Natasha Laufrey

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Name: Natasha Laufrey
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Public Effects: App 3, Epic 2
Legend: 4
Willpower: 7
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Loki
Occupation: Drama Student
Relationship: Your crazy if you want one with her.
Theme Songs: Banana Splits,
Roobarb and Custard
Animaniacs Theme


The best way to describe her is fluid, she's almost pixyish in size and build barely being over 5' 4" but even when sitting she seems to vibrate with energy. It's only if you watch and look through the nonsense she throws out that you might realise there's actually quite a sharp mind behind the fun and games she presents to the world. It's clear she's got an English accent when she wants it there but sometimes it fades away to nothing or switches to the persons she's talking to.

Languages She Knows: English, Norse, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Portugese, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese

Nat meeting Dad

"For that’s when he arrived on the street scene. Frank, tallish, charming and a gifted performer. He got on with everyone but with Nat it was different, she was competition….

So in the square, in front of the Punch and Judy pub, a war of trickery began between them, a game of wits, talent and the theatricality of theatre. It sometimes seemed as if they were perfectly, in sync, as they both tried to one up the other. It was a contest of gentleman and lady and all about the art of comedy, the silliness of a stunt, the amusement of making the other for a brief moment look like a fool. What one could do the other could match, even if it took her the loss of a nights sleep to work out how Frank had done his latest trick. Crowd’s formed at the weekend just to see these two try and outdo each other. But almost always it came down to a draw once again. With Frank stroking his goatee and then giving her a old fashioned bow before vanishing into the crowd’s again.

But to Nat there was always something odd involved. These moments when she could've sworn what he did was impossible and be actual magic. Those moments passed and she remembered a con trick her grandparents or mother had shown her when younger that could produce the effect she’d seen. The night’s she spent working out what he’d done were some of the most thrilling of her life as she worked out the puzzle he’d given her and the smile of glee upon his face when she faced him in the square and performed what he did with the same lack of effort were a pure delight. Yet always it felt like something else was happening.

Then came the day when he pulled a trick and she knew, knew that no way in hell was that possible. He looked at her expectantly, his head cocked to the side with a wicked smirk to his lips and with a tip of his hat turned and left. She spent the night just thinking on that moment, again and again looking for the trick and just couldn’t see it. There was no way it was possible for him to of done that and no way she could repeat it. Numerous attempts tried in her flat and endless fails later she took in the dawn and sighed sadly and prepared for the day of fail ahead. Even the trip on the Tube felt quiet with her defeat at his hands, but the closer she got to the ‘Garden’ one thought kept repeating itself. ‘What if magic is real?’ and it went from being a soft whisper to a deafening roar in her mind as she walked up the station stairs. Her slump of defeat becoming a bounce of sheer glee at quite possibly how much more interesting the world had just gotten.

At the Square she faced him with a smile and a grin and pulled out her wallet and with a flair and aplomb that only the truly outrageous could pull off took a twenty out of it and passed it to him in defeat, the groans of the audience at this revelation covered the request she made to teach her the ‘real stuff’. The grin he had before was nothing compared to how his face looked like it would split when she asked. So they walked away from the ‘Garden’ the art of performance forgotten for the day as they talked. Frank’s face slowly shifting away from the raconteur he had been and into a much thinner more serious man, but the mischief still in his eyes. As the change finished she realised just who was facing her. After all she saw those same eyes in the mirror everyday."




“If it is better to burnout than to fade away, can I have a donut to get started?” ...Nat

Comments on the Crazy

  • *Stares at Nat's legs as she walks by* ...Sorry, what was the question? -- Kin Matsutame