Finlay Lane

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Name: Finlay Lane
Age: 19
Eyes: Hazel (Shifting with mood)
Hair: Red
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115
Pantheon: Tuatha
Parent: Lugh
Profession: Student
Noteworthy Info: Celtic Torc and Ring, Black Wolfhound
Soundtrack:  ??

Finlay Lane

"Daughter of Lugh"


Finlay, or Finn as she'd prefer, is of average height with an athletic build. She had long red hair that is usually up in a ponytail of some sort when she's working, if not it lays in natural waves and the occasional frizzy curl day. She has hazel eyes that tend a bit more towards brown most days but high emotion will bring out the green for sure.

General Information

Finlay, most often called simply Finn, was raised in a loving home. Her mother married shortly after she was born and they never hid the fact that her father wasn’t her dad(step-dad). Finn didn’t mind though, her step-father was pretty amazing. He never treated her like a burden and she always felt accepted by him, even after her little brother was born.

Finn was a tomboy, which suited the whole family just fine. This meant she participated in lots of sports in school, learned how to turn wrenches, went hunting and fishing with her dad and brother, and overall was just up for anything.

She never gave up on being a tomboy but she hasn't ever denied her feminine side either. So one day she might end up in jeans, dirty from working on something, and the next she might be in a little black dress and heels. One really never knows.

Story Hooks

  • Finn is always looking to learn something new.
  • She has a huge wolfhound that most definitely has a mind of his own.
  • She loves a project, in fact she probably has at least 3 going at any time and is always willing to take on a new one.
  • She's young and only graduated from high school around 3 or so months ago.

Legendary Deeds

  • So you list all the things that are going to build around you characters legend.


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