Chain Breakers

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Legendary Deeds


  • Liberation & justice for the oppressed.
  • Provide support & kinship to one another.


Table of Contents




Tuatha.pngAllison Desmond

Devas.pngAmala Marri

Pesedjet.pngChloe Carter

Devas.pngMarcus Marri

Atzlanti.pngXiuhcoatl Ramirez


Allison Desmond


Parent: Brigid

Titles: "Demigoddess of Dreams", "Lady of the Wonders and Horrors of Dreams"

Legend: 5 (Demigoddess)

Description: *WIP*

Allison usually keeps her glasses on top of her head, despite no longer needing them. Her hair is down to her back, a reddish in color. She's about normal height, and has lighter frame, though it's improving due to her regularly working out and eating right now.

Amala Marri


Parents: Vishnu and Lakshmi

Titles: "Demigoddess of Altruism", "She Who is Impassioned Dissonance"

Legend: 6 (Demigoddess)


Dexterity ●●●●●●(Epic ●●●●●)

Stamina ●●●●●●(Epic ●●●●●)

Strength ●●●●●●(Epic ●●●●●)

Appearance ●●●●(Epic ●●●)

Note: Pregnant (Due- May 5, 2016)

Amala is a small Indian woman who stands at 4'7" and weighs around 100lbs(more presently with baby weight). She has a well defined and toned body and almost always has a sincere smile on her face. Her long waist length hair is black in the winter and takes on various colored highlights during other seasons(Green Skin). Very often, Amala is wearing flowers somewhere in her hair.

She has a realistic tattoo of ivy(Green Skin) that swirls around her body from her left foot, to the back of her neck, and down to her right fingers. On the soles of her feet she has a lotus tattoo(relic). Both of the tattoos look like they have been done with henna and slowly change colors throughout the year as well as look more or less alive as appropriate with the season.

While Amala used to only wear neutral colors her encounters with Claire de Dion brought her into wearing bolder colors. Regardless of the color she is wearing her clothing tends to be practical and comfortable and is often modest or cultural. Amala is always wearing her relics and always has her weapons on or near her.

Amala smells lightly of incense(with or without magic), lavender, and oranges. However, there is also always a thicker scent of citrus about her then anything else(Pheromones).


Age: 26

Eyes: White(Winter), Green(Spring), Gold(Summer), Brown(Fall)

Hair Raven(Winter), Purple Highlights(Spring), Red Highlights(Summer), Orange Highlights(Fall)

Chloe Carter


Description: Chloe has Medium-short Brown hair that she maintains regularly. Her large green eyes she inherited from her mother. She considers herself to be adequately tall, and has had an athletic build since she was young. Her appearance is always well kept, and maintaining it is an instinctive habit of hers.

Marcus Marri


Description: text here

Xiuhcoatl Ramirez


Description: text here

The Old, Missing, and Dead

Kamala Halloran {New Band}

Rahil Al-Zarqa {MIA}

Miles Furakawa {Always off on an adventure!}