Mort the Bartender

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Name: Mort
Eyes: Sockets
Hair: A Skull
Height: Tall
Weight: Skin and Bones!
Pantheon: Loa
Status: Immortal
Profession: Bartender

Mort The Bartender

"The Skeleton"


Nothing much to put here. Check out the picture. I am a skeleton. Skin, bones... No hair or eyes but I still see you!

General Information

Hey there! Your friendly neighborhood bartender at your service! I can normally be found manning the bar 24/7 because... let's face it. I'm dead! Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of!

Quotes From Others

  • "So you put some funny quote here." - PC Name Here
  • "Saint Mort of the never ending Booze, thanks for being my reality monitor." - Rahil Al-Zarqa