Jacob Harper

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Name: Jacob Harper
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short/Dirty Blonde
Height: 6'1
Weight: Not given
Pantheon: Dodekathon
Parent: Poesiden
Profession: Collage Student
Noteworthy Info: Dex 5, Epic 1
Soundtrack:  ??

Jacob Harper

"Son of The Horselord"


Jacob, Jake is what he likes to be called, is 6'1 with blond hair and blue eyes. He always has on comfortable clothing, Be it shorts, t shirt Hawaiian shirt. What ever he feels like. He alawys has on a pair of sunglasses and an easy going smile on his face.

General Information

Born on Decmber 25th In O'ahu, On Pearl Harbor Military base to Larua Harper. Larua raised Jake as a single mother in the US Military. She never talked about his father a lot, and when asked she would quickly change the subject. Sensing the sore topic, Jake never brought it up much after that. His mother was stationed in Hawaii his whole life, till she retired when he was 15. The pair moved to a beach house on the North Shore.

Jake had always had a knack for water. He took to it more than he did walking on land. Even tough he wasnt a "Local" he ws except cuse of his great ability to surf. Had a knack for riding the waves. This got him lots of attention, Local at first, Then State and eventualy National. Taking part in competetions. Winning him a Collage Scholarship, full ride, to a schoo of his choice. Enrolled in UCLA, Joined the Surf team and became their Star Athlete. Even though he was a star Athlete, He had zero clue what he wanted to do for a Major. So for 3 years he had general studies. On Summer break of his Third year of school, He and his friends took a boat out and didnt notice the bad weather forcast.

The went out far, And the engine died on the boat and the storm drew in. Unable to move, the radio dead they did their best to bail out the ship. Till the current slamed them in to some rocks. Jake being an Expert swimmer did his best to ge this friends, clinging to soem debree. But as he did, he was smashed agaisnt the rocks and sank beneath the waves.

THe COld Dark surrounded him, As he sank deep. Then he felt as though somehting hit him, not hard, but holding him and carrying him through the water. Soon he felt the warmth of the Sun on his skin as he woke in a cove some where. THe surf laping up around him His friends there, yet they where still incousess. He pushed him self up and coughed. As he Blinked and looked around he saw a Large, Half man Half Fish thing there.

He blinked, Rubbing his eyes. And it was still there.THen the thing spoke "Greetings Brother" it ssaid to him, He laughed "Great, The Hulination is talkig. Guess last nights party is still here." THe Being laughed and shook his head." You're not seeing things. I am Triton, Your and my Father is the God, Poesiden." Jake jsut laughed more falling back His friends unconcess. He walked up to triton and touched him, The skin soft and yet, he was real He stumbled back and scrambled around to look for somehting. HE grabed a peice of Drift wood and looked at him "Dont come near me, I will hit ya good" The being laughed again " That wont do you any good. Father sent me, cause it is your time. TIme to awaken and Join the fight. You have wandered to long. Going through life with out reason, Your goals unset. Well we are here to set them for you...*he says pointing out to the ocean* See that....a Fishing boat, Taking what they want. Not thinking of what they are taking. Over fishing, Pollution of the Oceans. This all has father angry. *he says jake looks out and sees a Fishing boat off the coast. A big one form Japan, probably coming south from San Fran.* The Oil tankers that run around, The Rigs that drill and spread it all over the sea. You must now help this. YOu will return to school, With your friends, and you will set your Major. Oceanography. You will Surf, fight and stury. *Jake laughs him self now* Yeah, okay...*Triton looks at him* You WILL do as father asks, But...*he says to him* While father wants his wishes Obeyed, Everyone must have their own way. Go to school. change majors and help the ocean. Cause if she fails....*he says* Humanity fails. The Tians are free, their spawn attack helpless people....*Triton mvoes over to Jake nd touches his shoulder* This, Should help. *he says to him as a Tattoo of a Crashing wave appears on his upper right arm.* And this...*he offers him a Wet suit*This is a suit of armor, it may not look it. But it can look like any set of clothing, That Tattoo is a mighty weapon fordge by the gods tehm selves. And this...*he offers him a Blue silver ring.* This will help you channel the power of water. Go, Now....*Then he heads back to the OCean* And remember, we will eb watching.*And he swims out and disapears beneath the waves.

After he leaves Jake felt diffrent. Like, A renewed sense of purpous and direction. He slips on the wet suit, and it tirns in to what his clothing looked like before. ust less torn and tattered. As he looks up, a COat Guard CUtter spots them and he waves his arms. Getting their attention. The three are brought on board and brought back to shore. Jake tells them what happend, leaving some deatials out of course. Afterwards he and his friends part ways and he sighs up for all he needs for Oceanography. Most of his credits transfering. He now Studies, Surfs and Fights Titanspawn helping those in need.

Story Hooks

  • UCLA Surf Team: Jake is the Star of the UCLA Sutf team. Maybe you catch the competitions
  • Student of the Sea: As of Recent, Jake has picked a Major, Oceanography.
  • Beach Bumb: or use to be! Jake is really easy going and laid back, most of the time.
  • Divine Arrangement: For Some Reason, Jake is part of an Arranged Marriage. He has never met the woman before, Some arrangement between his father and another god. He knows about her, but she hasn't shown up yet. So he keeps it far form his mind.

Legendary Deeds

  • None yet!


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