Kody Lockhearth

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Name: Kody Lockhearth
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5'6"
Weight:  ???
Pantheon: Greek
Parent: Artemis
Profession: Artist
Noteworthy Info: Art:5 (Drawing)
Soundtrack:  ??


"Son of Artemis "


Kody stands around five foot, six inches with a lithe frame. Long brown hair that reaches his past his shoulders, often easy to mistake this smaller boy as a girl. Can typically be found with a pencil behind ear and a notepad out, sketching something he's seen.

General Information

Kody just got back from being missing after a plane crash for a year. Maybe you heard about the accident?

Story Hooks

  • Artist - Always seen drawing or with a sketchpad, maybe you like your picture drawn, or maybe you want a buddy to draw with, or maybe even a mentor?
  • Good Listener - Kody is known to be very good at listening to people problems, a good shoulder to cry on.
  • Survival - Kody survived for a year off the grid after an accident, maybe he can teach you a thing or two?

Legendary Deeds

  • Things to come


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