Melody Santiago

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Husband: Sam Mayor
Age: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Changes
Height: 5'5"
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Atlantean
Parents: Kuros and Demosia
Note Worthy Traits: Appearance 6 Epic 4

Melody Santiago

Demi-Goddess of Dragons

Few Known Facts

Description: Her hair hung over her shoulders like a golden curtain in the summer light to about midback-length. She was curvaceous in form, skin more like cream than ivory. Her high cheekbones, straight nose and strong jaw are softened by a generous mouth and big sky-blue eyes with a honey color at the center. Astonishingly, her fingers are long, deft and dexterous-looking, callused, stained with years of work. Her height was about 5'5". Typically she wore brown leather boots with a small heel that came up to her knees. She wears tight dark blue pants, and a tight top that wrapped around her torso and arms. A brown leather belt with a large star and two other ones flanking it sits on the belt loops of her pants. Around her shoulders is normally a dark blue, almost black, cloak with a hood in the back.

History (As Told IC. Could or Could Not be true): Melody was young and held a good heart. Sassy, fun, loyal and smart. She was not afraid of battle or combat. She could wield a sword with decent skill but not anything legendary but with a bow... That is where her strength would lay. She was quick and agile but her ability to hide in the shadows left you wondering where the woman had gone or if she had been there in the first place. Sadly when she was 1 she lost her mother to the war, and only a few months later her father also perished, leaving her alone with her older brother. The blow of pain came on stronger when her older brother disappeared and was said to have become a messenger of the titans. Melody vowed, the day she found out, that the killing blow to her brother would be dealt by her own hand. She can often be seen looking over the mountains like she is waiting for something, or someone, as she plays with a gold pendant that was worn around her neck.

She controls the powers of the elements and the skies.
Along with a collection of Dragons that she has at her side.
Married to Sam Mayor


  • "I could not ask for a better teacher, or friend. She understands, and that is the greatest gift she could ever give me." - Sara Harrison
  • "Life lesson I learned from Melody. You can't always control who walks into your life, but you can control which window to throw them out.." -Astrid Olsen
  • "Hush a-bye, Dont you cry, go to sleep a little baby..When you wake, you will find, all the pretty little horsies..." - Sam Mayor
  • "I wish I understood her more. Perhaps we could get on the right foot, then." - Liam Mehzar