Chloe Carter

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Name: Chloe Carter
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Parent: Bastet
Profession: Archeologist/Collector
Noteworthy Info:

Dex:5 (Epic: 4)

Charisma:5 (Epic 4)

Manipulation:5 (Epic: 4)

Appearance: 5 (Epic: 3)

Perception: 5 (Epic: 4)

Presence 3

Band: Chain Breakers
Members: Allison Desmond

Amala Marri


Marcus Marri

Miles Furakawa

Soundtrack:  ??

Chloe Carter

"Daughter of Bastet "
~Collector of Antiquities and Shiny things~


Chloe has Medium-short Brown hair that she maintains regularly. Her large green eyes she inherited from her mother. She considers herself to be adequately tall, and has had an athletic build since she was young. Her appearance is always well kept, and maintaining it is an instinctive habit of hers. Chloe has made it a habit to listen and observe. Her demeanor is often calm, but she has been known on a rare occasion to let her emotions get the best of her. But those moments are few and far between. Chloe will be the first to tell you that while she can likely hold her own if she needs to, she would rather not fight.

Chloe does enjoy the luxuriates in life. She cherishes her people and her collections. If one manages to get close enough for her to claim. Well, they will learn that it might come with both positive and negative aspects. Chloe though, due to her childhood is not the most open of characters. In fact, around those she does not "know", she might be considered quite reserved. Trust and Respect are earned and not always given. Should an individual earn both from her, they will find as long as they hold it, she will be a loyal and steadfast friend. Chloe stands by those that she cares about. While not the first one to jump into a fight, she is sometone that will jump and fight for what she believes in.

General Information

Chloe was raised an only child and favored by her father.

  • Her father married shortly after she was born, Chloe was able to worm her way into her mortal mother's heart, though it took over five years to do so. The final straw that broke her mortal mother down was when they had both been poisoned and she became unable to bear children. She could not defend herself against Chloe's natural charms then.

Chloe was an active child, whom lived a relatively sheltered life. She was home-schooled until her final two years of High School When she finally convinced her father to let her go to a private school. College she gained more freedom with her own "apartment".

  • She had a tendency to sneak out of her father's protective reach. Her father realizing that his efforts would be better put into ensuring she could defend herself made a point to hire trainers and see that she was able to defend herself with what ever means necessary.
  • While she has excelled in some forms of fighting and failed in others... She has not had much real experience in combat. Not real combat.
  • Chloe made it a habit to try and sneak out and away from the trainers that she wanted nothing to do with. Still they managed to thwart her plans from time to time and she learned some of what they intended to teach her.

She has traveled to several locations, one of which being her mother's native land.

Chloe has a furry friend gifted to her by her mother. This furry friend has been by her side since she was awakened. A black Panther that Chloe named Sphinx.

Story Hooks

Chloe was a certified archeologist. She worked really hard to earn that degree and holds a great amount of pride with it.

She is just as prideful about her ability to use her guns.

Her two favored guns are her Glock and her Peacemaker.

  • She has names for both of them, and many of her other weapons in her collection. Her peacemaker is named "Kit" Her Glock "Caboodle"

She has a collection of random artifacts, weapons, and etc. Some of which she has obtained legally with in her job. Others that have mysteriously disappeared from private collections. Her collection is random and incomplete.

  • She only takes/took objects she feels don't belong where they remain at that time.
  • If she takes an object and she feels it does not belong with her, she managed to sell it and typically donated the money to charity(ies).

Legendary Deeds

During Ragnarok:

Chloe helped find a touchstone to Malaysia

Chloe managed to be there when four scions faced the evil Naga and two needed to be carried back.

Since Ragnarok:

Chloe survived Ragnarok with the other Demi's that were around at the time.

During the "Dark Queen's Concert" She was able to get the other Demi's together and there in time to help the ones she cares about.

She has helped to fine information about the box the dark scions are going to use to trap the powers of Scions.


Chloe's Bell bracelet.jpgChloe'sNecklace.jpegChloe'sRing-sunstone6043.jpg

Chloe has a pendant on a cord that had been given to her by Ivory as well. Engraved on it, is the Egyptain Heiroglyph for "Light"

Quotes From Others

  • "So you put some funny quote here." - PC Name Here
  • "Much like many here, I suspect that Chloe still is a child at heart. She will need guidance as well as a kind and understanding yet firm hand to guide her. She is a very nice young woman." Amala Marri
  • "Chloe's life has been turned upside down, she has likely had no idea what true hardship meant until this point. However she is one to rise to the challenge, and assert her will on the world if it tries to take away any of her privilege." Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "Only eight lives left..." Rahil Al-Zarqa
  • "Has a good head on her shoulders. She just needs more confidence in herself. Once she has that she will go very far." - Nolan Connoly
  • "Chloe is a subtle spice in a bland world. The world needs more flavors right now." Amala Marri
  • "Nice gal to speak to. I look forward to work with her more often." Allison Desmond
  • "Chloe is... she's very quiet, very hard to get a read on, but the more I get to know her, the more I realize she's got depth, and kindness. She's an interesting little enigma, this gal." - Alex MacRae
  • "LITTLE SISTER! Ooooh little sister you are wonderful, the best sister a sister could ever ask or hope for! We're so similar yet so different. You are quiet and introspective, you're so watchful like me I love it. You have keen eyes and you keep to yourself as you observe others but you are so amazing in how you can connect to others when you need to. When you do decide you want to be noticed, you show everyone why they should pay attention to you and it's magnificent to watch you blossom like that. I know you try to protect me and I'll love you forever for it, but I won't let anything hurt you Chloe, no I won't. Whatever it takes I'll keep you safe. And anytime you need the sisterly advice you just say the word and we'll sneak off for sister time - complete with sushi! I've got you, Chloe." - Miu Peterson