a lightning-bolt insignia on it. He's always wearing hightop sneakers with wing designs on the sides, and he often has earbuds in his ears.

Important Info

Son of Zeus. His mortal career is as a professional video game player/college student. He's a celebrity on Youtube and within the gamer community, where he goes by the handle of "Phenom".


Work in progress. Check back later.

Notable Traits

Appearance 3, Epic Appearance 1 (beautiful)

Guided by the enchanting Circe.


Comments for the Comment God!

  • "It's unusual to think of having legitimate family, not just someone you might 'consider' family but.. actual blood relation. It took me a little longer to acclimate to the idea than it did Nik but the more I think about it and the more that I see and get to know Nik, the more I realize I am exceedingly blessed and lucky. Nik reminds me everyday of the kind of lighthearted kindness that truly exists in this world. I will always be there to lift him up should he stumble on this new journey we find ourselves on. Thank you little brother." Eleni Rende
  • "It's rare that lightening strikes twice, but for me it did when I found Nikolos, sure I had to set his feet on the path but he has chosen to walk it with me and I am glad he did, and I hope we continue to do so even has he grows stronger" Sharifa McNeil


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