Collin Connoly

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Name: Collin Daniel Connoly
Age: 4
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: Short
Pantheon: Tuatha
Parent: Daniel Gallagher (NPC)
Soundtrack: - Fields of Glory

Collin Connoly

"Son of Demi-Goddess Ivory Gallagher and
Adopted Son of Demi-God Nolan Connoly"

General Information

Nice to meet you. My name is Collin Connoly. Formerly McCool. I cannot tell you what happened to my father Max. He disappeared years ago and then didn't come home. My mother is Ivory. Beautiful. Stunning and the best mother on the planet in my opinion. She married Nolan who in turn adopted myself and my younger sister Fiona, and brother Danny. Thanks to Nolan I ended up with a third sibling who was named Gwen.

My ichor was awakened by my grandfather due to the nature of what was happening at Crossroads, along with my future wife Arianna being a thorn in everyone's side. Including mine. Do you know how hard it is to fight with someone that you are not on par with? Pain in the arse.

So here I am. Another Hero and, hate to say it, example for the adults....


Quotes From Others

  • "You hold in your little hands, my little girls heart. It is the most precious thing in the world, powerful enough to bring a grown man to his knees, but more fragile than she'd care to admit. Take care how you treat her - Titus Leon

"I...apologize for accidentally teaching your sister some cuss words." Emi Jojima