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Lifa, Goddess of Life and Creation


Emma is a tall young woman in her late twenties, standing at 22'10" without heels. She has flaming red hair down to her shoulders, often kept in a braid or bun when she's working. Her skin is naturally pale, though it is sometimes tanned from her work at the forge. She is visibly fit, both muscular and curvaceous. She favors practical clothing when not in her armor, being more comfortable in jeans and simple shirts than in anything elaborate.


• Emma battled alongside several other Scions against the dark Fae queen Mab.

• Emma was inducted as a Knight of the Round Table, sharing the seat of Courage with Nolan Connolly.

• Emma assisted in rescuing Ivory, Fiona, Collin, Michael, Phelan, and Harmony when a demon kidnapped them.

• Emma assisted in the defense of the Unseelie at the Hills of Tara. She located embyronic Shadow Giants underground and aided in opening holes so that Julian could destroy the creatures.

• Emma assisted in rescuing the descendants of the Crossroad Scions in a dark future where they will be held by Shadow Giants. She learned that her son in this time had died defending the others.

• Emma battled the Cailleach and her creature at the Giant's Causeway in Ireland with the other Scions.

• Emma commanded troops and fought in the Battle of Camlann against Mordred and his corrupt forces. She assisted in killing the traitor son of Arthur and was taken to Tir na Nog for a week to celebrate.

• Emma has tamed a baby tyrannosaurus rex acquired from the God Caoxoch's lost prehistoric realm.

• Emma traveled with her fellow Scions to Bodie, California to retrieve the Heart of Winter and prevent Ragnarok. While there, she helped rescue the dwarf Ola and a fellow Scion: Cybil Haldana. She later accompanied the Scions back to Ola's home of Bixby Knoll and helped defend it against an attack by jotun.

• Emma helped defend Bixby Knoll from a jotun attack.

• Emma helped battle a large pack of fenrir in Canada. During the battle she shattered several trees to escape a fenrir trap, causing an avalanche that killed several of the wolves.

• Emma fought alongside her fellow Scions in the ruins of Las Vegas against the massive lindwurm that had destroyed the city.

• Emma fought with her friends against a horde of fenrir and wolves. She escaped down a mountain during an avalanche and briefly visited the World Tree Yggdrasil. There, she witnessed the fall of the Jotunhammer and the end of the world as she knew it.

• Emma rebuilt the Colossus of Rhodes with her own bare hands and assistance from her friends.

• Emma served as a living lightning rod, channeling the energies of a storm to reawaken the Vulcan Colossus.

• Emma attended a grand feast in Asgard, met her family, and was present for the death of Baldur.

• Emma assisted in restoring the Tien Tan Buddha Colossi in China.

• Emma battled lindwurms to protect refugees.

• Emma battled against the forces of Xocotl, Titan Avatar of Fire, when he attacked the island. She managed to douse his flames, though the hotel was lost.

• Emma attended the coronation of King Arthur and fought in the tourney for the right to crown him.

• Emma helped fight off Jotun and undead pirates.

• Emma helped retrieve the blade of the Scythe of Kronos.

• Emma helped retrieve the tip of the Scythe of Kronos.

• Emma helped defend the Scions when they traveled back in time to prevent Ragnarok.

• Emma helped battle and kill an evil Loa who was targeting the Scions' children.

• Emma created a tree wall, earthwork fortification, and helped spread moon dust to weaken and defeat shadow creatures threatening the Night Glades Incognita.

• Emma was seduced and shared the beds of Dionysus and Aphrodite.

• Emma traveled to a lost Incognita and helped tracked down the Prodigal, rogue Scion of Hecate. In the final battle, she destroyed the Prodigal's mind-controlling collar and assisted in preventing the resurrection of Ymir, Titan of Frost. She also healed the incognita of the damage the Prodigal caused.

• Emma helped save the sphinx Neheraket from the clutches of the mad God Victorio Cazador.

• Emma met with the first children of the Pesedjet and helped arrange a deal for the sphinxes to gain their freedom.

• Emma negotiated with and helped trick the svartalfar Avanderi.

• Emma help retrieve Atem's Gem.

• Emma helped rescue Justinian, the son of Queen Titania of the Seelie Court, from Crom Cruach.

• Emma helped retrieve the first nightmare of one of Cazador's victims.

• Emma helped set up Justinian with Katie, the Unseelie sorceress.

• Emma gave birth to healthy twin sons, David and Christopher. They are the product of her love with Claire de Dion.

• Emma helped battle and slay the traitor God Victorio Cazador. She streamed the battle and Cazador's treachery to the Atzlanti, enabling Mictlantecuhtli to finally claim the soul of his wayward son.

• Emma was swallowed by the Drowned King and then killed him by smashing through his brain and skull from the inside.

• Emma successfully treated with the Ophiditrophid and negotiated the aid of he and his kind in locating the missing Vanaheim.

• Emma and her friends battled a cult of Scions that had been deceived and misled by the Titan Avatar Prometheus.

• Emma and her friends successfully entered Vanaheim and won the hospitality of two of its guardian deities.

• Emma created the science of Technoorganics and applied it to solve hunger problems around the world. This earned her the Nobel Peace Prize.

• Emma fought off the Titanspawn of Aten in defense of Vanaheim, earning the well-regard of the Vanir.

• Emma formed a bond with the Ophiditrophid and the Dracaenae, Titanspawn of Terra who she won over to become part of the Vanir.

• Emma formed a bond with the legendary serpents of Vanaheim, protectors of the realm and agents of the Vanir.

• Emma became a Goddess in her own right, and a liminal being: neither of the Aesir nor the Vanir. She was given charge of the border between Vanaheim and Asgard, accepted as a Goddess by both pantheons without being beholden to either.

Notable Traits

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  • "Emma will be a fine warrior, like many Aesir often seem to be." - Amara Vang
  • "Emma is stout of heart and strong of will, she will go many places on that alone." - Caitlin Gallagher
  • "I like Emma. She's strong, smart and beautiful, and she doesn't take offense as easily as some of her pantheon do. I think we can work well together." - Xi-Wang Gang
  • "Emma is sweet, kind, loving and bloody dangerous in a fight. She's a hero in the classical sense of the word. Something I'll never be. ." - Kamala Halloran
  • While I like Emma, I worry she'd gonna burn herself out. Emi Jojima
  • "Remind me that outside of places where I cannot stay dead that I should keep my mouth shut in the future... BUT! That was SO MUCH FUN! We need to do that again sometimes." - Amala Marri
  • "She's strong. And fast. When we spared I only managed to hit her with my Health Power. That was fun pretty fun. She'll be a real contender someday. I look forward to the tales she'll make." - Allison Desmond
  • "Emma, she brings a big game when it comes to intellectual pursuits, I'm going to start calling her the giant builder at the rate shes been churning out Colossi. " - Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "My lovely giantess, full of so much light and innocence in her heart. She's like a bright beacon, her very nature so wonderfully endearing. I love her so much." - Claire de Dion
  • "I remember when Emma came to Terra Incognita, and I wouldn't have ever guessed she'd be so damned important, but she is. I owe her and Kam and Claire. I owe them a lot more than I can repay." --Alex MacRae


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