Lita Gallegos

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Name: Lita Gallegos
Age: 22
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Chestnut
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Pantheon: Aztlanti
Parent: Tlazolteotl
Profession: Bartender at the Coyote Ugly Saloon
Noteworthy Info: Strength 2 Epic 1 Dexterity 5 Epic 1 Stamina 2 Epic 1 Charisma 4 Epic 1 Appearance 4 Epic 1
Soundtrack: "Into the Night" Carlos Santana feat. Chad Kroeger

Lita Gallegos

"Daughter of Tlazolteotl "


Lita is tall, with long legs that were made for dancing. Her hair is brown with a touch of red and falls just below her shoulder, framing her face with a peek-a-boo on the right side. She never goes out of the house without putting herself together, but also never over does her makeup. Her amber eyes are striking, grabbing attention unapologetically. She has an infectiously seductive air to her movements that are confident, belying mastery and grace.

General Information

Lita is one of twelve cousins in her age group, with a ton of other younger cousins. She has always been looked up to by her cousins, and she pushes them to be better as well. Things can get loud and boisterous, but the love is always there and no one questions that. When she had to start dealing with bullies, she begged him to train her to fight. He tried to scare her off, but she didn’t flinch. When she came home with a black eye and bruises covering her stomach, having stood up for her cousin Ines, he finally agreed.

She trained hard and learned how to be fast. Her training only helped as she started attending an Art based magnet school for dance. Speed and control led naturally to grace. She was working so hard that she didn’t have time to get into trouble. As a backlash, though, when she got out of high school she took a couple years to live and make mistakes.

Her father pushed her to go to college, which she she started this semester. He also continues to train her, but on one condition. She has to keep down a job to stay on the straight and narrow. So, she got a job at the Coyote Ugly Saloon tending bar three nights a week. The tips pay her tuition, and she is back to living and training in a properly controlled manner.

Story Hooks

Lita is a Dance Major at UCLA. She has a past as a party girl. She has a large family, with numerous cousins that all look up to her.

Legendary Deeds

  • So you list all the things that are going to build around you characters legend.


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