Exalted Heavens Reach

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We begin on the world of Tannis IV, a mostly hospitable planet with plenty of natural resources sitting quite comfortably on the outer edges of the Canal network. The sky is blue, the water is blue, the grass is mostly green. in previous ages it was famed for its gardens, now it's only real claim to fame is the carnivorous plant-life.

That's right, Carnivorous plant-life.

It was said that Tannis IV was one of the last strongholds of a Solar renegade during the first few years of His Glorious Lunar Presence took the reigns of the Galaxy and began driving the Solars out. It is around that time that that solar began to turn the very plants of the world against people, turning the planet into a fortress-world for his own safety.

Nowadays, however, Tannis IV is mostly forgotten by the Empire at large, and the Galaxy only thinks about it for 'Tannis Herbicides Inc.' because they produce some of the most virulent plant-poisons in the Galaxy (mostly out of necessity.) the corporation is run by an Outcaste Dragon-Blooded of the Fire aspect named Maria Nas'Tromo. be extension she also owns the fortress-cities of the inhabitants of Tannis IV.