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Age: 62 years old
Hair: Dark Brown/Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Persian
Height: 6 inches tall
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Yazata
Divine Parent: Zam
Note Worthy Traits: TBD

The Peri Named Flora

Daughter of Zam

To Be Continued...

Within residence of the Divine Archives are the Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses of the city of Washington DC. Together they form a band and are the trusted guides for those that have need of them when called upon.

Yet, every so often there are one or two remarkable creatures that join in addition to the Demi-Gods to help our Hero's. Among those creatures is Flora.

Peri are normally lighter in features but Flora was one of the exceptions with her dark hair for the most part. Mysteriously is changes colors, as does her appearance, depending on who is in the room. She flies about the Archives and is known as a long time friend too Daniel Gallagher of the Tuatha.

Recently became a Guide to Shannon Troy