Jing Cheng

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Jing Cheng

God of Transcendence

Name: Jing Cheng

Age: 25
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Variable, but by default brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Occupation: Owner of Moondragon Industries
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Parent: Nuwa
Title: Demigod of the Subconscious Reality</br> <b>Relationship:Emme Beauchene-Wife. Tara, Tom, Illyana-adoptive father. Soon to be the father of Jing Jr., Julian, and Desiree.
Attributes: Appearance ●●●
Notable Traits: He wears a pearl that gleams with rainbow colors on a rope strand about his neck. Sometimes he wears black mandarin robes with the pattern of a moon shining on a deep black lake.
Legendary Deeds: ● He helped retrieve Minerva from Hong Kong.

●He assisted in rescuing children from Jenny Greenteeth.
●He assisted in retrieving Virgo's scales and Sagittarius's crown.
●He assisted in rescuing dwarves from a rogue giantess and obtained the services of some of the dwarves as his followers.
●He helped save the child Tara from a kidnapper.
● He assisted his wife and others in battling a Lord of Storms and got entangled in the schemes of Set.
Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgtnLsDT5PY


Note: He occasionally appears in public with his Guide: Daji, the Thousand-Year Vixen of Chinese myth.
(Daji has App 5, E App-beauty 3) [1]

• "Review the reviewer here" - Name of Quote Giver

• "Jing though quiet at times has a good head on his shoulders. He is very smart. While some get down about not being strong in combat, this guy instead makes use of his intelligence to further our goals as scions. It is a pleasure to see his mind at work." - The Bull

• "He is, without a doubt, a bonafide computer geek, but there is more beneath the surface of the enigma that is Jing, and I look forward to helping him discover the life he has yet to truly experience. He has a gentle soul, but a seemingly endless curiosity that will certainly keep me occupied for quite some time." - Lexie Heart

• "He clearly grew up rather sheltered on the social side of things, that said it's a lot of fun to try and constantly tug him out of his shell. Little prods here and there. Plus he's actually smart. Apparently he like's girls in uniform too..." - Rachel Kendrick

• "He's so amazingly smart and talented, but I have to find a way to get him to look up more. Clearly a man that needs to be pulled a bit out of his comfort zone so he can enjoy life a little more." Pause. "Plus he's so adorable when he blushes." - Emme Beauchene

• "My friend, my ally. I swear I will help you." - Emi Jojima

• "Mighty Jing Cheng! Please teach your humble Student and may we share the same path for a time! So far so good, yes?" - As said with a HUGE smile by Wei Menglong

• "I have yet to figure out much about this one. He claims to have mercy and says he has Daji...but then he punishes from dreams and creates traps of the mind with nightmares. If he has mercy then he is better than most of his predecessors, but his inclination to punish without learning about the person behind the crime suggests he has as much mercy as young Guan Yu. I will remain wary of him." - Xiaolian Zhào • "He's like an odd uncle, an odd uncle who upon a whim could erase your existence from the planet and make you Public Enemy Number 1" - Kamala Halloran

• "I thought he was okay at first, but this guy was ready to hand me over to the Aesir for execution for something that never even happened. I'll work with him if I have to, but I trust him about as far as I could spit a Titan." - Xi-Wang Gang

• "He Scares Me" Allison Desmond

• "Him...hate him...hate...*hysterical sobbing*" - Xi-Wang Gang

• "...I am sure he is a lovely person. Just... do not put him in a bad mood." - Amala Marri

• "When I confronted him about what he did to me, his excuse added up to, 'just doing my job,' to which I reply, my left asscheek. I may not be strong enough to take him on directly, but I will make sure he never does it to anyone again." - Xi-Wang Gang

• "I don't agree with Amala about a lot of things, Cheng, but we still manage to be friends. In another time, if we didn't have the war against the Titans to worry about, I might have raised an army and gone Genghis on your ass for what you did to me. Worlds of difference there." - Xi-Wang Gang

• "After meeting his ex, I think Understand why he's the way he is...." - Allison Desmond

• Alex takes a drag from his bottle of Guinness and ponders the person in question for a moment, then finally says after some introspection: "Some mother fuckers you just can't save from themselves." - Alex MacRae

• "If ever I need a reminder of what NOT to do as a Demigod? I can always count on Jing, it seems, to provide that example." - Julian Drake