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A World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling


Venue Links:

We are currently seeking staff for Changeling.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:

WoD Core
Changeling: the Lost

The following titles are highly suggested reading for this venue:

Changeling: Dancers in the Dusk
Changeling: Swords at Dawn

ST Run Scenes

If a ST run scene is already in progress and you wish to join, please ask prior to entering the scene.
Note: It is generally assumed everyone is speaking German since the Venue is set in Germany. If you are going to speak another language please put the first letter of the language in front of your sentence. For Example: :E: 'ood evening, how are you?' In this example E stands for English. R would be Russian, F would be French and so on.

  • Contracts of Hearth may be used -reflexively- if used on yourself. Tapping a part of your body is something that can be done in under 3 seconds and thus does not require the caster to spend a turn casting the contract upon his/herself.

  • Manikin: Gets the 9 again on Crafting rolls along with the other things mentioned in the book.
  • Ask-wee-da-eed: Rather than getting +1 to Contracts of Hearth, may spend 2 glamour to use Contract of Hearth a second time in the given time frame without negative repercussion.

Hedge Crafting

Hedge Crafting will be Int+Craft to create a Blueprint/Recipe for what you want to make. Exceptional success on the blueprint will result in less crafting time. Just put it in your thread what you wish to make and the ST will get back to you with a target number of Success you need for the blueprints.

Making the item will be a touch more difficult and. A small story about it and the parts gathered in your adventures through the hedge. ST run scenes needed for these things. Once you have the parts, you will be given a target number and then able to make your item. For more concrete rules please visit this Thread

Hedgespun Weapons

We are using the rules in Rites of Spring on p. 143. However, poison damage will add +2 instead of +3 toxicity.

Modern firearms aren't going to be functional in the Hedge for the complicated mechanics requiring them to be Hedgespun Machines to work and such complicated items are rare to come by or create. Old or storied (firearms designed from world war 2 and older) firearms will be functional however as well as Hedgespun firearms. A storied Firearm requires just that, a long tale of either glory, or tragedy that has followed it around. Firearms with this sort of story are quite rare and such a weapon would be at the discretion of the ST's to allow. For more concrete rules please visit this Thread

Goblin Fruits

It's possible to harvest, as in find, Goblin Fruits from the books. The system will work with a Wits+Survival roll with appropriate Equipment and aid of the Harvest merit. You will gain a penalty depending on how hard it is to find the specific fruit you are looking for and it'll be an extended roll with a target success the ST will give you.

Growing Goblin Fruit works as described in Rites of Spring and we will be using that system. You need of course to find the fruit first to use its seeds for growing in a Hollow.


There will be no unwitting Pledges, All Pledges need to be threaded and gone over and approved by the STs before they take effect, good and bad.

Pledges need to balance out like they do in the Changeling The Lost Core book Page 175 to 192. There are also pre-made pledges you can look at for Examples. Some short term Pledges will be pre-approved to be used when needed on the go but they need still be approved in your thread or through discussion on the forum.

Banking XP

Banking XP is something to do in Tabletop. Basically when you find something, I.E.a Token or Hedge spun item, you get to use it right away, but your XP will be docked by half every week til it is paid off. You will not be forced to use the item at all. If it is given to someone else they will need to pay for the XP to own it in the end.


Having an Entitlement means you have been accepted into a hollowed and almost sacred order of changelings with a strong desire to follow some specific goal or Philosophy. They all will require bluebooking and a scene to acquire. Entitlements that are deemed inappropriate may be banned at the ST fiat.


It is incredibly difficult for Changelings to get pregnant. While certain kinds of Goblin Fruit and deals at the Goblin Market may allow for a changeling to become pregnant, the use of these will be heavily restricted, and require a storyline and storyteller supervision.

Character Death and Desacntion

Let's be honest sometimes characters die. Yeah it sucks but it does happen which is why if your character dies you will recieve 50% of your character's total Xp as bonus Xp towards a new character. This of course will be at a -35 of the standard starting Xp. For example if your character had 100Xp and your character dies you will first take that 100Xp - 35Xp then after that you get 65/2 = 32.5 and then round down you get 32Xp towards your next character. Now desanctioning and re-making a character will net you less experience back then character death. As a result you only get 35% of your Xp back. Using the above example you only gain 21Xp instead of 32Xp. This includes 'planned character deaths' where you asked me (or another player) to kill your PC in a scene. Sometimes however, if your character goes out in an abnormally epic way the ST may grant you up to 75% of your former character's total Experience. What is considered 'Abnormally Epic' is up to ST running the scene at the time.

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