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Miki Ishinaka 2.jpg

Age: 20
Hair: Variable
Eyes: Variable
Nationality: Japanese
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Amaterasu
Birth name: Miki Ishinaka
Note Worthy Traits:
Appearance 8, Epic 7 (beauty)
Charisma 7, Epic 7


Goddess of The Purifying Flame

Behind The Music

Miki stands at only 5'3", with hair and eyes that change color and style with her mood. Her fashion sense tends to reveal more of her slender, well-built frame than conceal, and is often sparkly or in some way attention grabbing. Heels tend to give her more height than she has.

Miki rose from obscurity to become a seiyuu (voice actress). By nineteen she was an actress and singer, voted Japan's #1 pop idol two years in a row. She won multiple platinum music awards for her debut international album "Blossoming of the Kirahime". In the States she has released a hit single "Enchantment of Aokigahara", appeared in makeup and other commercials, has been a Playboy cover model, starred in her own reality-tv series, and more.

In supernatural matters she led the breaking the Titanspawn siege of Horai, the Kingdom of the Yokai of Japanese myth. In doing so she forged a renewed bond between the Yokai and the Amatsukami. She also, through somewhat unusual means, obtained the Fatebound loyalty of an oni (demon or ogre). The oni, Ibaraki Doji, served as her faithful yojimbo (bodyguard) for a time, until he proved his loyalty and was called to other duties by Amaterasu. Since her arrival Stateside she has become the messenger between the Scions of D.C. and the Gods.

Miki was responsible for organizing and main-eventing a globally-watched concert that boasted the highest ticket sales and internet views in world history. At this concert she and a small group of Scions were successful in reuniting Izanagi, God of the Skies and Stars, with his long-estranged wife Izanami, the Goddess of Death. After seven thousand years apart, it was the heartfelt efforts of a group of young Scions that brought them back together, live for the world to see. She was then entrusted with the Yata no Kagami, her mother's sacred mirror.

Miki won a Grammy for Best New Album of the Year in 2014, and performed live at the award ceremony. She has become the creator and owner of Nippon and International Investigative (NII), a new global television and internet network dedicated to bringing the supernatural to the mortal world. She has since played a role in reuniting her mother Amaterasu with her uncles Susano-O and Tsukiyomi. She, with the help of Chikara, the Goddess of the Last Breath, brought peace to the troubled souls of Yomi.

It was at her wedding to Yoko, firstborn child of Inari, the God of Food, that Miki's own apotheosis occured. She became Kirahime-No-Mikoto, accepted into the Amatsukami as a Goddess in her own right.


  • "Aieee Way Way! I can't believe I'm related to my idol! Hey Miki come sign an autograph for your auntie!"
    -Masumi Yoshio
  • "So Miki really is something else, Truly a bundle of Joy in the among the Scions here, I love that little woman with all my heart, and awesome on the Playboy spread Miki!"
    -Samantha Raine
  • "Miki cares for everyone here, and while she plays frivolous she's actually very centered. She sees the truth of things, makes good calls. I rely on her for more than healing."
    - Miach "Max" McCool, Son of Nuada, Brother of Finn McCool
  • "Sometimes I think she is the only sane one around here, but atleast she's sane in a fun kind of way." Rachelle, Daughter of Hermes
  • "Miki taught me to sing. She brought us together, to sing for the Gods, and love was reborn in hearts long seperated. Love is worth it, and love should never be fettered. Through her song, and her teachings, I have learned how powerful music can be." Maibe 'May' Adom
  • "Miki is the friend you grow up wishing you had all your life. She's talented but she's not full of herself. She believes in you without being overbearing. I will always be grateful for knowing her and for having her in my corner. I only hope that I can be as good of a friend to her in return." - Emme Beauchene
  • Of all my nieces she's my fave.....actually Only one i've met. But still, Miki's fun to be around. Emi Jojima
  • "Without ever asking or questioning she not only healed questionable wounds, but gave me a place to turn over information so that the right people recieve the justice they deserve. Miki is the person I know will stand by me when others might not. For that she will always have me by her side." - Lisbet Fisk
  • "I cannot believe that my pop idol is a fellow Scion, or that my words were able to help her in a dark time. I hope nothing but the best for her, and I look forward to getting to know her better before she is taken away to fight a greater part of the war." - Amara Chopra
  • "Miki is a warm hearted soul that has thrust upon her the passion of the flame. At times she controls such heat with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel, in others it is let loose with the chaotic fervor that cannot be denied to any flame. I trust her to do what's best with both." - Dustin Vang
  • "Miki is awesome. She fixed my face! The girl like, owns her own media network so she's rich and affluent... and she fixed my face. And you KNOW I don't have Obamacare so that's pro bono. I owe this girl big time, so if she ever needs a hand from me? I'll have to give it, and I'll do it gladly too." Alex MacRae