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A World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling


Venue Links:

We are currently seeking staff for Changeling.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:

WoD Core
Changeling: the Lost

The following titles are highly suggested reading for this venue:

Changeling: Dancers in the Dusk
Changeling: Swords at Dawn

  • Character creation is standard core dots plus 35 bonus XP. The character sheet is found here.
  • The STs may choose to refuse any characters with concepts they find inappropriate.
  • We use the Rites of Spring version of Dual Kith and the Two Dot version is available for free at Character Creation.
  • At the moment, all non-canon material is banned.
  • All player characters must belong to one of the Seasonal Courts, the Auroral Courts, or be Courtless. It is highly recommended that all player characters begin play in a court, but as always Courtless is still accepted if you would like to Role Play out joining a court.
  • The Freehold Pledge is the only Pledge allowed at creation.
  • You may use 3 merit dots to increase your Wyrd ONCE. Maximum starting Wyrd is 2.
  • All changeling and mortal books are available for character creation.
  • Please make a wiki for your character and use a real life picture of someone. No anime or cartoon pics. Also, do not make a wiki until you are a fully sanctioned character. That includes making one and not putting the link up.
  • Custom Tokens are allowed at creation up to a max of 2 dots.
  • Note this may be updated as the game continues.

Attributes and Skills
  • Extensive Min-maxing will be rejected.
  • Attributes and Skills at 4 require justification.
  • Attributes and skills are limited to up to a maximum of 4 dots at creation, 5 dots is not acceptable.
  • You may raise an attribute from 1 to 2 with Experience ONCE. If you choose to start with an attribute at 1 please explain why your character is below average in your back ground. Also, if you choose to take an attribute at 1 you understand you must keep that attribute at 1 for at least two months. This will help avoid experience Breaking.
  • Remember Changelings receive a free specialty in Athletics, Brawl, or Stealth due to their nature.

Special Rules
  • The Wyrd per-requisite for Lethal Mien is removed for beasts.
  • Each Court has a unique version of their Freehold Pledge, please be sure to read your court's pledge and mechanics.

  • In order to be sanctioned, a character requires a complete backstory. This backstory needs to include some details of the character’s pre-Arcadia life, their durance (especially how their durance made them into their seeming and kith), and how they have come to the Freehold. It must be noted whether the character is a student, faculty member, townie, or how else they are related to the setting.

  • Clarity can be reduced up to two times, with 5xp awarded for each reduction. Lower Clarity Changelings are at increased risk to the dangers of the Wyrd, so the decision should be taken with care. If the backstory does not support a reduction of Clarity, it may not be allowed.

Four Directions 
Limited by character’s court and Court Goodwill merits.
Contract Restrictions 
  • You may not start with a contract at 5. You may have one contract start at 4 but it will require excellent justification.
  • Your highest contract using Free Dots can NOT be non-affinity. You can raise non-affinity contracts with experience. Example: A Fairest may not use 4 of their free dots to buy up Contracts of Stone to four.
  • Contracts are limited to a total of 10 dots at creation. This includes the 5 free dots. So you may add a total of 5 additional dots.
  • Please keep in mind Court Contract limitations by Court Goodwill and Mantle.
  • Remember when purchasing Contracts of Entropy they are non-affinity for those without court goodwill.
  • Goblin Contracts will be accepted depending on how they fit with your character.

Court Related Guidelines
  • Court Goodwill is capped at 2 dots at creation and requires justification.
  • Mantle is limited to 3 at creation, please remember that Mantle 1 is free.
  • Characters may belong to any of the following courts Dawn, Dusk, Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. We recommend starting in a court but Courtless are of course still allowed.

Arcadian Body 
May be acquired later on through pledges and/or the Goblin Market.
Court Goodwill 
As stated above, Court Goodwill is capped at 2 for beginning characters and requires justification as to why you have it.
Dual Kith 
The version in Rites of Spring will be used. The two dot version is available free at character creation, and the three dot version may be purchased with one merit dot or 2xp at character creation.
Faerie Favor 
Fighting Styles 
Capped at a total of 4 dots spread out as suits your concept but max out at 3. For example you may have 3 dots in Kung Fu and 1 dot in Boxing but not 4 dots in Kung Fu or 4 dots in Boxing.
Lethal Mien 
Wyrd pre-requisite removed for Beasts and Elementals.
Market Stall 
Banned at creation
The Mentor merit can be used to help train certain attributes,skills, and contracts at reduced cost. This cost is decided based on your mentor level and can not reduce the cost of an Attribute, Skill, or Contract below 1xp. Each rank of mentor subtracts 1 experience from the total cost of an Attribute, Skill, or Contract. Additionally for each rank purchased in mentor the player may select one of the eight choices available for mentoring. Drawback: Master and pupil is a two way street. Sometimes your mentor may ask a favor of you, this favor can be any number of things. Some might even put you in harms way.

Example: If someone had Mentor 3 with Queen Juliet De Lange and they picked Manipulation, Socialize, and Contracts of Eternal Winter they would purchase those three at a reduced cost of -3 from the final total of the purchase. While Mentor may be taken more than once, you can only learn something from one mentor at a time. For example if you have Mentor Queen Nadja Ritter 2 and Mentor Queen Zenzi Weiss 2, you do not get to Purchase Presence 4 for 16xp it's still 18.

Milestone Merits 
Banned at Creation
Combat Awareness 
Good Time Management 
Even when combined with Brownie's Boon, cannot reduce time by more than 1/16th
Murder Expert 
Telltale Murder 
Cursed Item 
Difficult to Ride 
Driver's Charm 
Pleasing Aura 
Only Obtainable through a certain Entitlement
Relic Creator 
Relic Analyst 
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 
Shadow Contacts 
Shadowless Chambers 
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