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Name: Donovan O'Lonigan
Title: Demigod of Machinations
Title: The Once Dead Hero
Age: 23
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185
Occupation: Private Eye
Pantheon: Tuatha de Dannan
Parent: Phantom Queen
Relationship: Married to The Doc
Band: Tabula Rasa
Epics: Strength ●●●●, Epic ●●●● (Holy Bound, Holy Rampage, Armor Crusher) Dexterity: ●●●●●, Epic: ●●●● (Monkey Climber, Spider Climber, AntiGravity Climber, Perfect Partner)
Stamina ●●●●, Epic ●●●● (Body Armor, Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion)
Charisma: ●●●●●, Epic ●●●●,
Manipulation ●●
Appearance ●●●, Epic: ●●● (Detail Variation, Tailor Made)
Perception ●●●●, Epic: ●●●●(Scent the Divine, Subliminal Warning, Spatial Attunement, Environmental Awareness)
Intelligence: ●●●●●●, Epic ●●●●●, (Fight With Your Head, Language Mastery, Teaching Prodigy, Instant Translation, Speed Reader, Well Read Virgin)
Wits: ●●●●●, Epic ●●●●, (Rabbit Reflexes, Monkey in the Middle, Jack of All Trades)
Notable Traits:Academics ●●●●●, Athletics ●●●●●, Awareness ●●●●●, Brawl ●●●●●, Command ●●●, Empathy ●●●, Fortitude ●●, Investigation ●●●, Melee ●●●●●, Occult ●●●●●, Stealth ●●●●●
Languages: Native: English; Learned: Afrikaans, Creole, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Mandarin, Manx, Latin, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Welsh


What Work makes him think


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  • Problem Solver: Donovan doesn't mind getting his hands dirty for people, particularly when it means that they'll owe him a favor or three later. Quick, Legit and usually fairly quiet about any such things, helps him maintain his personal state of living also.
  • Hey, Teach!: His skill at instruction is something to be appreciated. Able to expedite training and the amount of effort it takes for a student to learn what he knows. He's more than willing to teach those who work in the war against the titans without added fees.
  • Skulking Master: Need an area scouted for your next big raid against Titan-spawn without them finding out and changing everything at the last minute? Just ask Donovan, even if he can't himself, rumor tells that he has miniscule spies who work for him.


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Well molded without much wasted in the form of excess Donovan is a sleek bodied individual that might have become a model or an athlete if he had chosen to put his focus into either of those things. Instead there's a level of calculated rage behind his eyes that only seems to be waiting to get out and punish those that truly deserve it. As well as an otherworldly awareness of his surroundings that seems, omnipresent even when he is seemingly enthralled in other activities.


None Visible


Tattoo in the middle of his back between the scapulas.


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  • Battled Spiders on numerous occasions though frequently leaving the battle at the needs of others to move quickly while damaged.
  • Saved several humans from being made snacks for yet unborn spider infants
  • After a surprise attempt and strategic retreat, Donovan along with Alex, Claire, Emi Julian Daniel of Damballa and Tom of Agwe went to fight the five headed hydra of New Orleans. A plan of action laid down by Donovan and run by Julian, involving tar and fire to keep the beast from surviving the team's onslaught.
  • Slayer of Fomorians - Donovan is no slouch, when those he cares about are injured, his calm stoic demeanor is replaced with the ice cold fury of the Abyss. Slaying no less than eight fomorians in a matter of seconds, while the other Heroes sought to catch their footing in the battle and bring it to a close.
  • Knight of the Round Table: Donovan sits at the Seat of Intellect at the Round Table.
  • Helped bring down Mordred Pendragon, and stopped the apocalypse he was planning to plunge the world into just to watch it burn.


Both are of appropriate height as the those from Cornwall, though their wings are ebony feathered as a raven's.
Neither of them are seen often, unless they have come to speak to Donovan, specifically.

Soul of the Spider.jpg Soul of the Spider Spider Necklace.jpg Spider Necklace!

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*"Im pretty sure he kills people for money. But, I pretty much do the same, only, for my mom and to save the world. Is that really any different? He is quiet like Rena. I should find a way to pry into both of their shells and figure them out." - Jessie Anderson

*"He does stuff for money. Stuff that people ask him to do. And he hunts. I'm pretty sure this means he does dirty work. He's cute, but too into bugs. I prefer fish. Still, I think he's pretty awesome." - Calliope Vallis

*"He scares me. It's not my fault but then there is a completely different side to him I have seen. Something warm and caring. Sometimes it's more about what's underneath appearances. Anyone that is capable of the things I have seen in him is what I would call... A Hero." - Rena

*"So I'm a total brat whenever I see you - cause and effect maybe? But you earned so much respect when you broke from the battle to save Calliope at the risk of not attaining personal glory. Despite what I might say, you're a good man. Just make sure you remain it." - Jae

*"It's in Megamind that we learn what it takes to be a hero. They aren't born, they're made - with strength and determination and a bit of DNA. At first glance most people see a Donovan that does dirty work, but look a bit deeper and you see a hero. Twice he's pulled my behind out of the fire, and yet it's me he builds up. A real hero knows his own strength and helps others recognize theirs. And that's Donovan." - Dread Pirate Vallis!

*"Dude has a reallllly hot girl, and a realllly scary way of fighting like everything is a hunt. I hope some day I can be half that... impressive." - Alex MacRae

*"Donovan has been the one I have relied on t'get me caught up on what's what here at the Crossroads. He provided valuable information about several key people and thus has made himself a considerable friend and ally to myself." - Caitlin Gallagher

*"Donovan is a skilled fighter, good at recon and the art of murder. He is a priceless member of our band and a good friend to have." - Amara Vang

*"A true son of the Tuatha. Wise in the ways of knowledge and battle. I will not lie and say that i do not look up to the man, nor would I pass up the opportunity to test myself against him." - Nolan Connoly