Kamala Halloran

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Name: Kamala Halloran
Age: 28
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 0" (In shoes)
Weight: Her Doctor Knows
Pantheon: Atlantean
Parent: Heshon
Profession: Security 'Consultant'
Noteworthy Info: Appearance 3, Epic App 3, she also appears to be unnaturally graceful and aware of her environment. Her eyes recently became unnaturally blue, like the colour of the sea.

Soundtrack:  ??

Kamala Halloran

"Warden of The Borders"

"Daughter of Heshon "


She's small, wiry and always seems to be watching around her. If working she's normally wearing a smart suit, jacket undone and a silk blouse. When actually relaxed a much more bouncy personality shows through occasionally.

General Information

Currently using London as a base of operations for her work with Logistics Asset Management.

Story Hooks

  • She will be wandering everywhere as she learns the locations, just so she knows every exit and possible entry point.
  • Logistics Asset Management could be contacted for consultancy and she'd be the person sent

Legendary Deeds

  • Godkiller
  • Freed the Titans
  • Left the Celestial Bureaucracy to become a Demigoddess in the Atlantean Pantheon


Quotes From Others

  • "Kamala's tiny, cute and pretty intense, along with being about five times smarter than I am even before you take divine gifts into account. I'm pretty sure I've also given her the impression that I'm an idiot, but then, she wouldn't be the first one. Bet she could kick an ogre's ass up and down the block, though, or at least put a shot through his eye the way her father could. Also? She apparently thinks of me as a little brother, so there goes THAT possibility..." -Gang Xi-Wang
  • "She might be a wee sensitive to her height, and seems to be quick to assume some people are idiots. But I like her, serious as she is. We have different opinions on things, but that is not a bad thing at all. She needs to believe in herself more, and maybe step out of some shadows she thinks are cast over her. But I believe that she can." - Nolan Connoly
  • "She really needs to be more confident, and stop comparing herself to the others. I think she'll get there, eventually." - Eduardo Gillard
  • "Kam Kam Kam... girl needs to learn to relax a little when we're in Terra Incognita. I mean, yeah, everywhere else that "always alert" thing she's got going on is awesome and I got nothing but respect for someone who's got their New York on at all times... but everyone has to learn to relax and de-stress. Either way, watch this one, she's going to make for one intense, interesting, effective goddess, mark my words." - Alex MacRae
  • "I like Kam. She's smart and funny, and she thinks in ways that I don't. Sometimes I worry a bit that she's off in a corner by herself, but it's usually because she's coming up with some kind of plan. She's going to do just fine here. Besides, she already has a fan in Rexy." - Emma Hoffman
  • "An interesting new member of the Bureaucracy. A touch formal towards me, but full of insight. She does well as a crucible for refining ideas. While her willingness to accept collateral damage is a touch worrying, she is very good at identifying potential weak spots and implementing her agenda. I believe she will be an unorthodox but effective member of the Bureaucracy as she grows into her power." -Jing Cheng
  • Kam is a...eccentric gal. But I like her. Just hope she Tests her Explosives Before we actually use them. - Emi Jojima
  • "Kamala may very well be the most pleasant person I have met in a long while. If I had ever had an older sister, I imagine she would have been much like Kamala." - Amala Marri
  • "Girl has a protective streak a mile long, and heart that she hides so well from others, but it only took a little prying to get underneath that shell and have some fun. She loves it." - Claire de Dion
  • "My sweet sister, the heavens are moving above you and the Earth beneath you and you do not seem to notice. I am not worried for you with Sylvia and Claire." -Amala Marri
  • "If you want something dead, you can ask just about anyone on this island. If you want something completely broken down and turned to serve our side in the war, you ask my big sister." - Xi-Wang Gang
  • "You want a modern day Macgyver? You want someone that can built a proton pack with two sticks of chewing gum, a fire alarm, and a lemon she's your tricky bitch. Paranoid and Pragmatic, its not a wonder we get along, as long as you can keep her out of her own head." - Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "Kam always seems to have something to do or on her mind. Yet somehow she always finds the time to help me. She is a little odd, but I believe she has a good heart." - Chloe Carter
  • Anyone that is not frightened of what Kam knows and can do hasn't been paying attention Liliane Rommel
  • "She found a way past the armor I didn't even know I had. I may be new to love, but I know I love her and Claire. And I think we'll be good for each other. She still gets a little wrapped up in her head, but we're working on that. She has a lot to offer when she comes out of herself." - Emma Hoffman
  • "You know, Kam is not the person I expected to ride through the end of the world with, but we never ever could have succeeded without her. (Insert thoughful pause.) I will never, ever actually be able to pay her back for everything, even if I lived forever." --Alex MacRae
  • "Do not let that predatory gaze fool you. Underneath that vicious stare is a heart of gold and someone who needs a lot of hugs and compliments." ~ Amala Marri
  • "Kam... You sneaky shrew. I see what you did, it took me awhile, but I see it. 'Thank you' will never be enough to convey my gratefulness to you. I knew there was more to you than met the eye when I met you, I knew there was more behind what you presented to others. Never would I ever have imagined it was the person that I have become lucky enough to call my friend. Never would I have imagined or dare to hope for what you did for me. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for being that hand reaching into the darkness to pull me out. Thank you, dear friend." - Miu Peterson
  • She is able to be confident, without becoming arrogant. She also doesn't waste time, when she's set her mind upon a task she gets to it. Some may find this taxing but I find it to be a boon. Even when I don't agree on the course of action, I respect that she's thought her course through" - Titus Leon