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We are currently seeking staff for all venues.

  • Always be patient with one another. Some of the people on the chat may not be native English speakers; some people aren't expert typists; some know nothing about grammar or spelling; some are new to World of Darkness or the venue they're in -- whatever the case, be kind, be helpful, and offer advice, or send someone who needs help to someone who can help them.
  • Please remember that you are a guest here, and conduct yourself with courtesy towards both your hosts and towards other guests. Like a private tabletop game, if someone shows up and trashes the place, they probably won't be welcome in the future.

Player's Bill of Rights (PBR)
  • All Active players are entitled to at least one formal warning on any violation of the Code of Conduct. The exceptions to this are cases involving pedophilia, non consented IC rape, endorsement of illegal activities or file sharing.
  • If you are undergoing any sort of PPS procedure you have the right to meet with the ST that is enacting the PPS on the chat.
  • If you feel that the ruling against you is unfair or is lacking credible evidence you may appeal to the Administration for a final arbitration.

Conduct in OOC Rooms
  • Treat everyone politely. In the small community that makes up those of us who enjoy chat games of White Wolf's World of Darkness, it's inevitable that someone you dislike will be involved in this chat environment or that you will come into dispute against someone. Flaming, harassing, name-calling, or any other such behavior toward any other player will result in disciplinary action, as laid out in the PPS. If you dislike someone so much you can't stand seeing them talk, place them on Ignore using the chat command /ignore "playername" .
  • Feel free to discuss/debate almost any number of topics in the OOC room. The sole caveat is that it must remain civil. In any case, speak to the topic or issue and not to the person. Personal attacks are never warranted. If a player asks you to drop a topic -- drop it immediately. An ST has the right to end any discussion which they feel has gotten out of control by kicking the parties involved. Anyone who continues the discussion after someone has asked that it cease will be given an official warning.
  • If you are attacked or harassed, or if you witness something that goes against the Code of Conduct, the correct response is a polite and firm, and preferably public request for them to stop.

Conduct in IC Rooms
  • Refrain from excessive OOC commentary in an IC chat room. If you want to shoot the breeze OOC while you play, use the PM feature of the chat, double log into the Lobby, or use an alternate IM system.
  • There are times when a player may find themselves in a scene that has gotten to the point where they feel an STs' presence is required. Players are within their rights to ask for that scene to be bubbled. No one is to be forced or coerced into continuing a scene after s/he has asked for it to be bubbled. The moment any player participating in a scene requests that it be bubbled the scene stops. If some rolling has taken place, take screenshots of the scene and DR so that the ST can go back over it.
  • Do not immediately assume someone is cheating. Give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they simply made a mistake. Ask them how they did it, or politely point out what they did and help them get it corrected in a way that is acceptable to everyone.
  • If someone points out you made a mistake, do not get upset. Apologize and work with everyone in the scene to correct it.

With Storytellers
  • Do not PM STs who are logged into a PC skin with chat-related business. This includes, but is not limited to: complaints, requests for scenes, experience, specific questions about chat rules or a scene you're currently in -- in other words, when an ST is off duty, thy are off duty. Do not assume your issue is a special case. There's no such thing as an emergency in a chat environment: if you are in a scene and there's a problem, either PM an ST who is on-duty and ask for assistance or bubble it.
  • Sometimes STs struggle with real life issues. They have a right to privacy where they do not have to tell players explicitly what is going on. We don't automatically ask our Storytellers to step down when these extraneous circumstances occur. Do not assume that just because an ST is on their player skin they are doing nothing behind the scenes for their venue.

  • Indiscriminate killing of other player characters will not be tolerated. Please respect the time and energy other players have put into the creation and playing of their characters.
  • That said, given the nature of the venues as well as the SLs we run, we fully expect that PCs will engage in combat and may be killed or put in situations where they kill or harass each other. Your PC may be killed by another PC because of your PC's in character actions. If your PC is attacked, you have every right to retaliate appropriately. You as a player should be mature enough to handle the consequences of your character's IC action.
  • If you are in a scene in which no ST is present and in which conflict between PCs has arisen and is at the point where combat is about to begin, stop. Before going any further, check with ALL other players and make sure everyone involved is comfortable with proceeding without an ST. As always, if one player wants the scene bubbled, then the scene stops immediately.
  • If an ST suspects that a player is PKing simply for fun or for metagaming reasons in any way, they will be given an official warning and may face further disciplinary action. Similarly, if a player takes revenge on another player because of a legitimate PK with alternative harassment OOC or IC, said player also will receive an official warning and may face further disciplinary action.

Fantasy vs. Reality
  • In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC) are separate entities, and ne’er the two shall meet. Never assume that a person’s character is just like them. Within the context of this game, it is assumed that PCs will come to hate and despise one another, plot against one another, and as mentioned above, even kill one another. None of this has anything to do with what happens OOC.
  • Never assume that because a player’s character says or does something, it reflects the player’s feelings, thoughts, or actions. The player doesn’t want to kill you or hurt you, nor does the player want to marry you.
  • We strongly urge players to be cautious in giving out personal information to other players. This can lead to uncomfortable and even possibly dangerous situations offline. If at any time, a player or situation starts to make you uncomfortable, be honest with the other player and if they do not cease, contact an ST.
  • When participating in the game or playing your character please keep in mind that the game is just a form of entertainment. What happens on this chat is not real, and has absolutely no effect on your real life. If at any point, the STs become concerned that a player is not of sound mind and is having difficulty in distinguishing real-life from the game or if a player continuously takes IC issues OOC, we reserve the right to ban them from the site.
  • Have Fun. This is a game, but even more, this is a story; everyone here on this chat is helping to craft a story in which their PCs are characters. Yes, there will be terrible situations that your character has to work through--but failure and struggle make the journey more interesting.

Dice Roller
  • You must use the Site Approved Dice Roller. Links can be found on the main page, or by right clicking on the room name and choosing Dice Roller (Wod)(for Hunter) or Scion Dice Roll
  • Unless it is cleared with an ST, clearly mark the action of your rolls. If you're rolling Perception, mark the roll as either "Perception" or "Perception + Awareness". If you wish to keep a roll a secret, ask an ST what to name it.

IC Nicks
  • Use your character's full name when changing your nick, or you risk not getting xp. You can do this by using the command '/nick "Full Name"' on the chat. Example: John Doe

Scene Bubbling
  • Sometimes you need to ask an ST to oversee a confrontation. Maybe you want them to oversee combat, or maybe there's a fundamental disagreement over how something happened. When an ST isn't immediately available, the solution is to bubble the scene. This is what that means:
  • When a scene is 'bubbled,' the events won't happen or resolve until the scene is finished.
  • If there's a sequence that culminates in or depends on the results of a bubbled scene, that chain cannot be assumed or declared to have resolved in a certain way by anyone other than the mediating storyteller(s).
  • You are not going to be able to make it all make sense. Our first two priorities are resolving the conflict fairly and allowing players to continue enjoying the game. Strict temporal order is a distinctly secondary concern.
  • Parties in conflict may not scene with each other during the period their conflict is bubbled.
  • If someone you're in conflict with is in a public room before you, you should find another one. Exceptions to this rule may be made to allow bubbled parties to attend storyteller scenes.
  • Parties on the same side of the conflict may scene together during this period.
  • Attempting to change the circumstances, context, or ground facts of a bubbled scene in a way that provides or removes advantage (or motive) before it is resolved is a serious metagaming offense that will always result in more than a warning.
  • Having a last scene with your boyfriend so the last thing you said to him wasn't an argument is okay. Telling him to never trust your rival (who he's bubbled with) is just on the wrong side of the line. Giving him a silver dagger to stab her werewolf ass with is entirely inappropriate.

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