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NYC: Central Park

Much of Central Park suffered heavy destruction. The park is uneven in several places where the earth cracked deep down, and several structures are in stages of destruction. That said, because it didn't suffer as much damage as the rest of the city, it has become home to NYC survivors. Roving gangs move among those just trying to make it another day, making it both safe and dangerous at the same time. There is a thick layer of ash that covers nearly everything.

Terra Incognita: Crossroad Colosseum

One another end of the island is a Colosseum, where the Scions can fight without fear of doing lasting harm - or worse dealing death blows - to each other. There they are free to practice and train their skills. Within this area they cannot die unless one of the Death Gods or Goddess removes the protective shields. Once the battle is over your Legend, WP, weapons and Health will be restored to what they were before you entered.

There are a variety of weapons, practice targets and dummies available to test one's skill and acumen with. Additionally there are stone bleacher style seating found around the arena's floor so that people who wish to can look on at the various fights and practices going on. Please note that bystanders are going to be affected by knacks. They are not immuned.

Touchstone Location: None

Terra Incognita: Crossroad Island

There lies a place at the end of the road. At the end of every road. The Island is that place. Lost for centuries, this previously hidden haven has been recently rediscovered. White sand beaches over beautifully clear water, the Crossroads Island is an oasis for the Scions that call it home. Away from the world and it's woes, here they can find rest, relaxation and enough fun to keep all of them content.

The island is as large or as small as it needs to be, and on it's shores are hammocks, chairs, towels, beach bars, and immortals - everything all the godlings could ever want to find the place a relaxing paradise. On one end of the island is a dock with a yacht ready for tours out to magical coves or other places. Due to the arrival of their guest, Jack Frost, a quarter of the island (around the mountain in the middle of the island) is a winter wonderland. At the top of the mountain is a snowy cabin. (Currently said snowy mountain is more of a very steep water-slide)

Touchstone Location: Touchstones to the various cities are located around the island.

Terra Incognita: Battlefield of the Unknown Soldier - Washington DC

Within Arlington National Cemetery it the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A Tomb of the Unknown Soldier refers to a grave in which the unidentifiable remains of a soldier are interred, dedicated to the common memories of all soldiers killed in -any- war. Throughout history, many soldiers have died in wars without their remains being identified. It is here where the Death Gods and Goddess of the pantheons have decided to open up the door for their children to train without consequence with one another.

You walk up to the tomb and silently say a prayer to the Death Gods to enter. Then walk into the front of the words inscribed upon it: Beneath this stone rests a soldier of Washington's army who died to give you liberty. It survives as a two way door. Once inside you will walk through a hallways with pillars upon each side and everything made of stone. Ceiling, walls and floor. It is lit by torches as it spiral down steps to the opening.

Upon reaching the bottom it opens up into a giant field of plains, wilderness, giant rocks with springs of water the flow into a river that follows that giant track that wraps around it. On this field you are free to practice and train your skills. Within this area you cannot die unless one of the Death Gods or Goddess removes the protective shields. Once the battle is over your Legend, WP, weapons and Health will be restored to normal.

Helpful Tips: This is a Terra Incognita. There is no permanent death in the Battlefield, if this is where you fall, you will rise. Is complete with every thing a Scion would need to better their physical abilities. When entering the Battlefield one has full legend and WP for training purposes only. The amount of Legend and WP that you came in with you leave with. No more and no less. Exception to this being when you are not training then those spends count against you. Examples of this would be: playing tag, telepathy, changing hair color, ect. As in the Archives, the Scions are not alone, visible and invisible creatures help to maintain the Battlefield. This place does not allow you to be brought up and healed completely after a fight scene. People cannot kill you on the battlefield and then you get fully healed. This is not a cheat so don't use it as such.

Touchstone Location: Behind a rock wall

Washington DC: Elysium Can Wait Bar and Grill

ECW has sustained heavy damages, the foundation cracked and the walls in need of patching. Still, the manager has kept the downstairs open as a refuge for the survivors in DC, while the upstairs remains open the Scions. Especially those willing to help with repairs.

Touchstone Location: None

Terra Incognita: The Island

The Island is a quiet and tranquil place. One of beauty and warmth. There is one portal on and off it now. It can be located in the Battlegrounds and about half way up the stairs there is a certain stone that when pressed allows you entrance and -immediately- this portal closes behind you.

You will walk onto a beach with the rolling waves that hits the shore. It extends for miles that no other land can be seen. A vast and lush forested area filled with wild life. Long and strong running streams flow through the land as the nature is almost untouched by humanity. Those steams will bring you to the crest of a small mountain. Upon the top of the mountain there stands a castle with lots of high points and towers. The crystal structure brought back to life from a fairy tale that was once reality by the Demi-Goddess of Dragons. Within the skies are her creatures; the magnificent reptiles of the old world. Safe, protected and preserved; along with various of other creatures.

The castle has a number of secret rooms and passages. All known to the resident Demi-Goddess and still a mystery to the Scions that live there or visit. The Island somehow has the separations of the different Seasons. Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring all in there glory as if something was manipulating the weather. Mountains stand with there tall peeks that disappear into the clouds and then a Volcano on the far far end. The Red and Copper Dragons are often seen as the main inhabitants there, but don't get to close there. They might bite your head off. Tips: Inhabited by dozens and dozen of Magical Creatures. Primary being the dragons. Ruled over by Melody and her husband Sam. Small village was cabins and huts (mostly empty). There is a castle for residents to live in or visit.

Touchstone Location: Unknown to but a few.

Terra Incognita: Divine Archive - Washington DC

Smithsonian: American History Museum Tucked away inside the American History Museum of the Smithsonian is an unassuming broom closet. To mortals the broom closet is overly small and good for only stashing a few janitorial supplies. To the gods and their children it is the entry to the Divine Archive. The Archive itself is a wonder to behold. Manuscripts, scrolls, blueprints, texts ancient and new, they have all found themselves here. The Divine Archive, through circumstance long lost though centuries of inter-pantheon agreements and pacts, has become a record of the Written Word. Text, Pictographs and Carvings are meticulously cataloged here. If it has been written down, from novel to napkin, it is hidden somewhere on these shelves. So massive is the Archive that it has it’s own sorting system and luckily a team of knowledgeable librarians. Carefully arranged to suit the library are the wings for each individual pantheon. The wings consist of quarters for each scion and a shrine to each god of that pantheon.
The Archives are a Terra Incognita. The Scions are not alone, both visible and invisible inhabitants keep the archives running. Each Pantheon has a wing where the singular members have rooms, you can only enter when invited. It houses a full kitchen, sitting room, and various rooms for discussions.

Touchstone Location: Inside the broom closet of the Smithsonian.