Eleni Rende

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Name: Eleni Rende
Age: 24
Eyes: Aquamarine
Hair: Pale Blonde
Height: 5' 2"
Build: Slim
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Parent: Hera
Profession: College Student/Business Owner
Noteworthy Info:

Strength: ●
Dexterity: ●●●
Stamina: ●●●
Charisma: ●●●●● (Epic ●)
Manipulation: ●●● (Epic ●)
Appearance: ●●●
Perception: ●●
Intelligence: ●●●● (Epic ●)
Wits: ●●● (Epic ●)

Eleni Rende

"Daughter of Hera"


Eleni is not a terribly tall woman, standing 5'2 roughly. She has a very pleasant demeanor and a warm, infectious sort of smile that makes the bright, aquamarine colored eyes dance. Her build is quite slim and she isn't at all an intimidating sort of person physically. Her long blonde hair follows no set preference, sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes braided, sometimes left loose around her shoulders and back. Her clothing choices are simple but stylish in their own right, attractive without being flashy, usually flats and skinny jeans or leggings, over-sized lightweight material over a tank top occasionally cinched with a fashionable belt.

General Information

Eleni owns a business which is what has brought her to enroll as a student at UCLA, she's working on business administration to enable her to better grow her business.

Her history and anything more about her before the present is vague, never well defined, and not something she discusses.

Story Hooks

She is a student at UCLA in Business Administration studies.

She also owns a business, life coaching those wishing to improve themselves.

Eleni is friendly, kind, supportive to others but always seems to try and keep some degree of physical space between herself and others, male or female doesn't matter.

Legendary Deeds

~Still working on these


Quotes From Others

  • "My big sis. I have to admit, it's a little weird going from the oldest of three to the youngest of who knows how many. But if all my siblings are as cool as Eleni then I'm in good hands. I try to be there for her, help her out. Not being an annoying brat like my younger mortal siblings could be to me. Family's supposed to have your back so I'll be there for her." -Nikolos Harris
  • "The woman has the gift of gab. Saw it first hand against a really really scarey person. How she held it together I don't know but props to her!" - Vivienne