Emi Jojima

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Name: Emi Jojima
Age: 22
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: *draws sword*
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Parent: Izanagi
Profession: College Student (Archeology Major)
Noteworthy Info: App 4 (Epic 3), Cha 5 (Epic 3), Dex 6 (Epic 5), Per 5 (Epic 3)
Soundtrack: Rising Sun

I Burn Burn My Dread

Emi Jojima

"Demigoddess of Light "


So you put what your character looks like here.

General Information

Emi doesn't bring up her past unless it comes up in conversation.

Story Hooks

Attends NYU: Maybe you've seen her around campus?

Has a tendency to give nicknames to people she considers friends.

Does NOT Like Cradlesong. At All.

Legendary Deeds

  • Assisted in taking on Baba Yaga
  • Fought a Hydra along with others in New Orleans.
  • Launched a Solo rescue mission on a lab in japan under siege by Soku-No-Kumi forces and was named Demigoddess of Light
  • Recently traveled to the future and learned she and Julian will have two children, a boy and girl respectively. Names are Rick and Saki.
  • Member of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Fought Alongside numerous allies to end Mordred once and for all.
  • Helped Defend the Shield Maiden from Jotun and Undead alongside Dustin Vang, Emma Hoffman, Claire De Dion, Titus Leon and Corbin O'Leary
  • Helped defend the group on the trip back through time and recovered the Heart of Winter.
  • Currently Researching ways to counteract the ritual Fodla intends on using.


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Quotes From Others

  • "Auntie Emi is great. No really! She's smart, funny, capable, and witty. I know she worries about how she'll make her mark but I have faith in her. She's going to be one of the great ones, just watch and see." - Miki Ishinaka
  • "She's so pretty and so sweet, Emi was real nice when we met. I can't wait to get to know more about her." - Lisbet Fisk
  • "Emi's a resourceful woman. She's intelligent and thoughtful and asks a lot of good questions before she puts pieces together. I've enjoyed every conversation I've had with her and I can't wait to have more." - Emme Beauchene
  • "Emi is quiet and conservative, a trait that I can quite admire. I hope to see more from her in the future, to see how it is that she shines." - Amara Chopra
  • "Emi? You know, she's this little unimposing Asian girl with a bit of an impish grin, then suddenly she's wielding a Samurai's katana like a little vixen of death, and it makes me wonder for just a moment if it's possible for a juxtaposition to actually physically manifest? No idea, but the girl is awesome fun if for no other reason than she's like a walking talking person who totally should have been in Kill Bill." - Alex MacRae
  • "Very cute, very nice, and has a lot going for her in the brain department as well as on the battlefield. $20 says she becomes a Goddess, and a further $20 says she becomes the Goddess of Stars or some other badass theme of the like." - Julian Drake
  • "Emi's tougher than she looks, which I'm pretty sure is deliberate, straight out of Sun Tzu. I like her!" -Xi-Wang Gang
  • "It took a little bit, but I'm really glad we're Stars buddies now!" --Beryl Thanos
  • "The only person I know who seems to get every geek reference on the planet *grins* and trusts me with cleaning supplies" -Kamala Halloran
  • "I am grateful for her support and friendship, even during a very trying time." -Jing Cheng
  • "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRD, and i mean absolutely mean that in the nicest way possible." -Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "Emi is very sweet. I would hardly say I know her well but she seems to care about me all the same." ~ Amala Marri
  • "Ahh, Gods above I love you like a sister, Emi. One of my oldest and dearest friends, I delight in your presence, I am focused opposite you in our training, I am awed in watching you with keen interest as you grow. You are and will be amazing. Thank you for always having my back and know that even if you can't always see me, I am there watching yours. You are the light and I the dark and for all our differences we exist in harmony, such is the bond we share that will never be broken. Plus you give the best ear scritches EVER!" -Miu Peterson