Inoue Korekiyo

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Name: Inoue Korekiyo
Age: 18
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175lbs
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Parent: Hachiman
Profession: Student (Mangaka)
Noteworthy Traits: Charisma ●●●●, Epic ● (Charmer), Perception ●●●●, Epic ● (Unfailing Recognition)
Soundtrack:  ??

Inoue Korekiyo

Son of Hachiman


Korekiyo is not tall, but he is compact muscles. He always wears the same outfit, a pair of white Hakama and a red top with a white undershirt/lining. He refuses to wear damned-near anything else save when exercising. He had light brown hair grown long and tied in the back into a ponytail.

General Information

new student, transferring into UCLA for the Summer session, but arrived MONTHS early.

Story Hooks

  • Son of Hachiman: Very studious, very inquisitive, and very dedicated.
  • Mangaka? Yep. he draws a LOT of Manga in his off-time.

Legendary Deeds

  • Joined in the Midnight Parade of Yokai where he met Nurarihyon
  • Befriended Mai, the Bakeneko, and even brought her along with him to America.


Description: Mai is a Bakenako. She is very fluffy and cuddly, but tends to bite those who touch her tails. She is young for a Bakeneko, but still a large for a cat. Think a small Maine Coon cat.

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