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A World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling


Venue Links:

We are currently seeking staff for Changeling.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:

WoD Core
Changeling: the Lost

The following titles are highly suggested reading for this venue:

Changeling: Dancers in the Dusk
Changeling: Swords at Dawn

Player Characters
Court Name Seeming Title Mantle Motley
Court Dawn.png Delaney Singleton Wizened None None
Court Dawn.png Lavinia Gallo Elemental None None
Court Dawn.png Leonard Simms Wizened None ••• None
Court Dawn.png Mirela Sala Darkling None ••• None
Court Dusk.png Jimmy 'Slaggtoof' Knapp Ogre None •• None
Court Dusk.png Luke Trimble Wizened None ••• None
Spring-court.png Karl-Kristoff Auttenberg Darkling None None
Spring-court.png Miele Primavere Fairest/Darkling None None
Spring-court.png Terrence Xiphos Wizened Claviger ••• None
Spring-court.png Zachary Decker Wizened None •• None
Summer-court.png Erin Ambrose Beast None •• None
Summer-court.png Blasa Hitzig Elemental None •• None
Autumn-court.png Agustus Berg Ogre None None
Autumn-court.png Berg Mann Elemental None None
Autumn-court.png Hunter Torres Beast/Fairest Maga •••• None
Winter-court.png Isaac Haas Fairest None ••• None
Winter-court.png Penultimate Page Wizened None •• None
Winter-court.png Wanda De Costa Elemental None •• None

Changeling NPCs
Court Name Seeming Title Mantle Motley NPC Played By
Court Dawn.png Cécile Leclair Elemental Gardener •••• None WilliamR
Court Dawn.png Nadja Ritter Fairest Queen ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Court Dusk.png Evanescence Barrett Darkling Pilgrim of the Endless Night •• None WilliamR
Court Dusk.png Gabriel Ritter Darkling King ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Spring-court.png Lauren Finnegan Ogre None •••• None WilliamR
Spring-court.png Vanessa Barrett Fairest Joyeux ••• None WilliamR
Spring-court.png Zenzi Weiss Fairest Queen and Agent of Change ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Summer-court.png Leonhardt Strauss Beast King ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Summer-court.png Romey Vogel Beast Warden and Hunter of the Longest Day •••• None WilliamR
Autumn-court.png Gizzy Wagner Wizened None •••• None WilliamR
Autumn-court.png Travis Rhodes Fairest King and Lord Sage ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Winter-court.png Juliet De Lange Darkling Queen and Icebound Duchess ••••• Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Winter-court.png Alexander Ross Elemental Duke •••• None WilliamR
Courtless.png Jordon Aldman XIV Wizened Arbiter and Lord of Echoes None Rat der Sieben WilliamR
Courtless.png Sabrina Risse Beast Goblin Princess None None WilliamR

Supernatural NPCs
Species Name Class Faction Associates NPC Played By
Vampire.png Elsa Bauer Gangrel  ???  ??? WilliamR
Vampire.png Rainer Fels Daeva  ???  ??? WilliamR
Changeling.png Goblin King Hobgoblin  ??? Goblin Market WilliamR
Werewolf.png Scarlet Thunder Ithaeur Storm Lord Winter's Gale WilliamR

Inactive Characters

Inactive characters can be found here.

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