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A World of Darkness Chronicle for Changeling


Venue Links:

We are currently seeking staff for Changeling.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:

WoD Core
Changeling: the Lost

The following titles are highly suggested reading for this venue:

Changeling: Dancers in the Dusk
Changeling: Swords at Dawn


High above the Rhine River, a top a wooded hill there exists a Castle called Schloss Drachenburg that overlooks the sleepy town of Konigswinter, Germany. There is a tale, that just a little bit further up that hill there is a cave where the great Siegfried slew a great and powerful dragon. The mortals of this world believe this is merely a story, but I swear to you it is true. Siegfried did kill Fafnir the dragon and he did use the sword Gram to do it. How do I know this is true you ask? Because that sword is here in our very hold. But I will get to that shortly, let me tell you something about Schloss Drachenburg that you probably didn't know. It's actually a recreation of our wonderful freehold that Baron Stephan von Sarter once glimpsed while he was here in the hedge. That very night that he returned home, filled with such inspiration by Drachenburg Sammeln's beauty he began preparations to attempt to bring it's presence over to the mortal side. Personally, I would say he succeeded in bringing it's shape into his world. But alas, there is a certain...allure that only Drachenburg Sammeln holds and it's impossible to recapture that.

Perhaps it's the history that gives our Freehold it's beauty or perhaps its merely an after affect of the thorns and glamour that flows so freely around it. But I think it's the history, because it is here that Gram has been stored. In the depths of our great freehold lies the Vault of Legends where this magnificent sword sleeps along with many other unique treasures. These treasures are safe in our vault and because of our vault the world is balanced. We are the Lost of Drachenburg Sammeln, we are the keepers of the vault. Though not all of us are warriors of the Iron Spear each of us has a part to play in the vault's protection. Naturally there are people that desire to open the vault, The Collector of Blades and Trinkets would love nothing more than to add Gram to his collection. But we all know that the vault must remain closed no matter who desires it to be opened, especially if the one who wants it opened is one of the Gentry. I can't even begin to imagine what tragedy would befall the world if it's contents somehow found themselves in the hands of the unworthy. We must succeed at our duty, for if we fail...may God have mercy upon our world and upon us.

Her Grace,

Nadja Ritter, Queen of the Bloody Rose

Themes and Moods

The main theme of The Vault of Legends is unity. Can these Changelings continue to stand together despite overwhelming odds and constant threats from the Collector and his loyalists troops? Or will they crumble and begin to fight only for themselves? If they can remain united will the Changelings be able to make the hard choices that will surely tug at the very strings of their clarity?

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