Esmeralda Santiago

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Age: 186 years old
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Nationality: African American/Hispanic
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Female
Pantheon: The Loa
Divine Parent: Erzulie
Children: Art
Note Worthy Traits: Appearance 9 Epic 8

Esmeralda Santiago

Goddess of Hope

Few Known Facts

Within residence of the Divine Archives are the Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses of the city of Washington DC. Together they form a band and are the trusted guides for those that have need of them when called upon.

Tall, lean with an athletic build to accent the narrow waist and curved hips. Milky-brown skin with chocolate eyes that seemed to hold a touch more wisdom then they should. Her long dark brown hair hung on her shoulders and stopped at her waist.

Esme controls the power of Darkness and the Night. She makes her appearance within the Archives rarely these days but tends to come around to converse with the Scions and check up on her former charges.


  • "Esme's always been a really friendly and awesome chick. I probably shouldn't call her that anymore, but it's true. She's been helping us all out ever since the Scion scene here in D.C. got started, and I'm really glad that she made Goddess. She deserves it." -Miki Ishinaka
  • "Esme's the only sister I've ever met, so that might make it sound less awesome when I say she's the best sister I could've hoped for, but she's made me feel more welcome than most, and she's given me a reason to grow in a few directions. What concerns her, concerns me." - Emme Beauchene