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Name: Julian Drake (Also Julian Helson)
Age: 24
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blond
Height: 8'
Weight: 350lbs
Pantheon: Aesir
Parent: Hel
Profession: CSI Detective
Noteworthy Traits: Strength ●●●●●●● (Epic ●●●●●●, Holy Rampage, Armor breaker, Holy Bound, Uplifting Might, Making it Look Easy, Crushing Grip), Dexterity ●●●●●●● (Epic ●●●●●●, Impeccable Parry, Cat's Balance, Divine balance, Perfect Partner, Lightning Printer), Stamina ●●●●●● (Epic ●●●●●●, Raise your Glass!, Self-healing, Regeneration, Body Armor, Impenetrable, Raging Bull), Charisma ●●● (Epic ●●, hapless Cool), Manipulation ●●●●●●● (Epic ●●●●●, God's Honest, Blurt it Out, Advantageous Circumstances, Rumor Mill, Takes one to Know One), Apperance ●●●●●● (Epic (Beautiful) ●●●●, Game Face, Perfect Actor, My Eyes are Up here, Detail Variation, Undeniable Resemblance), Perception ●●●●● (Epic ●●●, Scent the Divine, Fool Me Once, Spatial Attunement, Predatory Focus), Intelligence ●●●●●●● (Epic ●●●●●, Fast Learner, Perfect Memory, Language Mastery, Teaching Prodigy, Fight with Your Head, Instant Translation, Speed Reading), Wits ●●●● (Epic ●●●, Instant Investigator, Opening Gambit, Eternal Vigilance, Monkey in the Middle)
Soundtrack:  ??

Julian Drake

Demigod of Mists


Where once he wasn't quite imposing, his Jotun Heritage has certainly imposed itself! He now stands at 8' tall, and he is nothing short of muscular by mortal standards. Even with this? He's still got his looks. they're just... bigger. Bright and beautiful, but cold as a winter wind he looks like he’s either about to go to a fancy party or he’s about to kill someone. It’s hard to be sure. He always keeps his blond hair well cared for and tied back in a ponytail so it doesn't get in his eyes. He always wears his relic cloak, or at least keeps it close to him at all times, often necessitating explaining that he’s “part of a theater group.” Beneath which is whatever clothing he’s managed to scrounge up, or on the rare occasion buy.

General Information

Julian works for the police department as a CSI Technician. Mostly because he enjoys looking for evidence and putting things together to form a coherent narrative of what happened. Curious, morbid, and good at hiding who he is and what he's actually thinking about, he often stays at arm's length from other people. Figuratively speaking. Likes to go drinking, likes fighting and those are the two times when he feels a little less cold.

Story Hooks

  • He likes solving problems, mysteries, and plots of movies.
  • He walks around with a gigantic wolf that he sometimes rides like a horse. It's big enough for it, and he occasionally barks at it.
  • News story from a few years ago: Cult found in Fraternity house in Minnesota. Sacrificing undergrads to some unknown terror. Police found Julian at the scene wielding a Golf Club in self-defense having fended off the assailants who had decided to sacrifice him next.
  • Can be a triksy bastard when he wants to be. Just ask Stefan.

Legendary Deeds

  • Helped to defeat A Hydra in New Orleans at the behest of the Loa, by acting as the bait to lure it out into the trap.
  • Assisted in resurrecting King Arthur, and is being taught by Nimue du Lac.
  • Assisted in the defense of the plantation in New Orleans from Giants.
  • Helped kill the Questing Beast.
  • Helped destroy some metal flaming Bull creature that was controlled by Mordred.
  • Traveled through time to change his past, apparently. Took down a small Titan Cult that had taken root in a Fraternity at the University of Minnesota.
  • Helped defeat Mordred and stop the Shadow Giants from rising and destroying the future.
  • Gave his Left Eye to the Norns in exchange for a Thread of Fate to save his Aunt, a Lokisdottir.
  • Knighted as a member of the Round Table holding the Seat of Loyalty.
  • Potentially destined to take over rule of the Norse Underworld.
  • Asked many questions of Groa, the Seeress Jotun, and paid the price for that wisdom.


Wolf Fur Cloak.jpg
A dark cloak lined in white fur from a gigantic Wolf slain by one of her previous Scions. She took the pelt into Helheim and imbued it with the power of the realm there. It’s inherent connection to the wolf it was remains, allowing access to the Animal Purview, while its exposure to the icy and dark realm of Helheim lets Julian channel the Purviews of Frost and Darkness. Finally, she used her connection to her father, Loki, to imbue the cloak with the power of Illusions. This powerful relic is something she has entrusted to Julian for reasons unknown.

Skjöldúlfr, meaning Shield-wolf, was given to Julian by Hel upon his Visitation as a means to keep someone looking out for him, especially against other Scions of the Aesir. Skjöldúlfr is a Valkyrie Steed, who has been Julian's most faithful companion for the last 5 years and can be summoned through the use of a special war horn he keeps on his belt.

Il 570xN.359903821 qnal.jpg
A necklace with a stone inscribed with the rune “Eihwaz” meaning “Yew” which is associated with Hel, Yggdrasil itself and Death. Through it's connection to Yggdrasil, it grants the purview of Prophesy by granting glimpses at the plans of the Norns. NEWLY ADDED: Runic symbol of Magic, carved in stone.

Ring of mists.jpg
A ring made of a tendril of the Mists that separate the Realms themselves, the force that hid much from men, concealed magic and monsters in it's cloak.

Grievous Harm.jpg
Julian's favorite Axe, now named 'Grievous Harm.' A much sharper edge, and lighter frame that previous, allows him to be a far greater warrior than previous.

Rune bag Bones.jpg
Description: A bag filled with bone pieces with runes carved into them and painted for greater visual recognition. The runes glow and allow their owner a far greater mental acuity, allowing their own Ichor to supplement the speed and clarity of their thoughts.

Dustin Aesir.jpg
A suit of aarmor given to him by Dustin Vang, can change into the form of a jacket for less conspicuous occasions.

Quotes From Others

  • "So you put some funny quote here." - PC Name Here
  • "This Helson, has more intellect than the average Aesir I've come to know, reminds me a lot of an old friend of mine. Not surprisingly the last Aesir that impressed me. He knows to ask for help, though is a little rough about his inexperience thus far. All things grandiose will come in time." -- Donnie
  • "Julian is a good fighter and a strong individual within a group. He follows what he think is right, even if others do not. He is smart, as well, something we need more of. I look forward to seeing what he brings in the future." - Amara Vang
  • "Strong, Smart and has a awesome taste in games and movies. Is it any wonder we're together?" Emi Jojima
  • "Truly my brother from another mother. Julian's good to have around, I don't think I've seen him down or depressed or negative and a deal pessimist like me needs that kinda upbeat to avoid me bringing the room down until everyone spontaneously slits their wrists to not have to listen to my crap anymore." -- Alex MacRae
  • "Julian is the toughest teacher I've ever had. I learned a lot from him, and he has my complete respect. He's a bit of a show-off though!" -- Eduardo Gillard
  • "I've known Drake for almost a year now, I think. He's a show-off and totally full of himself, but beneath that, he's a cool dude, and I know he's got my back in any fight." - Claire de Dion
  • "Julian is an interesting fellow, less direct in many approaches than I might be, but that has yet to prove anything less than capable when it comes down to the wire. We can't all fight the same and while I might find that fighting directly is the best his influences have brought him the ability to bend the rules just enough to fight honorably with a bit of misdirection. Commendable." - Dustin
  • "We are frost buddies for life...but beyond that, he's the reason I got big. Big like Peach did. Big cause I had big feelings. I will never leave his side, no matter what the future brings." - Lennox Frost
  • "In the first fight I was ever in, Julian didn't abandon Sylvia and I to fight that bronze bull alone, even though he thought we couldn't beat it... But we did. I know I can trust him to have my back." -- Beryl Thanos
  • "I am so proud of all you have accomplished and all the growth that you have had. There is no one that I admire more outside of family. You will be an unstoppable amazing force when we come out the other side." - Amara Vang
  • "I'm not sure what this guy's problem is, but he's got a real attitude problem if he's going to threaten to maim allies for trying to help another." - Xi-Wang Gang
  • "I have not the knowledge of what will happen. If the Fates see it fitting Julian may very well replace our mother as the new God of Death, I do not envy him that burden, but he is family and I shall support all his endeavors." - Judgement Helsson
  • "Julian is awesome. He gives the biggest hugs and the next second he is a foot tall and sitting on my shoulder. He amuses me." Amala Marri
  • "Holy shit is he good looking, I mean...he's pretty approachable and got that whole one eye thing going. He's pretty good about filling me in on the Aesir and doesn't get pissy for questions. It's really good considering Ragnarok is going on and I havent a fucking clue whats going on." Rahil Al-Zarqa